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IBM Systems and Technology IBM System Storage Product Guide Why IBM Information Infrastructure? IBM® Information Infrastructure helps organizations manage the incredible explosion of the amount and types of digital information, even during difficult economic times. IBM Information Infrastructure can help clients lower storage acquisition costs dramatically while improving data resiliency and security. Today, IBM offers proven capabilities in core technologies such as deduplication, virtualiza
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  IBMSystemStorage Product Guide IBMSystems and Technology  2 Why IBMInformation Infrastructure? IBM ® Information Infrastructure helps organizationsmanage the incredible explosion of the amount and types of digital information, even during difficult economic times.IBMInformation Infrastructure can help clients lower storageacquisition costs dramatically while improving data resiliencyand security. Today, IBMoffers proven capabilities in coretechnologies such as deduplication, virtualization, encryptionand solid-state storage. New solutions are available for largerorganizations using mainframes, as well as for midsizeorganizations. New IBMSmart Business Systems simplifydeployment of private cloud solutions for archiving andnetwork file services.IBMInformation Infrastructure can do much more than helpreduce costs. It is also an important enabler of information-ledtransformation, which is key to growth for many organizations.Information-led transformation is a process through whichorganizations can turn information into a strategic driver forinnovation, business optimization and competitive differentia-tion. This process can help clients use information morepervasively across the organization, leverage analytics to takea predictive view of the business, make real-time decisionsand discover new kinds of intelligence from the informationat hand. As organizations build new information-driven or information-based products and services, throughput and availabilityrequirements can increase dramatically. The IBMsolutionhelps enable information-led transformation with innovativetechnology that can break through traditional performancebarriers with best practice-based services to help clientsmanage the transition. For example, with a smart use of solid-state storage, IBMstorage arrays and virtualizationcontrollers can deliver drastic improvements with a smallamount of solid-state disk. IBMcore technologies to drive yourinformation infrastructure IBMsolutions can help midsize organizations, large enter-prises, cloud computing providers and other businesses savetime and money based on their unique needs. A key benefit of selecting IBMfor your next information infrastructure project isgaining access to a broad portfolio of outstanding productsand services. IBMoffers highly rated, patented technology thatdelivers unique value.Some IBMdifferentiating capabilities include: ● Real-time Compression—Keep up to five times morenetwork-attached storage (NAS) production informationonline ● Storage virtualization—Reduce storage area network (SAN)disk costs by helping to significantly increase utilization ● Data deduplication—Lower storage acquisition costsdramatically while reducing energy, cooling, floor space,management requirements and maintenance costs ● Solid-state storage architectures—Improve drive accessresponse time without application tuning ● Next-generation scalable storage—Achieve Tier 1 functional-ity at Tier 2 costs ● Mainframe storage—Optimize mainframe applications withunrivaled support for IBMSystem z ® performance,scalability, security and high-availability features ● Self-encrypting storage and security management—Improvesecurity with encryption at the drive level with little or noperformance impact ● Information archiving—Optimize application performanceand simplify application administration while loweringtotal costs ● Business intelligence platform integration—Correlatedisparate information faster across the value chain ● Continuous data protection—Get applications and users upand running within minutes following a data loss ● Storage infrastructure management—Improve storageutilization and simplify administrationNo other major vendor can match the IBMbreadth of informa-tion infrastructure capabilities. IBMoffers integrated solutionsfor consolidation, data protection, storage managementsimplification, compliance support and more. IBMtechnologyincludes SAN and NAS disk systems, tape systems,SAN switches, storage management software, services,self-encrypting storage with key management, non-erasable,non-rewriteable storage for regulatory compliance and flexiblefinancing for large and midsize organizations.Learn more about