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Reading/Writing 103- Beginning Internexus, Fall 2016 Instructor: Sarah Miner Class Time: 10:10-11:30 am A. Course Goals and Objectives This course is designed to improve your English reading and writing skills. Students will read one novel at the beginning level and learn how to organize events in narrative writing. Stud
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   eading/Writing 103- Beginning Internexus, Fall 2016Instructor: Sarah iner !lass i#e: 10:10-11:30 a# $% !ourse &oals and '()ecti*es his course is designed to i#+ro*e our nglish reading and .riting s/ills% Students .ill read one no*el at the (eginning le*el and learn ho. to organie e*ents in narrati*e .riting% Students .ill +ractice identiing sensor and e#otional details, learn ho. to use si#+le +ast and +ast +rogressi*e to descri(e e*ents in the +ast% Students .ill+ractice .riting an outline or narrati*e +aragra+hs, deter#ine the audience and +ur+ose and (rainstor# ideas and s+eciic *oca(ular in their .riting% Students .ill .rite in the )ournal in the classroo# e*er da 10-1 #ins4% 5o#e.or/ .ill (e assigned and chec/ed e*er da% B% Student 6earning 'utco#es B the end o this course, students .ill (e a(le to successull .rite a narrati*e +aragra+h, -7 sentences long .ith at least 708 gra##atical accurac% Students .ill (e a(le to use sensor and e#otional details in a narrati*e +aragra+h, successull su##arie a chain o e*ents9 de*elo+, ex+ress and su++ort o.n ideas% he .ill (e a(le successull identi then use si#+le +ast and +ast +rogressi*e res+ecti*el% Students .ill (e a(le to +eer edit and identi structural +arts o a narrati*e +aragra+h% Students .ill (e a(le to successull (rainstor#, outline and.rite a narrati*e +aragra+h in 2 #inutes% Students .ill also acuire ne. *oca(ular ( reading a no*el ;00 head.ords4 at the a++ro+riate le*el% hese s/ills .ill (e #easured ( su(#itting dail ho#e.or/ assign#ents, acti*e+artici+ation in classroo# acti*ities, )ournal .riting and ( successull +assing at least 3 uies and the  $chie*e#ent est% !% exts and e:uired Su++lies 1% ecti*e $cade#ic Writing 1, ( Sa*age, $lice2% o# Sa.er, <earson &raded Reader 3% =ote(oo/ to (e used or our >ournal su++lied ( school4;% =ote(oo/ or notes and class.or/ ?% &rading <lan @our inal grade .ill (e deter#ined ( the  <rogress1082% $chie*e#ent est3083% !lass.or/608Auies 608 3 uies45o#e.or/ 18<artici+ation 108>ournal ntries18 1 entr +er da4 % $ttendance  @our attendance in this class is #andator% his is a course or .hich ou need to (e +resent in order to learn% $(sences or .hich a #edical or court excuse is +ro*ided .ill (e excused and .ill not actor into our attendance +ercentage% nless there is a #edical or court excuse, students are not allo.ed to #a/e u+ an uies%  $n, signiicant tard, or earl, de+arture ro# class 213C#inutes4 .ill (e considered an a(sence% hree tardies e:ual one a(sence%  $t 3 das or #ore a(sences, school ad#inistration .ill (e notiied ( the teachers%  F% !lassroo# ules o !onduct  1% =o +hones or other electronics are allo.ed to (e used during class or anthing other than class.or/ +ur+oses using the dictionar, research, etc%4% 2% =o language other than nglish is allo.ed to (e s+o/en once ou .al/ through the door% his is rude to theother students, the teacher, and .ill not hel+ ou ad*ance our nglish s/ills% 3% !lass ti#e is ex+ected to (e s+ent on class .or/% &% 'ice 5ours  ach teacher is a*aila(le t.o hours a .ee/ to hel+ ou% @ou #a sign u+ or a ti#e slot on the designated das, .hich is +osted on the (ulletin (oard in our classroo#% Beore each assign#ent is due, it is strongl suggested that ou ta/e ad*antage o these oice hours in order to get hel+ .ith our .or/%  Schedule ='D6 : o# Sa.er  E : ecti*e $cade#ic Writing 1, nit  Wee 1  6earn to identi sensor and e#otional details%   Introduction% Re*ie. o Slla(us% he =o*el% $cti*ities (eore reading% W =arrati*e <aragra+hs: <art 1% Sti#ulating Ideas% hin/ing a(out the o+ic%  h =arrati*e <aragra+hs% he Sna/e-an% Wor/ing on Words%Stor1  Wee 2  <ractice using +ast tense, nderstanding audience% Brainstor#ing%  =arrati*e <aragra+hs% nderstanding the text% Res+onding to the text% =arrati*e <aragra+hs% Writing a <aragra+h% Aui% Stor 1% W =arrati*e <aragra+h% 'rganiing our ideas% Brainstor#ing Ideas%  h =arrati*e <aragra+h% Brainstor#ing Doca(ular%Stor%2% Word Wor/% Wee 3  6earn to Write an 'utline   =arrati*e <aragra+hs% he Best 5a#(urger o  ie% $naling the <aragra+h% Stor 2 =arrati*e <aragra+hs% Writing an 'utline% Stor 3 W =arrati*e <aragra+hs% So#ething Wild% ?e*elo+ing our ideas% Aui% Stor 3  h =arrati*e <aragra+hs% Rhetorical Focus% Identiing e#otional details% Wee ;  <eer diting, Be a(le to su##arie a chain o e*ents%   =arrati*e <aragra+hs% anguage Focus% Stor ;% Word .or/% =arrati*e <aragra+hs% Identiing 'rder o *ents% Writing the First ?rat% Stor ; W =arrati*e <aragra+hs% diting a +aragra+h% anguage ocus: sing <ast Si#+le% Stor % Reading !hec/  h =arrati*e <aragra+hs% anguage Focus: sing the <ast !ontinuous% Wee    <racticing a =arrati*e +aragra+h% Stor% Word Wor/%  Su##ar o the Doca(ular% Stor  W <re+aration or the test% Aui%   h Reading and Writing $chie*e#ent est
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