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Good morning. Please find attached news clips related to U.S. Africa Command andAfrica, along with upcoming events of interest for November 22, 2011.
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: According to UNAids the number of newly infectedHIV/AIDS cases has dropped by 21 percent globally.In Somalia: The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) says Ethiopian troops are notauthorized in Somalia.In Egypt: Pre-election clashes continue to erupt in Egyptian capital of Tahir Square asparliamentary elections are scheduled to begin next week.In Zimbabwe: The World Food Program says that more than a million people will requirefood between now and March 2012. Zimbabwe is currently facing a $42 Million dollarshortfall for food.U.S. Africa Command Public AffairsPlease send questions or comments to:africom-pao@africom.mil 421-2687 (+49-711-729-2687)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Top News related to U.S. Africa Command and AfricaAids-related deaths 'down 21% from peak', says UNAids (BBC)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-15816813 21 November 2011By A Non attributed AuthorAids-related deaths are at the lowest level since their 2005 peak, down 21%, figures fromUNAids suggest.
HIV numbers hit new high as AIDS drugs save lives (Alert.net)
http://www.trust.org/alertnet/news/hiv-numbers-hit-new-high-as-aids-drugs-save-lives/  21 November 2011By Kate KellandLONDON, Nov 21 (Reuters) - More people than ever are living with the AIDS virus butthis is largely due to better access to drugs that keep HIV patients alive and well for many
years, the United Nations AIDS programme (UNAIDS) said on Monday.
Somali government says Ethiopian troops are not authorized to cross into Somalia(The Washington Post)
A Somali government spokesman on Monday denied that Ethiopiantroops have entered Somalia to help fight insurgents despite several witnesses reportingthe movement of troops.
Years of detective work led to al-Qaida target
His tour over, John Bennett was preparing to fly home. The CIA’s station chief in Nairobi, Kenya, Bennett had been running the United States’ secret war in East Africa,
negotiating with Somali warlords while hunting al-Qaida members across the region. Onhis watch, the United States and its proxies had managed to capture or kill at least 10 orso al-Qaida militants.
New clashes in Cairo's Tahrir Square (BBC)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-15814035 21 November 2011By Lyse DoucetClashes have again erupted in the Egyptian capital as security forces continue theirefforts to clear Cairo's Tahrir Square of protesters.
OPINION U.S. African Command: the return of colonialism to Black Africa? (AJ30Word Press Site)
http://www.aj30.com/?p=1853 21 November 2011By A Non Attributed AuthorNovember 20, 2011 Eight months ago, just before the outbreak of hostilities in Libya,and with little fanfare or coverage by European or American press, the Obamaadministration quietly announced General Carter Hams appointment as supremecommander for the U.S. African Command, to deal with the increased presence of terrorists in the middle part of Black Africa.
Polio in Nigeria 'shows big increase' (BBC)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-15819797 21 November 2011By A Non Attributed AuthorA four-fold increase in polio has been reported in Nigeria, with the disease spreading toother countries, a World Health Organisation official says.
Al Shabaab vows to defeat Ethiopian troops in Somalia (France 24)
http://www.france24.com/en/20111120-al-shebaab-vows-defeat-ethiopian-troops-somalia-ethiopia-kenya-offensive-al-qaeda 21 November 2011By A non attributed AuthorAl Shabaab militants vowed to defeat Ethiopian forces Sunday after unconfirmed reportsemerged that Ethiopian troops had entered the Somali town of Guriel in a possibleattempt to open a third front against the al Qaeda-linked insurgents.
WFP says more than 1 mln Zimbabweans need food aid (alert.net)
http://www.trust.org/alertnet/news/wfp-says-more-than-1-mln-zimbabweans-need-food-aid/  21 November 2011By Nelson BanyaHARARE, Nov 21 (Reuters) - More than a million people in Zimbabwe will require foodaid between now and March 2012, a United Nations agency said on Monday, despiterecent improvements in the country's grain production.###------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
UN News Service Africa Briefs
 Arrest of Qadhafi’s son vital ‘for the future of justice in Libya’ – 
UN human rights chief 
21 November
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights todaywelcomed the capture of one of the sons of deposed Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi
as well as the regime’s former chief of intelligence.
 Sustainable development key to Africa’s socio
-economic challenges
21 November
Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro today stressed that
sustainable development is key to addressing Africa’s economic, social and
environmental challenges, noting that the continent has the capacity to transition to agreen economy without the adverse effects that have accompanied growth in otherregions
 .Senegal: UN rights expert urges more spending on sanitation and clean water
21 November
A United Nations human rights expert warned today that millions of 
Senegalese remain ―condemned to very unhealthy living conditions‖ until the WestAfrican country’s Government significantly increases spending on ensuring major 
improvements to water and sanitation facilities.
 Egypt: UN human rights experts voice alarm at deadly crackdown
21 November
Four United Nations human rights experts today voiced alarm at theviolent crackdown against protesters in Egypt that has led to the deaths of at least 20
 people, urging the country’s interim authorities to engage in dialogue ahead of nextweek’s parliamentary elections.
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FULL TEXTAids-related deaths 'down 21% from peak', says UNAids (BBC)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-15816813 21 November 2011By A Non attributed AuthorAids-related deaths are at the lowest level since their 2005 peak, down 21%, figures fromUNAids suggest.Globally, the number of new HIV infections in 2010 was 21% down on that peak, seen in1997, according to UNAids 2011 report.The organisation says both falls have been fuelled by a major expansion in access totreatment.Its executive director, Michel Sidibe, said: "We are on the verge of a significantbreakthrough."He added: "Even in a very difficult financial crisis, countries are delivering results in theAids response."We have seen a massive scale up in access to HIV treatment which has had a dramaticeffect on the lives of people everywhere."This latest analysis says the number of people living with HIV has reached a record 34million.Sub-Saharan Africa has seen the most dramatic improvement, with a 20% rise in peopleundergoing treatment between 2009 and 2010.
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