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ExtJS tutorial with step by step example of a Phonebook application.
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   ExtJS Tutorial ExtJS is a cross-browser JavaScript library, that helps you creating web2.0 applications, using different techniques like AJAX , DHTML and DOM scripting. ExtJS includes various GUI (Graphic User Interface) controls or so called w idgets , that can be used in web applications, like Text Field  , Text Area , Date Field  , List Box  , Combo Box  , Radio Box  , Check Box  , HTML Editor  , Tree   Control  , Tab Panel  , Toolbar  s, Flash charts , andmaybe the most popular, Grid  control. Many of the controls can communicate directly to a server side using AJAX (  A synchronous    JavaScript and XML ).I will show you how to use ExtJS library in a simple example of a Phonebook application, step by step.Before we start, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of  ExtJS 3 library. Currently, the latest version is ExtJS 4  but this tutorial is all about ExtJS 3 version. So, in short, you must have ExtJS 3 library. You can download it from the official web sitehttp://www.sencha.com/products/extjs3/download/. For a server side scripting I am going to use PHP . Of course you can use a different server side scripting language if you want.I will use Netbeans as my IDE (Integrated Development Environment). You can use any text editor you want, like Notepad++; Idecided to use Netbeans because it has a nice code formatting. On the server side I will use WAMP   server because I need support for PHP  and MySQL . As you can see, I am using MySQL database as a storage for our data. In this tutorial I will not talk about server side scriptingtoo much, because I assume that you have the basic knowledge of a PHP or some other server side scripting language.  Step 1 – Create Database and Tables I will use the simple database structureDatabase Name : Phonebook   Table Name: Contacts  Here is the Contacts Table structure: Column Name Column Type Additionally ContactId   Int(10) PK, AutoIncPhone VarChar(30)FirstName VarChar(15)LastName VarChar(15)Address VarChar(100)  Step 2 – Loading core ExtJS In order to use ExtJS stuff you must load appropriate JavaScript and CSS files.    “/ext/resources/css/ext - all.css” this is the .css file that contains (visual)styles for all ExtJS core components    js/ext/adapter/ext/ext-base.js this is the .js file that contains base ExtJS stuff you need      “ js/ext/ext-all.js ”   this is the .js file that contains core ExtJS logic that you need   [code]<!-- include ext-all.css -->   <link rel= stylesheet  href= js/ext/resources/css/ext-all.css  />   <!-- include ext-base.js -->   <script type= text/javascript  src= js/ext/adapter/ext/ext-base.js ></script>   <!-- include ext-all.js -->   <script type= text/javascript  src= js/ext/ext-all.js ></script>   [/code] So, do not forget to include these files into your HTML page where you want to use ExtJS library. That’s all. You are now ready to use ExtJS . So simple.I will create a small loader, because these files may need some time to load (especially if your internet connection is slow) and I want toshow the loading progress to the user (client) . You do not have to do this if you don’t want, it is just an example of how you can trackloading core ExtJS files.After that I am loading my custom .js files    MainToolbar.js    Grid.js    ContactWindow.js    Application.jsAgain this is not the ExtJS logic, and you do not have to do stuff like this, this is just my way of working with ExtJS . So, enough talking let’s look at code.    Index.html   [code]   <html>   <head>   <title> Phonebook - 1.0 Alpha – Programmed in ExtJS by Vladica Savic </title>   </head>   <body>   <div id= loading-mask  style= >   </div><div id= loading >   <center>   <div>   <img src= images/ajax-loader.gif  width= 32  height= 32  style= margin-right: 8px;float: left; vertical-align: top; /> Phonebook - 1.0 - <a href= http://www.vladicasavic.iz.rs >  www.vladicasavic.iz.rs </a><br />   <span id= loading-msg  style= float: left; > Loading images and styles... </span>   </div>   </center>   </div><!-- include ExtJS CORE logic -->   <!-- include ext-all.css -->   <link rel= stylesheet  href= js/ext/resources/css/ext-all.css  />   <!-- my custom loader -->   <script type= text/javascript >document.getElementById ( 'loading-msg' ). innerHTML =  'Loading API' ; </script>   <!-- include ext-base.js -->   <script type= text/javascript  src= js/ext/adapter/ext/ext-base.js ></script>   <!-- my custom loader -->   <script type= text/javascript >document.getElementById ( 'loading-msg' ). innerHTML =  'Loading ExtJS' ; </script>   <!-- include ext-all.js -->   <script type= text/javascript  src= js/ext/ext-all.js ></script>   <!-- my custom loader -->   <script type= text/javascript >document.getElementById ( 'loading-msg' ). innerHTML =  'Loading Panel...' ; </script>   <!-- my custom .js files -->   <script type= text/javascript  src= js/toolbars/MainToolbar.js ></script>   <script type= text/javascript  src= js/grids/Grid.js ></script>   <script type= text/javascript  src= js/windows/ContactWindow.js ></script>   <script type= text/javascript  src= js/Application.js ></script>   <!-- my custom loader -->   <script type= text/javascript >document.getElementById ( 'loading-msg' ). innerHTML =  'Launching Application...' ; </script>   </body>   </html>   [/code]  
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