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An N.V. Publication The Bi-Weekly News Publication Serving The Flexographic Printing Industry Executive Outlook Atlas Converting ã Bobst ã Color Resolutions ã Esko DuPont ã Flexotecnica ã FLXON ã Mark Andy 2012 Market News FLEX ® Outlook2012 3/1/12 10:42 AM Page 1 © 2012 DuPont. All rights reserved. The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™ and Cyrel ® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. DIGIFLOW—THE NEW DUPONT ™ CYREL ® WORKFLOW. IMPRE
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   An N.V. Publication The Bi-Weekly News Publication Serving The Flexographic Printing Industry ExecutiveOutlook  Atlas Converting ã Bobst ã Color Resolutions ã EskoDuPont ã Flexotecnica ã FLXON ã Mark Andy 2012 Market News  FLEX  ®  © 2012 DuPont. All rights reserved. The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™ and Cyrel ® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. DIGIFLOW—THE NEW DUPONT ™ CYREL ® WORKFLOW.IMPRESS...DOT BY DOT.  For higher quality at high speed DuPont TM   Cyrel ® Introducing DuPont TM Cyrel ® DigiFlow, the latestfexographic platemaking innovation rom DuPontPackaging Graphics. Cyrel ® DigiFlow allows you toachieve true one-to-one reproduction in a standarddigital workfow, and it is ully compatible with bothdigital Cyrel ® and digital Cyrel ® FAST.Cyrel ® DigiFlow allows you to optimizethe eectiveness o the latest high-resolutionand solid-screening applications in a highly productive workfow. Print results areoutstanding, showing expanded tonal rangeand improved solid-ink density.  2012 Executive Outlook Flexo Market News 3 ExecutiveOutlook Greg Kishbaugh The role of packaging,and by extension therole of flexo printers,continues to change.It wasnot so terribly long ago that a box or carton wasexpected to do nothing more than safely trans-port a product from one location to another.Then,due to advancements in graphics capabili-ties,packaging was elevated to that of de factosalesperson,in charge of imparting the entiremarketing message for a product.Now,converters find themselves in a world where packaging has been elevated once more.Packaging now serves as a spokesperson for theentire company ,communicating the social,ethi-cal and moral framework for the CPCs (and by extension the converters) behind the products.The idea of ‘social purpose’,i.e.the way in which brands identify how they help society,isnot new.What is new is the reality that a compa-ny’s social purpose is in no small part now com-municated through its packaging. We live in a world where the average consumer is far more knowledgeable and informed than inthe past.My 13-year-old daughter most likely knows more about many consumer goods com-panies than their own shareholders.Show her packaged goods at the grocery storeand often without looking she can tell you the in-gredients,along with the kind of suppliers theCPCs source those ingredients from.Show her a host of cosmetics and she can tell you exactly which products,and the companiesthat produce them,test on animals.Show her an array of electronic and other con-sumer goods and she knows in which country they were produced and the company’s reputa-tion (good or ill) for treating its employees.This was something that was simply unthink-able when I was 13,a time in which most of thatinformation simply wasn’t available and a time in which all of us,quite frankly,were far less dis-cerning about the srcins of what we ate and thethings we purchased.That has all changed,and because of it,so hasthe role of packaging. A host of recent studies illustrate overwhelm-ingly that when making decisions about what tobuy,consumers now look at how a company op-erates,where its products come from,how they are made,and how it treats its employees.Thesefactors may not drive every purchase,but moreand more they are impacting the bottom line.It’sa fundamental shift in consumer behavior thatevery converter,CPC and retailer must address. As more “good”goods enter the market,brands will have to clearly define their social purposeand make it central to their business.In addition,all companies — from converters to CPGs —need to find a way to effectively communicatetheir social commitment. Almost all companies on the Forbes Global2000 list are currently making significant socialcontributions,although they may not be commu-nicating this to the public.Making these actionsknown will be just as important as espousing the values behind