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FORUM BROChURE AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, LOCAL OPPORTUNITY 12 TH ANNUAL SAVE UP TO USD 700 India 2011 1-2 December  JW Marriott, Mumbai by 9 Sept 2011 The compelling Indian PE story: An investors dream? L e a d Pa r t n e r as Ia ser I es Partner Pa r t n e r s k n o w L e d g e Pa r t n e r c o c k ta I L r e c e P t I o n h o s t s h o w c a s e Pa r t n e r s I n v e s t m e n t P r o m ot I o n Pa r t n e r InternatIonaL BusIness newsPaP
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  AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, LOCAL OPPORTUNITY The compelling Indian PE story:An investors dream? India 2011 12 TH ANNUAL 1-2 December  JW Marriott, Mumbai FORUM BROChURE  All information in this brochure is correct at the time of printing. The organiser reserves the right to amend any details. Dated: 3 Aug 2011 PtnssI sIs PtnLd PtnIntntIonL BusInss nwsPPshowcs PtnsInstmnt PomotIon PtnPhILnthoPy PtncocktIL cPtIon hostknowLdg PtnsuPPotIng ognIstIonsmdI Ptn SAVE UP TOUSD 700 by 9 Sept 2011  MD / CFO / CIO /Partner 36% GeneralPartners 49% Chairman / CEO /Managing Partner 12% Other 1% Limited Partners 12% InvestmentBanks 4%  Principal / VP /Associate 33% ProfessionalServices 26%  Corporates 2% Director / GM 18% PlacementAgents 1% Other 6% By type ofcompanyBy title Highlights from last year ã over 300 pariipa r 15  rie a 250 paieã sr LP r air-leai peaerã  rial bareer eie a belleer re ia P ir eare a e  e bie pe  ia r a,e Iia e a bee prpelle b liberaliai pliiea rapi erifai, bi er ea a ell arae vle.Fr iver li  jie p lalre rer i er Pare, Iia’ l-er peial i lear i re exi aree ear expee i 2011, a prli paie are.tere are ill qei ar ever, ver eer e area a le a live p  expeai. l eer relara pliial ri, ae  i ai prie  e par prer, are apei LP’ appeie.te el i i aal erie  il-el r:te AVCJ India Forum aer e p Iia-e privaeeqi a vere apial preial  i e iveeppriie b eiall a ar e rei.t-leai privae eqi  aaer ill r ri ear’ ie a ebae:ã wi er a are i India present strong valuepropositions for PE investments ?ã were  LPs place India on their risk/reward scale parei e re  e rl?ã h a privae eqi fr pii eelve a industryexperts that create value and alpha ?ã wa i e long-term forecast for PE in India and China aii ierai ei abili a ii r?ã wa are e mechanisms for sourcing, executing a closingsecondary private equity transactions ?ã h ere e industry benchmark exits  e la  earre a exee?we l rar  eei all  r l rie aai, a eei l  e e e e rer  mbaii deeber. ThE COMPELLING INDIAN PE STORY:AN INVESTORS DREAM? CONTACT ANIL NAThANI TO BOOk YOUR SEAT NOW!   REISTRATIO EUIRIES:Anil athani t: +852 3411 4938 e: ai@iiiveeia. @: .avjiia.  crprae co  Privae eqi preial  cerial baer  mezzaie plaer  crprae faier  Laer  de iliee prvier  cFo  co  cIo  maai Parer  direr, crprae develpe  cFo WHO SHOULD ATTED:5 REASOS TO ATTED:   Meet eablie a e LP   Discover e lae Iia are evelpe appriie r e leai gP i e rei   Share r ii i r lbal a eipeer a iver   etwork i r peer a re r ebie a   Identify e riial ie a ppriieaei r eii Job functions:  direr  rpraeevelpe  i irae arriera brer  Ivee ba  maaeela  i fr  sr. Ivee ofer  hea  Privae qi  maai direr  srae direr  F maaer Job titles:  SPEAkERS FOR ThE LATEST CONFIRMED SPEAkERS GO TO WWW.AVCJIDIA.COM What delegates say about AVCJ Forums: “ Te conference was a great opportunity to networ wit senior professionals fromte Indian Private Equity community wo were very open in saring teir insigts intis important maret.. ” Micael Queen , cie xeive, 3i Anil Auja Head o Asia 3i sI Ltd SrinivasCidambaram Managing Director and CEO JcoB BLLscPItL IndI PtLtd (JBc) Arcana hingorani Chie ExecutiveOfcer & ExecutiveDirector  IL&Fs Instmntmngs LImItd LIMITED PARTNERS Patricia M. Dinneen Managing Director  sIguL guFF &comPny LLc Pavan Gupte Head o Asia hms gP Praneet Garg Principal sI LtntIs Niunj Jinsi Head & Chie InvestmentOfcer, ClimateBusiness Group - CleanTechnology Investments IntntIonLFInnc coPotIon Pinal Nicum Partner  dms sttPtns SENIOR INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS Sanar Narayanan Managing Director  th cLyLgouP Anuba Srivastava Managing Director, Asia cdc gouP PLc Sebastiaan van denBerg Managing Director  hBoustPtns (sI)LImItd Lacmi-NiwasSadani Managing Director &CIO - NIIM nomu gouP Bruno Rascle Executive Chairman dQmngmnt g Niil Rajpal Partner  st gouP David G Pierce Chie ExecutiveOfcer  sQudoncPItL William Owens  Asia Chairman  Instos(sI) Ltd Muund Rajan Managing Partner,Private Equity  tt oPPotunItIsFund Punit Sa Executive Director- Tax & Regulatory Services kPmg IndI PItLImItd Sunis Sarma Managing Director  gnL tLntIc kEYNOTES  Tursday, 1 December 2011 08:00Registration and refresments08:50Welcome address09:00Opening eynote address 09:30how can private equity rms position temselves as industry experts tat create value and alpa? It is safe to say that private equity is now an integral feature of India’s business landscape. But while PE funds want to double the capitalearmarked for investments in India, LPs are becoming more discerning about whom they invest with, especially as there is an estimated$20bn in funds that are yet to deploy. The key for PE funds is differentiation through a track record of value creation and an investmentphilosophy grounded in clear investment themes or focused on specic sectors. It is also imperative for fund managers to deepen theirrelationships with promoters and other intermediaries to ensure that they will be the partner of choice in the most attractive deals, well beforeinitial term sheets are drafted. Firms that bring operational expertise to the table will enjoy a clear competitive edge and by being activelyinvolved in the operations of their portfolio companies, they strengthen corporate governance, bring rigor to business systems and processes,assist in raising new rounds of capital, provide access to their business networks and help ll critical management roles.