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   ATLANTA BOSTONCHICAGOCLEVELANDCOLUMBUSDALLASDENVERHOUSTONKANSAS CITY LAS VEGASLOS ANGELESMINNEAPOLISNASHVILLENEW YORK CITY PHOENIX PORTLANDRALEIGHSAN FRANCISCOSEATTLEST. LOUIS TAMPA WASHINGTON, D.C.CANADA CALGARY MONTREAL TORONTO VANCOUVER THE AMERICAN MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC ACADEMY 2109 BROADWAY AT WEST 73RD, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10023 WWW.AMDA.EDU 1.800.367.7908  AUDITIONLOCATIONS2003 AUDITIONSAUDITIONS SCHOLARSHIPS FOR CONSERVATORY TRAINING IN NEW YORK CITY ● MOST PRACTICALTHEATRE TRAINING ● ACTING FORTHEATREFILM AND TELEVISION ● MUSICAL THEATRE ● DANCE ● MOST PRACTICALTHEATRE TRAINING ● ACTING FORTHEATREFILM ANDTELEVISION ● MUSICAL THEATRE ● DANCE  20 2002-2003 ASCA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE Revised June 25,1998 Preamble The American School Counselor Association(ASCA) is a professional organization whosemembers have a unique and distinctive prepara-tion,grounded in the behavioral sciences,withtraining in clinical skills adapted to the schoolsetting.The school counselor assists in thegrowth and development ofeach individual anduses his or her highly specialized skills to protectthe interests ofthe counselee within the struc-ture ofthe school system.School counselors sub-scribe to the following basic tenets ofthe coun-seling process from which professional responsi-bilities are derived: s Each person has the right to respect and dig-nity as a human being and to counseling serv-ices without prejudice as to person,character,belief,or practice regardless ofage,color,dis-ability,ethnic group,gender,race,religion,sex-ual orientation,marital s tatus,or socioeco-nomic status. s Each person has the right to self-direction andself-development. s Each person has the right ofchoice and theresponsibility for goals reached. s Each person has the right to privacy andthereby the right to expect the counselor-counselee relationship to comply with all laws,policies,and ethical standards pertaining toconfidentiality.In this document,ASCA specifies the principlesofethical behavior necessary to regulate andmaintain the high standards ofintegrity,leader-ship,and professionalism among its members.The Ethical Standards for School Counselorswere developed to clarify the nature ofethicalresponsibilities held in common by school coun-seling professionals.The purposes ofthis docu-ment are to: s Serve as a guide for the ethical practices ofallprofessional school counselors regardless of level,area,population served,or membershipin this professional Association; s Provide benchmarks for both self-appraisaland peer evaluations regarding counselorresponsibilities to counselees,parents,col-leagues and professional associates,schools,and communities,as well as to one's selfandthe counseling profession;and s Inform those served by the school counselorofacceptable counselor practices and expect-ed professional behavior. A.1.Responsibilities to Students The professional school counselor: a.Has a primary obligation to the counselee whois to be treated with respect as a unique indi-vidual.b.Is concerned with the educational,career,emo-tional,and behavioral needs and encourages themaximum development ofeach counselee.c.Refrains from consciously encouraging thecounselee's acceptance ofvalues,lifestyles,plans,decisions,and beliefs that represent thecounselor's personal orientation.d.Is responsible for keeping informed oflaws,regulations,and policies relating to counseleesand strives to ensure that the rights ofcounse-lees are adequately provided for and protected. A.2.Confidentiality The professional school counselor: a.Informs the counselee ofthe purposes,goals,techniques,and rules ofprocedure underwhich she/he may receive counseling at orbefore the time when the counseling relation-ship is entered.Disclosure notice includesconfidentiality issues such as the possiblenecessity for consulting with other profession-als,privileged communication,and legal orauthoritative restraints.The meaning and lim-its ofconfidentiality are clearly defined tocounselees through a written and shared dis-closure statement.b.Keeps information confidential unless disclo-sure is required to prevent clear and imminentdanger to the counselee or others or whenlegal requirements demand that confidentialinformation be revealed.Counselors will con-sult with other professionals when in doubt asto the validity ofan exception.c.Discloses information to an identified thirdparty who,by her or his relationship with thecounselee,is at a high risk ofcontracting adisease that is commonly known to be com-municable and fatal.Prior to disclosure,thecounselor will ascertain that the counselee hasnot already informed the third party about hisor her disease and he/she is not intending toinform the third party in the immediatefuture. Ethical Standards for School Counselors  Ethical Standards, cont. ASCA INFORMATION 21 2002-2003 ASCA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE d.Requests ofthe court that disclosure not berequired when the release ofconfidentialinformation without a counselee's permissionmay lead to potential harm to the counselee.e.Protects the confidentiality ofcounselee'srecords and releases personal data onlyaccording to prescribed laws and school poli-cies.Student information maintained in com-puters is treated with the same care as tradi-tional student records.f.Protects the confidentiality ofinformationreceived in the counseling relationship asspecified by federal and state laws,writtenpolicies,and applicable ethical standards.Such information is only to be revealed to oth-ers with the informed consent ofthe counse-lee,consistent with the counselor's ethicalobligation.In a group setting,the counselorsets a high norm ofconfidentiality and stress-es its importance,yet clearly states that confi-dentiality in group counseling cannot be guar-anteed. A.3.Counseling Plans The professional school counselor: works jointly with the counselee in developingintegrated and effective counseling plans,con-sistent with both the abilities and circum-stances ofthe counselee and counselor.Suchplans will be regularly reviewed to ensure con-tinued viability and effectiveness,respectingthe counselee's freedom ofchoice. A.4.Dual Relationships The professional school counselor: avoids dual