Homeland Security is Buying 450 Million New Bullets

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  The Department Of Homeland Security IsBuying 450 Million New Bullets Eloise Lee | Mar. 28, 2012, 11:31 AM | 40,052 | 93  TheDepartment of Homeland Security(DHS) anditsImmigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE)office is getting an indefinite delivery of an indefinite quantity of.40 caliber ammunition from defense contractorATK.   U.S. agents will receive a maximum of 450 million rounds over five years, according to a pressrelease on the deal.The high performance HST bulletsare designedfor law enforcement and ATK says they offer optimum penetration for terminal performance. This refers to the the bullet's hollow-point tip thatpasses through barriers and expands for a biggerimpact without the rest of the bullet getting warped out of shape: this bullet holds its jacket in the toughestconditions. We've also learned that the Department has anopen bid for a stockpile of rifle ammo. Listed on the federalbusiness opportunities network, they're looking for up to 175 million rounds of  .223 caliber ammo to be exact. The .223 is almost exactly the same round used by NATO forces,the 5.56 x 45mm. The deadline for earlier this month was extended because the right contractor just hadn't come along.Looks like the Department of Homeland Security means business. Now Check Out:The 25 Biggest Defense Companies In America >  Please followMilitary & DefenseonTwitterandFacebook. Follow Eloise Lee onTwitter. 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Or is it apologist-agent man? Reply Flag as Offensive   638smoke onMar 28, 12:59 PMsaid: @Joe Blob: If you think that the cabal in control of the government wont turn on its own people ,remember kent state, the branch davidian compound at waco texas where the u.s. killed men , womenand children, and ruby ridge idaho where the u.s. gov shot and killed randy weavers wife while shewas holding her baby daughter in her arms , they also shot and killed his 12 year old son and his dog,all done by the u.s. government . Reply Flag as Offensive   1235It means onMar 28, 2:57 PMsaid: @smoke: It means 'they mean business' about spending huge amounts of money.All of DHS could not use that many rounds in 15-20 years. They are parkingmoney -- using huge amounts of money that they would otherwise lose back to the Treasury, byspending it on stuff they won't need for several years; during those years, they then take the moneythey would have spent on bullets, and use it for other stuff. AUDIT ! IG ! Reply Flag as Offensive   436smoke onMar 28, 3:01 PMsaid: @It means: The DHS should be abolished reports are that its current cost is 15 BILLION a year, andthis in addition to the fbi, cia, dia, nsa, oni, atf, etc. etc, we are living in a police state dictatorship. Reply Flag as Offensive   1051janchup  onMar 28, 12:30 PMsaid: Gee, I wonder why they need so many hollow point bullets for use at home? Flag as Offensive   1131Read The Full R Find a Job Post a Job  Templates To Jump Start Y Jobs Business PlanExec Summary SamplBy-La Startup Document CenteRead Me ELOISEJOHNSO WeekendShootingReally MSoldiers  Behind the hype. NEWSER   TheOff Peace Talks ROBERT JOHNS Missing State OfNow Pointed At I JANA KASPERKEVIC   YAre The New Face Of Une ROBERT JOHNS Video Scandal S ||    Replysmoke onMar 28, 12:55 PMsaid: @ janchup: Hollow points ammo are banned under the geneva convention but the cabal in control ofamerica does not even follow the constitution let alone the geneva convention, looks like the elites wantus to feel the pain before dying. Reply Flag as Offensive   875CascadeDefence  onMar 29, 8:06 PMsaid: @smoke: I suggest you check your facts . It is the Hague convention that outlawssuch ammo but hollowpoints did not exist then. The term dumdum was used inthat convention and has been applied to more modern ammunition. Additionally the prohibition is onmilitary forces only and has been loosened at various points. Thanks for playing!   