IBMInformation Infrastructure,including the full range of data storage solutions andcompanion software and services offerings, at:  /information_infrastructure What’s new? IBMSystem Storage ® products and services have beenenhanced to better meet the information infrastructureneeds of businesses. This Product Guide features severalnew products: ● IBMReal-time Compression Appliances™ STN6500 andSTN6800 ● IBMStorwize ®  V7000 Unified Disk System ● IBMSystem Storage N6060 series ● IBMSystem Storage EXP2500 Express storage enclosure ● IBMSystem Storage EXP3500 Express storage enclosure ● IBMXIV ® Storage System Gen3 ● IBMSystem Storage SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 ● IBMSystem Storage SAN48B-5 ● IBMSystem Storage DCS3700 High PerformanceComputing System ● IBMSystem Networking RackSwitches: G8052, G8124E,G8264, G8316 ● IBMSystem Networking BNT Virtual Fabric 10GB EthernetSwitch Module ● IBMSystem Networking BNT 1/10Gb Uplink EthernetSwitch Module ● IBMSystem Networking BNT Layer 2-7 Gigabit EthernetSwitch Module ● IBMSystem Networking BNT Layer 2/3 Copper and FiberGigabit Ethernet Switch Module The following products featured in this guide have beensignificantly enhanced: ● IBMXIV Storage System ● IBMSystem Storage DS8800 ● IBMSystem Storage DS8700 ● IBMSystem Storage DS3000 Express ● IBMComprehensive Data Protection Solution(IBMTivoli ® Storage Manager FastBack ® bundle) ● IBMSystem Storage DS5100/DS5300 ● IBMSystem Storage SAN Volume Controller ● Cisco MDS 9500 Series Multilayer Directors for IBMSystemStorage  3 Storage Area Network (SAN) Products SAN routers to connect heterogeneous SAN fabrics and enable distance extensionusing Fibre Channel over IP IBMSystem StorageSAN06B-R extensionswitch (2498-R06) ● Designed for high performance with up to sixteen 8 Gigabits per second (Gbps) Fibre Channel portsand six 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports, the SAN06B-R supports either 8, 4, 2 or 4, 2 and 1 GbpsFC link speeds. ● Infrastructure simplification solutions for the IBMPower Systems™ and IBMSystem x ® families includedisaster tolerance over metropolitan and global IP networks with System Storage disk arrays, tape librariesand Tivoli Storage Manager data protection software. Support for System z servers is provided via theoptional 8 Gbps Advanced Extension, IBMFICON ®  Accelerator and FICON CUP Activation features. Cisco MDS 9222i forIBMSystem Storage(2054-E01) ● Designed to address the needs of medium-sized businesses and large enterprises, the modular 18/4(4 Gbps Fibre Channel/GbE) port multiservice SAN router enables high performance, cost-effectiveSAN extension over IP for continuity solutions. ● The solution includes eighteen 4 Gbps Fibre Channel ports, 4 GbE IP ports, the SAN Extension overIP Package for integrated IP ports and one modular expansion slot. ●  A 4/44 8 Gbps Fibre Channel switching module allows support for up to 66 Fibre Channel ports. A 4-port10 Gbps Fibre Channel module is also available for high-performance, inter-switch link (ISL) connectionsover metro optical networks. Entry SAN switches for easy-to-use SMB solutions IBMSystem StorageSAN24B-4 Express(2498-B24, 249824E) ● This solution provides high-performance, scalable and simple-to-use fabric switching with 8, 16 or24 ports operating at 8, 4, 2 or 1 Gbps—depending on which optical transceiver is used—for serversrunning Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX ® , UNIX and Linux operating systems, server clustering, infrastruc-ture simplification and business continuity solutions. The SAN24B-4 Express includes the EZSwitchSetupwizard, which is an embedded setup tool designed to guide novice users through switch setup, often inless than five minutes. Cisco MDS 9124 Expressfor IBMSystem Storage(2053-424, 241724C) ● Cisco MDS 9124 Express provides high-performance, scalable and simple-to-use fabric switching with 8,16 or 24 ports operating at 1, 2 and 4 Gbps for servers running Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, NovellNetWare and IBMOperating System/400 ® , server clustering, infrastructure simplification and businesscontinuity solutions. The switch includes a replaceable power supply, Virtual SAN (VSAN), Cisco DataCenter Network Manager (DNCM) and a redundant power supply feature designed to simplify setup andongoing maintenance for Cisco MDS 9000 users. Midrange SAN switches for scalable SMB and enterprise solutions IBMSystem StorageSAN48B-5 (2498-F48) ● Designed to meet the demands of hyper-scale, private cloud storage environments, the solution candeliver 16 Gbps Fibre Channel technology and capabilities that support highly virtualized environments.To enable greater flexibility and investment protection, the SAN48B-5 is configurable in 24, 36, or 48 ports,and it