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eHow Blog: Memorial Day: Honoring Those Lost   Login Register Articles    HOME  HOW TOs  VIDEOS  SHARE COMMUNITY MY PROFILE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Home » Hobbies, Games & Toys » Crafts » Other Craft Projects » How to Make a Cardboard Picture Frame      More Articles Like This How to Make a Photo Frame With Cardboard Drawing Shape of Picture Frame How to Make a Picture Frame out of Cardboard and Tissue Paper How to Hang a Picture without a Frame How to Make Great Picture Frames Fro
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  eHow Blog:Memorial Day: Honoring Those Lost     Login     Register    Articles    HOME      HOW TOs       VIDEOS      SHARE      COMMUNITY       MY PROFILE   1.   Home 2.   » Hobbies, Games & Toys  3.   » Crafts  4.   » Other Craft Projects  5.   » How to Make a Cardboard Picture Frame  More Articles Like This      How to Make a Photo Frame With Cardboard     Drawing Shape of Picture Frame       How to Make a Picture Frame out of Cardboard and Tissue Paper       How to Hang a Picture without a Frame       How to Make Great Picture Frames From Cardboard Ads by Google   More by This Author      How to Modify a Maverick Nerf Gun       Life Cycle of a Tetranychus Urticae       How to Carve Animals in Wood     How to Build a Child's Rocker     How to Build a Linen Storage Cabinet  HOW TO How to Make a Cardboard Picture Frame   Contributor   By an eHow Contributing Writer    Article Rating: (105 Ratings)             Add to Favorites        This frame is easy to make and can be decorated as simply or as elaborately as you like. Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You'll Need:    Brushes     Satin Ribbon     Crayola Crayons 16-packs     Acrylic Paints     Cardboard     Decorative Rubber Stamps     Glitter     Glue Sticks     Glues     Photographs     Scrap Fabrics     Acrylic Paints     Cardboard     Scissors     Scissors     Pencils     Colored Card Stock      Ink Pads     Markers     Pencils     X-Acto Knives     Rulers     Pencils     Photographs     Markers  1.   Step 1   Measure the photograph you are going to frame and add 2 1/2 to 3 inches to each dimension. The number of inchesyou add will determine the width of the frame's edges. 2.   Step 2   Cut out two pieces of cardboard. Each should be the cut to the dimensions calculated in step 1. 3.   Step 3   Use a ruler and pencil to measure and mark out a square or rectangle (the shape will be the same as that of yourpicture) in the center of one of the pieces of cardboard. The dimensions of this shape should be 1/4 inch smaller thanthe size of your picture. 4.   Step 4    Use a craft knife to cut out the rectangular or square shape from the cardboard. Cut evenly along the pencil marks. 5.   Step 5   Lay the piece of cardboard with the cutout window on a flat work surface and decorate one side of it. You can usemarkers, stamps, paint, crayons, glitter - whatever you like. Allow any glue or paint to dry thoroughly before youcontinue. 6.   Step 6   Determine which end of the frame will be the top and which will be the bottom. 7.   Step 7   Place the decorated piece of cardboard facedown. Use a ruler and pencil to mark three lines around the cutoutwindow - one on each side and one along the bottom. Each line should be made 1/4 inch from the window. 8.   Step 8   Place a thin line of glue just outside (away from the window) of the pencil lines made in step 7. Also place thin linesof glue along the side and bottom edges of the cardboard. A glue stick can also be used. 9.   Step 9   Place the remaining piece of cardboard on top of the first, making sure that the edges line up evenly. Press the twopieces together, and wipe away any excess glue. Allow the glued pieces to dry thoroughly. 10.   Step 10   Affix a small loop of ribbon to the back of the frame with tape or glue and use it as a hanger. You can also affixmagnet strips to the back of the frame to create a refrigerator magnet. 11.   Step 11   Insert the photo into the frame through the top.Ads by Google  Aluminium Door Frame Quality Aluminum Products. Frames, Doors, Curtain Walls. Send Enquiry! Hardware  Cartonboard MILL on sale Recicled Cartonboard Mill on sale. 45.000 Tn /Y 180-550 gr  paper cutter Professional manufacturer,China paper cutter standard  Magnetic Adhesives? Acrylic Acid-Free Magnet Bonder. Tough, Durable, Bonds In Seconds!  Tips & Warnings    Cover the cardboard frame with scrap wrapping paper or fabric to decorate.    Use card stock paper instead of cardboard for your frame. Card stock is available in a wide variety of colors.    Decorate the back of the frame as well as the front. Write your name, initials or even make a handprint on one sideof the uncut piece of cardboard.    Experiment with different window and frame widths before your frame is cut.    Children should use the craft knife only with adult supervision.
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