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Yoga Simplified
Module -1
- Mayank Shastri
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I dedicate this book to my venerable fatherShree Bhalchandra Harikrishna ShastriWho is my inspiration in everything I do ,Who always supported me in every endeavor,Who have always been there for me,and has never doubted my actions,no matter how crazy they might be.
 The information contained in this booklet is intended to improve yourhealth and overall well-being.They are not substitutes for professional medical advice or treatment.Always consult your doctor before beginning this program to reduce therisk of injury.Use your own discretion when performing these exercises.Explore your own limits and never force or strain yourself beyond it. If you feel uneasy, stop immediately and seek medical attention if necessary. Yoga must always be practiced under the supervision of anexperienced instructor initially.The author assumes no responsibility for injuries that may occur as aresult of the practice of Yoga.
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 Yoga - Simplified
byMayank Shastri
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