supports 2, 4, 8, 10, or 16 Gbps speeds in an efficiently designed 1U package. ● The solution offers higher port density and scalability for midrange enterprise SAN switches withredundant, hot-pluggable components and nondisruptive software upgrades. IBMSystem StorageSAN32B-E4 (2498-E32) ● The SAN32B-E4 is a high-performance, stand-alone device designed for protecting data-at-rest inmission-critical environments. ● Delivering fabric-based encryption services to protect data assets either selectively or on a comprehensivebasis, the solution can scale nondisruptively to provide from 48 up to 96 Gbps of encryption processingpower to meet the needs of the most demanding environments with flexible, on-demand performance. ● Tightly integrated with one of the industry-leading, enterprise-class key management systems, IBMTivoliKey Lifecycle Manager can scale to support key lifecycle services across distributed environments. IBMSystem StorageSAN40B-4 (2498-B40,249840E) ● This solution provides high-performance, scalable and simple-to-use fabric switching with 24, 32 or40 ports operating at 8, 4, 2 or 1 Gbps—depending on which optical transceiver is used—for serversrunning Microsoft Windows, AIX, UNIX, Linux, OS/400 and IBM z/OS ® operating systems. Manyadvanced functions are available to facilitate operation in medium and large networks. IBMSystem StorageSAN80B-4 (2498-B80) ● The SAN80B-4 provides high-performance, scalable and simple-to-use fabric switching with 48, 64 or80 ports operating at 8, 4, 2 or 1 Gbps—depending on which optical transceiver is used—for serversrunning Microsoft Windows, AIX, UNIX, Linux, OS/400 and z/OS operating systems. Many advancedfunctions are available to facilitate operation in medium and large networks. Cisco MDS 9148 forIBMSystem Storage(2417-C48) ● This solution is designed to provide an affordable, highly capable and scalable storage networking solutionfor small, midrange and large enterprise customers that are aiming for business continuity or remotebackup capability. ●  A standalone, scalable 16 to 48 port switch featuring 48 fixed auto-sensing Fibre Channel ports capableof speeds of 1, 2,4 or 8 Gbps, the Cisco MDS 9148 can be activated by using the On-Demand Port Activation feature. ● Using NX-OS software intelligence to provide storage access for virtual machine server environments,the new Cisco DCNM for SAN (formerly Cisco Fabric Manager) provides centralization and ease ofmanagement for the growing data centers. Enterprise SAN directors for high availability and scalability enterprise solutions IBMSystem StorageSAN768B (2499-384) andSAN384B (2499-192) ● The solution is designed to be the premier fabric platforms for evolving enterprise data centers. Eachmachine combines breakthrough performance, scalability and energy efficiency with long-term investmentprotection. Supporting open systems and System z environments, the machines address data growth andserver virtualization challenges; enable server, SAN and data center consolidation; minimize disruption andrisk; and reduce infrastructure and administrative costs. ● Built for large enterprise networks, the SAN768B has eight vertical blade slots to provide up to512 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports. The SAN384B is ideal for midsize core or edge deployments, providingfour horizontal blade slots and up to 256 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports. The flexible blade architecture alsosupports Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), fabric-based encryption for data-at-rest and SAN extensionadvanced functionality for high-performance server I/O consolidation, data protection and disasterrecovery solutions. IBMSystem StorageSAN768B-2 (2499-816)and SAN384B-2(2499-416) ● Designed to increase business agility while providing nonstop access to information and reducinginfrastructure and administrative costs, the SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 fabric backbones with 16 GbpsFibre Channel capabilities support the growing demands of highly virtualized environments and privatecloud architectures, extending the life of this robust, reliable and high-performance technology. ● Built for large enterprise networks, the 14U SAN768B-2 has eight vertical blade slots to provide up to384 16 Gbps universal (E, F, D, M, and EX) Fibre Channel ports using 48-port Fibre Channel blades or upto 512 8 Gbps universal (E, F, M,and EX) Fibre Channel ports using 64-port 8 Gbps Fibre Channel blades. ● Built for midsize networks, the 8U SAN384B-2 has four horizontal blade slots to provide up to192 16 Gbps universal (E, F, D, M, and EX) Fibre Channel ports using 48-port Fibre Channel blades or upto 256 8 Gbps universal (E, F, M,and EX) Fibre Channel ports using 64-port 8 Gbps FibreChannel