them.And in order to better com-municate those contributions,these CPCs aregoing to be turning to their packaging providersfor help,for answers,for guidance.Naturally any discussion of social purpose mustat some point dovetail into sustainability and the From The Editor (Cont’d on Page 18)  4 2012 Executive Outlook Flexo Market News ExecutiveOutlook Brian Stiff  Sales Manager  The constant quest for improved productivity andprofitability through reduced machine downtime andreduction of waste remain the most important priori-ty of any converter in today’s flexible materials mar-ket. Whether wide web flexo, gravure printing,coating & laminating or slitting/rewinding, allprocesses must strive to achieve an acceptable re-turn on investment and capital employed. After printing or coating, most flexible materialsproceed to the slitting department for further pro-cessing. Enter Titan slitter rewinders .The next generation Titan SR9 Series slitter rewinders from Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd.(UK) not only introduce a new technology platformfor higher performance and improved productivity,but also provides a more flexible and sustainablesolution in slitting & rewinding. Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd. launched its newTitan SR9 Series slitter rewinder technology at the ICEEurope exhibition in Munich, Germany, in November last year with the new Titan SR9-DTDual Turretrewinder. ADual Shaft (DS) module will be availablelater this year followed by a Single Turret (ST) module.The concept of the Titan SR9 Series technologyplatform features 3 separate machine modules of un-wind, slitter & rewind sections. The idea being that aconverter only need change the rewind section of theslitter from a Dual Shaft (DS) to a Single Turret (ST)or Dual Turret (DT) configuration, without the need tochange the existing unwind and slitting modules.Innovative engineering design has led to applica-tion for four patents on the Titan SR9-DTmodel, oneof which, the Turret Support Device (TSD), has al-ready been granted. These advanced designs haveled to significant improvements in quality of slitreels, reduction of set-up time and increased pro-ductivity. As an example, the Linear Tracking Slitter (LTS) section ensures the shortest and a constantweb length between the knives and the rewindshafts for improved web control giving the highestpossible side wall quality of rewind reels and alsoreducing the possibility of waste material.Between all three versions of the Titan SR9 plat-form, many new features provide exceptional perfor-mance and productivity atspeeds of up to 3,300ft/min (1,000 m/min). Acceleration SpeedControl (ASC) and Predic-tive Stopping Control(PSC) ensure the fastestacceleration and stoppingto minimize machinedowntime.Knife Positioning Systems (KPS3) from a manualPositive Positional Device to semi-auto and fully au-tomatic (male & female) knife positioning meet allproduction demands. Apre-setting system ensuresall running parameters are ready from the first set,reducing operator intervention.The time required for reel set changes is greatlyreduced with the Rewind Core Positioning (RCP3)system using either laser, servo or a fully automatedsystem. The Rewind Clamp Cut-off mechanism(RCC) automatically cuts all slit web tails, saving op-erator intervention for either the DS or DTrewindmodules. Automatic Tape Down (ATD) then securesall tails to the reels and new rewind cores, enablinga fast re-start.To maintain focus on its objectives for sustainabili-ty, the Titan SR9 Series has many features for achieving reductions in the use of energy and reduc-tion of waste materials.The Guider Knife Positioning (GKP2) system notonly saves time in setting up the knives but also sig-nificantly reduces the amount of wasted materialpulled through the slitter for alignment.The SR9 Series features a Moving Splice Table(MSTV) which is ergonomically positioned at the un-wind to enable fast, accurate and minimal waste re-moval, with precise splicing.Elimination of all hydraulics on the SR9 Series hashelped to provide a cleaner environment and a con-siderable reduction in energy consumption. The useof high efficiency motors and regenerative brakingmakes the SR9 Series the most energy efficient slit-ter in the Titan range.The Titan SR9 Series is set to smash all productiv-ity records and provides a genuinely flexible andsustainable new approach to slitting and rewinding. Atlas Converting
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