Chapter 12 1
Chapter 12
Information Technology For Management 6
Turban, Leidner, McLean, WetherbeLecture Slides by L. Beaubien, Providence College
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Management DecisionSupport and IntelligentSystems
Chapter 12 2
Learning Objectives
Describe the concepts of managerial, decision making, andcomputerized support for decision making.
Justify the role of modeling and models in decision making.
Describe decision support systems (DSSs) and theirbenefits, and describe the DSS structure.
Describe the support to group (including virtual) decisionmaking.
Describe organizational DSS and executive supportsystems, and analyze their role in management support.
Describe artificial intelligence (AI) and list its benefits andcharacteristics
Chapter 12 3
Learning Objectives
List the major commercial AI technologies
Define an expert system and its components and describeits benefits and limitations.
Describe natural language processing and compare it tospeech understanding.
Describe Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and theircharacteristics and major applications. Compare it to fuzzylogic and describe its role in hybrid intelligent systems.
Describe automated decision support - advantages andareas of application
Describe special decision support applications including thesupport of frontline employees.
Chapter 12 4
Decision Process
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