blades. ● The solution supports 2, 4, 8, and 16 Gbps Fibre Channel, 10 Gbps ISL connections, 64 (4x16) GbpsInter-Chassis Link (ICL) connections and 1/10 Gbps Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP), as well as advancedfabric services and management tools. Cisco MDS 9500 SeriesMultilayer Directors forIBMSystem Storage(2054-E04, 2054-E07,2054-E11) ● The Cisco MDS 9506, Cisco MDS 9509 and Cisco MDS 9513 are director-class storage area networking(SAN) switches designed for deployment in scalable enterprise and service provider clouds to enableflexibility, resiliency and reliability. ● The solutions offer scalability to 192, 336 and 528 maximum Fibre Channel port count at 1, 2, 4, 8 and10 Gbps Fibre Channel speed. ●  A multi-layer architecture transparently integrates Fibre Channel, FCoE, FICON, Internet Small ComputerSystem Interface (iSCSI), and Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) in one system. ● With the Fabric3 Switching module, the MDS 9513 increases the active backplane bandwidth to256 Gbps per slot. ● 32- and 48-port 8 Gbps Advanced Fibre Channel switching modules are designed to allow a port to beconfigured as either 1, 2, 4, 8 or 10 Gbps, which consolidates all ports into the same Fibre Channelswitching module. These modules can provide 256 Gbps when used in an MDS 9513 containing theFabric3 switching capabilites. ● High-performance Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) provide additional availability at the fabric level. A PortChannelcapability allows users to aggregate up to 16 physical links into one logical bundle. ● Cisco DCNM provides an easy-to-use application that simplifies management across multiple switchesand converged fabrics, aiming to offer a holistic management of the data center infrastructure.  4 Entry-level Tape Products Entry-level Tape DrivesTS2230TS2240TS2250 Product 358035803580 Machine Type model 3580 H3V, PNs 3580S3V 3580 H4V, PNs 3580S4V 3580 H5S, PNs 3580S5E Product strengths Multiplatform supportHalf-high form factorLower entry priceEncryption capableMultiplatform supportHigh capacityHalf-high form factorEncryption & media partitioncapableLTFS supportMultiplatform supportHigh capacityHalf-high form factor Number of drives 111 Max number of cartridges 111 WORM/Encryption yes/noyes/yesyes/yes Native capacity Gen 3: 400GBGen 4: 800GBGen 5: 1.5TB Typical capacity 2 Gen 3: 800GBGen 4: 1.6 TBGen 5: 3.0TB Native performance Gen 3: 80MBpsGen 4: 120MBpsGen 5: 140MBps Interface 6Gbps SAS6Gbps SAS6Gbps SAS Supported tape libraries N/AN/AN/A Platform support 4 Systemp®, Systemi®,Systemx, MicrosoftWindows,HP - UX, SunSolaris, LinuxSystemp, Systemx and otherssupporting 6Gbps attachSystemp, Systemx and otherssupporting 6Gbps attach  Application support 5  A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, L, MA (others in plan)A, B, C, E, F, G, H Media Refer to Tape Media, page9Refer to Tape Media, page 9Refer to Tape Media, page 9 Warranty period 3 years 6 3 years3 years Warranty type CRUCRUCRU System Networking Ethernet Switches/Tape Storage Systems IBMSystem Networking Ethernet Switches * MTM specific to HVEC ordering system* MTM specific to HVEC ordering system IBMSystem Networking RackSwitch for Top of Rack Deployments IBMSystem Networking RackSwitch is specifically designed for file-based or block-based switching in IP storage and convergeddata center environments. RackSwitch provides virtualization-ready switching with high bandwidth, low latency, optimized airflowand low power consumption at an attractive price.Support for Data Center Bridging (DCB) and FCoE on some models enables lossless performance across client, server andstorage networks, including iSCSI and NAS. 10 GbE models that provide the performance equivalent of 8 Gb Fibre Channel withscalability up to 40 GbE. As networks consolidate on to fewer devices, IBMRackSwitch can make it possible for servers and storage to share the samenetwork. Virtual local area networks (LANs) can segregate storage, data and other traffic. DCB features can prioritize andoptimize storage traffic. Virtual link aggregation helps enable sub-second failover for high availability and rapid andpredictable failover. IBMRackSwitchG8052 (1455-48E) ● 48 × 1 GbE RJ45 ports and four standard 10 GbE SFP+ ports are in a 1RU form factor. ● The Rackswitch G8052 provides up to 176 Gbps throughput with latency as low as 1.7 microseconds. ● The solution offers typical power consumption of up to 120 W. IBMRackSwitchG8124E (1455-24E) ● 24 SFP+ ports operate at 10 Gb or 1 GbE speeds in a 1 RU form factor. ● Low latency of 680 nanoseconds and 480 Gbps throughput makes it optimal for high-performance computing(HPC) and other applications that require high bandwidth and low latency. ● The RackSwitch G8124E is equipped with