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  Fundamentals Level – Skills Module Time allowed Reading and planning:15 minutesWriting:3 hoursALL FIVE questions are compulsory and MUST be attempted. Do NOT open this paper until instructed by the supervisor.During reading and planning time only the question paper maybe annotated. You must NOT write in your answer booklet untilinstructed by the supervisor.This question paper must not be removed from the examination hall.    P  a  p  e  r   F   8   (   I   N   T   ) Audit and Assurance(International) Wednesday 8 June 2011 The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants FOR FREE ACCA RESOURCES VISIThttp://acuteacca.tkSEND YOUR REQUESTS ATemail@acuteacca.tkPAST PAPERS ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT©.  ALL FIVE questions are compulsory and MUST be attempted1 Introduction Tinkerbell Toys Co (Tinkerbell) is a manufacturer of children’s building block toys; they have been trading for over35 years and they sell to a wide variety of customers including large and small toy retailers across the country. Thecompany’s year end is 31 May 2011.The company has a large manufacturing plant, four large warehouses and a head office. Upon manufacture, the toysare stored in one of the warehouses until they are despatched to customers. The company does not have an internalaudit department. Sales ordering, goods despatched and invoicing Each customer has a unique customer account number and this is used to enter sales orders when they are receivedin writing from customers. The orders are entered by an order clerk and the system automatically checks that thegoods are available and that the order will not take the customer over their credit limit. For new customers, a salesmanager completes a credit application; this is checked through a credit agency and a credit limit entered into thesystem by the credit controller. The company has a price list, which is updated twice a year. Larger customers areentitled to a discount; this is agreed by the sales director and set up within the customer master file.Once the order is entered an acceptance is automatically sent to the customer by mail/email confirming the goodsordered and a likely despatch date. The order is then sorted by address of customer. The warehouse closest to thecustomer receives the order electronically and a despatch list and sequentially numbered goods despatch notes(GDNs) are automatically generated. The warehouse team pack the goods from the despatch list and, before they aresent out, a second member of the team double checks the despatch list to the GDN, which accompanies the goods.Once despatched, a copy of the GDN is sent to the accounts team at head office and a sequentially numbered salesinvoice is raised and checked to the GDN. Periodically a computer sequence check is performed for any missing salesinvoice numbers. Fraud During the year a material fraud was uncovered. It involved cash/cheque receipts from customers being diverted intoemployees’ personal accounts. In order to cover up the fraud, receipts from subsequent unrelated customers wouldthen be recorded against the earlier outstanding receivable balances and this cycle of fraud would continue.The fraud occurred because two members of staff ‘who were related’ colluded. One processed cash receipts andprepared the weekly bank reconciliation; the other employee recorded customer receipts in the sales ledger. Anunrelated sales ledger clerk was supposed to send out monthly customer statements but this was not performed. Thebank reconciliations each had a small unreconciled amount but no-one reviewed the reconciliations after they wereprepared. The fraud was only uncovered when the two employees went on holiday at the same time and it wasdiscovered that cash receipts from different customers were being applied to older receivable balances to hide theearlier sums stolen. Required:(a)Recommend SIX tests of controls the auditor would normally carry out on the sales system of Tinkerbell, andexplain the objective for each test. (12 marks) (b)Describe substantive procedures the auditor should perform to confirm Tinkerbell’s year-end receivablesbalance. (8 marks) (c)Identify and explain controls Tinkerbell should implement to reduce the risk of fraud occurring again and, foreach control, describe how it would mitigate the risk. (6 marks) (d)Describe substantive procedures the auditor should perform to confirm Tinkerbell’s revenue. (4 marks) (30 marks) 2   FOR FREE ACCA RESOURCES VISIThttp://acuteacca.tkSEND YOUR REQUESTS ATemail@acuteacca.tkPAST PAPERS ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT©.  2(a) Auditors are required to document their understanding of the client’s internal controls. There are various optionsavailable for recording the internal control system. Two of these options are narrative notes and internal controlquestionnaires. Required:Describe the advantages and disadvantages to the auditor of narrative notes and internal controlquestionnaires as methods for documenting the system. (6 marks) (b) ISA 210  Agreeing the Terms of Audit Engagements provides guidance on the content of engagement letters anddeals with the auditor’s responsibilities in agreeing the terms of the audit engagement with management. Required:(i)State the purpose of an engagement letter. (1 mark) (ii)List SIX matters that should be included within an audit engagement letter. (3 marks) (10 marks) 3[P.T.O. FOR FREE ACCA RESOURCES VISIThttp://acuteacca.tkSEND YOUR REQUESTS ATemail@acuteacca.tkPAST PAPERS ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT©.   FOR FREE ACCA RESOURCES VISIThttp://acuteacca.tkSEND YOUR REQUESTS ATemail@acuteacca.tkPAST PAPERS ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT©.  3(a) The auditor has a responsibility to design audit procedures to obtain sufficient and appropriate evidence. Thereare various audit procedures for obtaining evidence, such as external confirmation. Required:Apart from external confirmation:(i)State and explain FIVE procedures for obtaining evidence and;(ii)For each procedure, describe an example relevant to the audit of purchases and other expenses. (10 marks) (b) Donald Co operates an airline business. The company’s year end is 31 July 2011.You are the audit senior and you have started planning the audit. Your manager has asked you to have a meetingwith the client and to identify any relevant audit risks so that the audit plan can be completed. From your meetingyou ascertain the following:In order to expand their flight network, Donald Co will need to acquire more airplanes; they have placed ordersfor another six planes at an estimated total cost of $20m and the company is not sure whether these planes willbe received by the year end. In addition the company has spent an estimated $15m on refurbishing their existingplanes. In order to fund the expansion Donald Co has applied for a loan of $25m. It has yet to hear from thebank as to whether it will lend them the money.The company receives bookings from travel agents as well as directly via their website. The travel agents are givena 90-day credit period to pay Donald Co, however, due to difficult trading conditions a number of the receivablesare struggling to pay. The website was launched in 2010 and has consistently encountered difficulties withcustomer complaints that tickets have been booked and paid for online but Donald Co has no record of them andhence has sold the seat to another customer.Donald Co used to sell tickets via a large call centre located near to their head office. However, in May they closedit down and made the large workforce redundant. Required:Using the information provided, describe FIVE audit risks and explain the auditor’s response to each risk inplanning the audit of Donald Co. (10 marks) (20 marks) 4   FOR FREE ACCA RESOURCES VISIThttp://acuteacca.tkSEND YOUR REQUESTS ATemail@acuteacca.tkPAST PAPERS ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT©.
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