Reply Flag as Offensive   1126Terri M. Sweeney  onMar 29, 8:17 PMsaid: @CascadeDefence: Here is the EXACT wording for the treaty.If does indeed cover hollow points and REQUIRES full metal jackets. “ The Contracting Parties agree to abstain from the use of bullets whichexpand or flatten easily in the human body, such as bullets with a hard envelope which does not entirelycover the core or is pierced with incisions. ”  Declaration (IV,3) concerning Expanding Bullets. The Hague, 29 July 1899. Reply Flag as Offensive   192CascadeDefence  onMar 29, 8:20 PMsaid: @Terri M. Sweeney: I said it has been applied to modern ammo. Why was yourresponse even necessary? Reply Flag as Offensive   411AZIronman onMar 29, 8:56 PMsaid: @smoke: Hollow point ammo is legal in the US. Expanding / exploding ammo rips abody to shreds but isn't so good for penetrating walls. .40 caliber hollow points arevery common in the US. I carry hollow points .357, 44 mag and .45 ACP. I don't use .40 caliber likeHomeland Security. My .223 AR 15 will drill holes in 1/4 metal. These don't expand / explode. Don'tknow why HS thinks they need so much ammo. Of course, they have been buying up firearms andarming local police with military style weapons lately. Reply Flag as Offensive   50pyeatte onMar 29, 9:14 PMsaid: @AZIronman: They use an enormous amount of ammo for training. Also, hollowpoints don't ricochet. Reply Flag as Offensive   22Geezerish onMar 29, 9:24 PMsaid: @ janchup: Look at the PDF that spell out the performance specs for the .223rounds. They are going to be shooting people in cars:4.13.3 Steel. Terminal ballistic performance shall be ascertained in a ballistic gelatin block after Flag as Offensive   10 Advertisement Most ReadThanks to our partners Bludgeoning A S Read   Commented The 25 Hot SilicoNeed To Watch  3 These Are The CMake A Killing Of'Industrial Revolu 239,033 Views BURJ AL-ARAB:World's Most Lux 171,680 Views Why Lots Of PeoWrong About Th 171,547 Views 11 Apps I Use EvYou Should Too!)  passing through two pieces of 20-gauge hot-rolled galvanized steel set 3 inches apart. The steelbarriers are placed 20 yards from the muzzle of the firearm to the uprange steel barrier. The gelatinblock is placed 18.0 inches behind the downrange steel barrier and covered with light clothing: (onelayer of cotton T-shirt cloth; 48 threads per inch and 5.25 ounce per square yard in addition to one layerof cotton dress shirt cloth; 80 threads per inch and 3.5 ounce per square yard).4.13.4 Laminated Glass. Terminal ballistic performance shall be ascertained in a ballistic gelatin block after passing through one 12 X 12 piece of AS1 ¼ inch laminated automobile safety glass set at anangle of 45° to the horizontal and 15° to the side resulting in a compound angle. The glass barrier is placed 20 yards from the muzzle of the firearm (measured to the center of the glass panel). The gelatinblock is placed 18.0 inches behind the center of the glass barrier and is covered with light clothing(one layer of cotton T-shirt cloth; 48 threads per inch and 5.25 ounce per square yard in addition to onelayer of cotton dress shirt cloth; 80 threads per inch and 3.5 ounce per square yard). ReplyJonathan Kent  onMar 29, 9:36 PMsaid: @CascadeDefence: Terri M. Sweeney - 1CascadeDefence - 0YOU LOSE, Cascade! THANK YOUR FOR PLAYING! NEXT! Reply Flag as Offensive   00CascadeDefence  onMar 29, 9:42 PMsaid: @Jonathan Kent: I bet you are just your parent's pride and joy! So witty and clever!Everything I said is completely accurate. Why don't you look at my login andimagine what I do for a living. Reply Flag as Offensive   00Bill Jones  onMar 29, 9:45 PMsaid: @smoke: You can buy hollow point ammo in any Walmart or Cabellas and any otherhunting gun store in Arizona. Reply Flag as Offensive   00LWGII onMar 28, 12:38 PMsaid: From the Department of Redundancy Department- Well I guess buying used bulletsis pointless...It makes me feel a little less guilty about the mere 15k I have. I guess I better buy more! Reply Flag as Offensive   641Yee Ha Cowboy onMar 28, 3:57 PMsaid: @LWGII: What the F do you need 15,000 bullets for?Are you planning to wipe out all the Bisons in America Reply Flag as Offensive   567OBSERVER onMar 29, 1:43 PMsaid: @Yee Ha Cowboy: WHy does homeland security, a domestic agency, need 450MILLION rounds? Answer me that, government lover. Flag as Offensive   842
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