enhanced processing and memory that help improve performance. IBMRackSwitchG8264 (1455-64C) ● 64 × 1/10 Gb SFP+ and future-proofed ports with four 40 Gb QSFP+ ports are in a 1 RU form factor. ● The throughput of 1280 Gbps and latency under 1 microsecond makes the Rackswitch G8264 ideal forapplications requiring high bandwidth and low latency. ● The solution offers typical power consumption of up to 330 W. IBMRackSwitchG8316(G8316R: 8036ARX*,G8316F: 8036AFX*) ● 16 × 40 Gb QSFP+ ports and up to 64 × 10 Gb SFP+ ports form a high-density, 10 Gb cluster in a1 RU form factor. ● The Rackswitch G8316 is optimized for HPC and other applications requiring high bandwidth and low latency. ●  A powerful control plane provides a cost-efficient way to aggregate multiple racks of servers. ●  An ideal aggregation layer switch is used with the 10/40 GbE RackSwitch G8264 at the access layer. IBMSystem Networking Ethernet switch modules for IBMBladeCenter IBMBladeCenter ® Open Fabric includes industry-leading Ethernet switch modules that offer a simple way to manage high-performanceEthernet networking capabilities for BladeCenter systems. Compatible with BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager software, these switchmodules support 1 Gb and 10 Gb Ethernet bandwidth, and also provide high-performance Ethernet capabilities designed to help yourbusiness run better. BNT Virtual Fabric10 Gigabit SwitchModule forIBMBladeCenter(46C7191*) ● Ten 10 Gb uplinks have up to 200 Gbps of bi-directional uplink bandwidth. ● With extremely low oversubscription—capable of supporting even the most performance-intensiveenvironments—the module can use up to four switches and the quad port 10 Gb adapter and get up to1.92 Tbps of data per BladeCenter H chassis. ● BNT Virtual Fabric 10 Gigabit Switch Module supports DCB/Converged Enhanced Ethernet and stacking forclient-server-storage convergence. ● With lower power consumption, the solution uses only 75 W per switch. BNT 1/10 Gigabit UplinkEthernet Switch Modulefor IBMBladeCenter(44W4404*) ● With 6 external 1Gb and 3 external 10Gb ports, this solution is an ideal choice for customers who require1Gb today and 10Gb capability for future growth. ●  Advanced L3 functions, such as OSPF and BGP, allow the switch to integrate seamlessly into a large routednetwork environment. ● The VMready feature makes the BNT 1/10 Gigabit Uplink Etherenet Switch Module virtualization aware. ● The solution can reduce power consumption to as low as 40 W. BNT Layer 2-7 GigabitEthernet Switch Modulefor IBMBladeCenter(32R1859*) ● Four external 10/100/1000 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet ports have RJ-45 connectors. ● The BNT Layer 2-7 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module integrates Layer 2/3 Ethernet connectivity withLayer 4-7 application and server load balancing in a single switch module. ● The solution can provide flexible and simple management via web browser or industry-standard CLI. ● The BNT Layer 2-7 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module can reduce power consumption to as low as 40 W. BNT Layer 2/3 Copperand Fiber GigabitEthernet Switch Modulefor IBMBladeCenter(Copper: 32R1860*,Fiber: 32R1861*) ● The solution contains six external 1 Gb copper ports or 6 external 1Gb fiber ports. ● The BNT Layer 2/3 Copper and Fiber Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module delivers complete Layer 2 and3 functionality with routing, filtering and traffic queuing to better serve the processing demands ofbandwidth -intensive applications. ● It can interoperate seamlessly with other vendors’ upstream switches. ● The solution provides flexible and simple management via web browser or industry-standard CLI. F/W =Fast/Wide, Diff =Differential, N/A =Not Applicable, FC =Fibre Channel,  X =Extended length cartridge, IOE =IBMOnsiteExchange, CRU =Customer Replaceable Unit NOTES1: Max number of cartridges decreases as tape drives are added. 2: Typical compression for open systemenvironments is 2:1 (user results may vary) 4:  Also includes selected IBMxSeries ® , IBMNetfinity ® , IBMSystemi, IBMAS/400 ® and IBMSystemp servers. Systemz support for Linux only 5: Refer to displayesssearchwithoutjs.wss?start_over=yes for current application support 6: In most countries 7: The following vendors provideapplication support to the platforms defined above:  A =IBMTivoli Storage Manager, B =Symantec Veritas NetBackup, C =Symantec Veritas Backup Exec, D =EMC Legato NetWorker, E =CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup, F =HP OpenView Storage Data Protector, G =CommVault Galaxy, H =BakBone NetVault, I =LSC, J =IBMBRMS, K =IBMOnDemand, L =Help/Systems Robot/Save, M =LXI Media Management, N =Dantz.
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