One Source Horse Website Enables Connectivity for Equestrians
 New Equine Management website allows horse owners, trainers and other equine professionals tostay connected.
Lyndeborough, NH, March 30, 2012 --( One Source Horse ( today a new website for equestrians. The new online application provides amateur andprofessional horse owners a way to document, store and share important information about all aspects of their equine activities and horse care. Information is accessible whenever and wherever users need it, andcan be more easily shared with veterinarians, trainers, barn managers, and other key members of theequestrian community.The application provides users with profile-specific dashboards that guide them through all of the tasksthat can be performed. Tasks include creating horse profiles that encompass a broad range of information,such as ownership history, lineage, medical history, daily care, feeding schedules, tack requirements, andtrack other important information to better support the horse and rider. Information stored on the OneSource Horse site is secure and confidential unless the user opts to share it with others. Sharinginformation can be done selectively, with users sharing as much or as little data needed to assure carecontinuity for their horses.Tracey Turner, One Source Horse (OSH) Founder, said, “We had two goals in mind when we decided topursue this venture. The first was to allow those in the horse community to spend less time on paperwork and more time in the barn doing what they enjoy. The second was to provide a paperless, informationsharing application that is capable of connecting everyone involved with a profiled horse, resulting inbetter management and care of that horse.”The One Source Horse site may also be used by veterinarians, farriers and other equine professionals tostore and share information with their clients, such as vaccination appointments, Coggins test results andMRI files.About One Source HorseOne Source Horse is a website for equestrians created by equestrians, providing a way for horse ownersto document, store and share important information about all aspects of equine activities without costlysoftware. OSH is committed to expanding its opportunities for information tracking and content tosupport the training, competition, business and equipment needs of equestrians.
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