relationships which might impairher or his objectivity and increase the risk of harm to the client (e.g.,counseling one's fami-ly members,close friends,or associates).Ifadual relationship is unavoidable,the counseloris responsible for taking action to eliminate orreduce the potential for harm.Such safeguardsmight include informed consent,consultation,supervision,and documentation. A.5.Appropriate Referrals The professional school counselor: makes referrals when necessary or appropri-ate to outside resources.Appropriate referralnecessitates knowledge ofavailable resourcesand making proper plans for transitions withminimal interruption ofservices.Counseleesretain the right to discontinue the counselingrelationship at any time. A.6.Group Work The professional school counselor: screens prospective group members andmaintains an awareness ofparticipants' needsand goals in relation to the goals ofthe group.The counselor takes reasonable precautions toprotect members from physical and psycho-logical harm resulting from interaction withinthe group. A 7.Danger to Self or Others The professional school counselor: informs appropriate authorities when thecounselee's condition indicates a clear andimminent danger to the counselee or others.This is to be done after careful deliberationand,where possible,after consultation withother counseling professionals.The counselorinforms the counselee ofactions to be takenso as to minimize his or her confusion and toclarify counselee and counselor expectations. A.8.Student Records The professional school counselor: maintains and secures records necessary forrendering professional services to the counse-lee as required by laws,regulations,institu-tional procedures,and confidentiality guide-lines. A.9.Evaluation,Assessment,and Interpretation The professional school counselor: a.Adheres to all professional standards regard-ing selecting,administering,and interpretingassessment measures.The counselor recog-nizes that computer-based testing programsrequire specific training in administration,scoring,and interpretation which may differfrom that required in more traditional assess-ments.b.Provides explanations ofthe nature,purposes,and results ofassessment/evaluation meas-ures in language the counselee(s) can under-stand.c.Does not misuse assessment results and inter-pretations and takes reasonable steps to pre-vent others from misusing the information.d.Uses caution when utilizing assessment tech-niques,making evaluations,and interpretingthe performance ofpopulations not represent-ed in the norm group on which an instrumentis standardized.  22 2002-2003 ASCA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE Ethical Standards, cont. ASCA INFORMATION A.10.Computer Technology The professional school counselor: a.Promotes the benefits ofappropriate comput-er applications and clarifies the limitations of computer technology.The counselor ensuresthat:(1) computer applications are appropri-ate for the individual needs ofthe counselee;(2) the counselee understands how to use theapplication;and (3) follow-up counselingassistance is provided.Members ofunder rep-resented groups are assured equal access tocomputer technologies and are assured theabsence ofdiscriminatory information andvalues in computer applications.b.Counselors who communicate with counseleesvia internet should follow the NBCC Standardsfor WebCounseling. A.11.Peer Helper Programs The professional school counselor: has unique responsibilities when workingwith peer helper programs.The school coun-selor is responsible for the welfare ofcounse-lees participating in peer programs under heror his direction.School counselors who func-tion in training and supervisory capacities arereferred to the preparation and supervisionstandards ofprofessional counselor associa-tions. B.Responsibilities toParents B.1.Parent Rights and Responsibilities The professional school counselor: a.Respects the inherent rights and responsibili-ties ofparents for their children and endeav-ors to establish,as appropriate,a collaborativerelationship with parents to facilitate thecounselee's maximum development.b.Adheres to laws and local guidelines whenassisting parents experiencing family difficul-ties that interfere with the counselee's effec-tiveness and welfare.c.Is sensitive to cultural and social diversityamong families and recognizes that all par-ents,custodial and noncustodial,are vestedwith certain rights and responsibilities for thewelfare oftheir children by virtue oftheir roleand according to law. B.2.Parents and Confidentiality The professional school counselor:a.Informs parents ofthe counselor's role withemphasis on the confidential nature ofthecounseling relationship between the counselorand counselee.b.Provides parents with accurate,comprehen-sive,and relevant information in an objectiveand caring manner,as is appropriate and con-sistent with ethical responsibilities to thecounselee.c.Makes reasonable efforts to honor the wishesofparents and guardians concerning informa-tion that he/she may share regarding thecounselee. C.Responsibilities toColleagues andProfessional Associates C.1.Professional Relationships The professional school counselor: a.Establishes and maintains professional rela-tionships with faculty,staff,and administra-tion to facilitate the provision ofoptimalcounseling services.The relationship is basedon the counselor's definition and descriptionofthe parameter and levels ofhis or her pro-fessional roles.b.Treats colleagues with professional respect,courtesy,and fairness.The qualifications,views,and findings ofcolleagues are repre-sented to accurately reflect the image ofcom-petent professionals.c.Is aware ofand optimally utilizes related pro-fessions and organizations to whom the coun-selee may be referred. C.2.Sharing Information with OtherProfessionals The professional school counselor: a.Promotes awareness and adherence to appro-priate guidelines regarding confidentiality;thedistinction between public and private infor-mation;and staffconsultation.b.Provides professional personnel with accurate,objective,concise,and meaningful data neces-sary to adequately evaluate,counsel,and assistthe counselee.c.Ifa counselee is receiving services fromanother counselor or other mental health pro-fessional,the counselor,with client consent,
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