ã PE talks about creating value and alpha but how do you go beyond words and actually deliver?ã Do you need to be sector specic and tailor your expertise to this industry to truly control an investment?ã How do you build a portfolio of companies that complement each other and can assist in collective growth?ã Does prot growth or multiple expansions drive value creation? 10:30Networing coffee brea11:00Te growing trend of te Independent Indian fund manager Fund managers turning into entrepreneurs and oating their own funds has become a trend in India, creating a second layer in the PEindustry. The rst layer is comprised of the foreign and domestic PE funds that already exist in the Indian market. Have newly launchedfunds—that can capitalise on their local market knowledge and strong networks—been successful in their fundraising efforts? Has theemergence of domestic spin-off funds fuelled competition among PE rms and driven up valuations? Veterans of the Indian PE market whohave started their own funds will discuss the following points:ã What are the differentiators that set the independent domestic funds apart from the established funds?ã Who are the LPs that are opting to invest in these maiden funds?ã When is being a domestic fund an advantage: at the deal table or at the exit?ã What has been the main driver for fund managers to become entrepreneurs and oat their own funds in India?ã How can independent funds with a handful of players compete with the major rms that have a global presence and a wide range of in-house resources? 12:00Investing in ealtcare and education Healthcare as a viable PE option is gaining momentum as rms begin to understand the potential in seeing healthcare as a long-terminvestment. Firms are looking at greeneld as well as browneld (existing facilities) expansions in the region with tremendous scope for worldclass tertiary and secondary care facilities in smaller cities. Education is also an attractive asset class for LPs as there is less correlation withthe broad economic trend line and India seems an ideal market because of demographics (young population) and an economy focused onservices (instead of industrial production like China).ã How can PE make a return when private investment in the education sector is seen traditionally in the form of not-for-prot trusts?ã What business models exist that make healthcare protable, despite costly doctors and limited health insurance? 12:45keynote address13:15Networing lunc14:15Te riss and returns of real estate The real estate (RE) market in India, particularly the residential segment, has been on a roller coaster ride for the last several years. Afterinitially peaking in late 2007, in early 2008 it witnessed a signicant correction, from which it recovered by 2010. The opportunity for big wins isevident as it is estimated there will be a demand for at least 30m homes by 2012 to meet the existing housing need and RE rms are turningto PE for investment to pay for land, construction and pre-development of projects, now that most banks have shut their doors on this sector.But PE players have expressed concern about difculties in exits and governance issues in investee companies. Are RE investments too riskyor is the sheer scope of the opportunity too good to miss?ã What are the drivers that make PE attractive to RE and are they sustainable?ã Can India’s middle-class wallets match their desire for new homes and in turn the supply that the RE sector is seeking to provide?ã What is the correct way to govern an RE project and how do you safeguard against the potential issues that can cause delays and budgetblowouts?ã What are the dynamics driving the development of business parks and built communities?ã How much interest do overseas LPs have in Indian real estate? 15:00India vs. Cina: how Asia’s giants square up At a time when Dodd-Frank is raising the compliance burden for operating funds in the US, and the Alternative Investment Fund ManagersDirective (AIFMD) attempts to create a “Fortress Europe” from which non-EU funds will be excluded, the already appealing India and China PElandscape will only continue to attract more overseas interest. As the two biggest components of growth in Asia today, how do China and Indiacompare side-by-side and what are the similarities and differences between Asia’s billion-plus-consumer markets? Experienced PE investorswill discuss the following issues specic to China and India.ã What are the typical multiples across sectors and the growth expectations underlying them?ã To what extent is the central government of each country controlling growth? What sectors are favoured for foreign investment?ã What are the risks and benets of dealing with regional governments?ã What effect do policies that direct money to the lower-income segments of society have, and what goods and services will these newlyenfranchised consumers demand?ã How have regulatory and legal developments made the US and Europe unappealling and to what extent will PE in Asia benet?ã What is the long-term forecast for PE in China and India taking into consideration economic stability and continuing growth? 15:45Networing coffee brea PROGRAMME
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