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This week's environmental awareness themed issue of the Interrobang features a look at green initiatives on campus. Plus more Fleming Drive coverage, and a review of The Hunger Games.
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   Volume 44 Issue No. 27 April 2, 2012  Some students still don’t get it 3Can you solve the Guidestones  mystery? 7 Go green 12-16  NEWS 2  Volume 44 Issue No. 27 April 2, 2012  Alex Ranchod is in his secondyear of the HospitalityManagement program. “Havinggrown up in the suburbs of Toronto, I am someone that is tobe reckoned with,” saidRanchod. “I have a ton of ambi-tion. I can be a hard workerwhen I choose to be, but I stillknow how to have fun. I enjoystaying active, chilling withfriends and being the best I canbe. I don’t judge anyone unless Iknow who they are personally.” 1. Why are you here? To do the best I can and graduatewithin the time that’s been given. 2. What was your life-changingmoment? Hiking through the Rockies andreaching the pinnacle of the moun-tains in the sky. 3. What music are you currentlylistening to? Rusko’s “Somebody To Love.” 4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? My grandfather: “Never forgetwhere you are.” 5. Who is your role model? My dad, Dino Ranchod. 6. Where in the world have youtravelled? Florida and the Rockies. 7. What was your first job? At Za-Neo Inc. selling fine leather goods and accessories in a high-end retail environment in down-town Toronto. 8. What would your last mealbe? A massive steak and cheese sand-wich with Caesar salad and pou-tine on the side. 9. What makes you uneasy? Walking in somewhere and every-one is staring at you. 10. What is your passion? Travelling and being adventurousall while meeting cool, fascinating people.  Do you want Fanshawe to know 10Things About You? Just head onover to and click on the 10 Things I Know About You link at the top. 10 Things I Know About You... Ranchod’s a mountain man CREDIT: SUBMITTED Alex Ranchod, left, hiking through the Rockies. CREDIT: ERIKA FAUST (From left) Christine El-Helou, Youssef Meddoui, Haley Wiltshire and Beth Jackson are members of the ProjectFanshawe group, which aims to help rebuild Fleming Drive after the March 17 riot. They held a bake sale onMarch 27 to raise money for the neighbourhood. On March 24 they held a bottle drive and raised $342.42 fortheir cause. QUESTION OF THE WEEK Sarah Van DeVooren “YES! I’m the queenof recycling! I’m theEnvironmental ProgramCoordinator for Fanshawe!” Steven Corsaut “Yeah, I care. I recycle athome.” Rob Catherwood “Yes, I suppose I care asmuch as the average guy.” Derek Gillingham “Yes I do. I try to recycle asmuch as possible.” Nick Davenport “Of course! I recycle athome.” Wei Xiao “Yes, I care about recycling.I always recycle at home.” DO YOUCARE ABOUTRECYCLING? APRIL EVENTS TUES. 04-03 FREE COMEDY NOONER Forwell Hall – NOON CAMPUS CLEAN UP Oasis - 5:00PMHelp to clean up our campusand be rewarded with a FREEpizza dinner! WED. 04-04 INTERNATIONALSTUDENTS - INTERVIEWSKILLS 10:00 - 11:30AM  LET’S MAKE A DEAL! ENVIRONMENT EDITION Forwell Hall – NOON FREE COMEDY NIGHT Out Back Shack – 9:00PM FIRST RUN FILM WRATH OF THE TITANSRainbow Cinemas$3.50 STUDENTS | $5 GUESTS THURS. 04-05 FREE MUSIC NOONER Forwell Hall – NOON RESUMES AND COVERLETTERS WORKSHOP 2:30 - 4:00PM  YEAR END PUB Forwell Hall - 9:30PM$3 ADV. | $4 DOORS FRI. 04-06 COLLEGE CLOSED FORGOOD FRIDAY!     E    N    V    I    R    O    N    M    E    N    T    A    L    W    E    E    K   -    G    E    T    C    A    U    G    H    T    R    E    C    Y    C    L    I    N    G TICKETS AVAILABLE IN ADVANCE AT THE BIZ BOOTH APRIL 2-6 GET CAUGHT RECYCLING Get caught recycling oncampus during EnvironmentalAwareness Week and youwill have a chance to win abrand new bike! The more you recycle, the more times you’re caught, the betterchance you have at the bike!   K IOSK  QUI Z   HOW  C  A N Y OU GET  SHOP P ING DISC OUNT S W HEN Y OU GR  A DU A T E? Dr op by  t he W elc ome K iosk w it h y our  answ er . Fiv e w inner sw illbe selec t ed f r om c or r ec t  ent r ies and w e’llnot if y  w inner s by email.T heW elc ome K iosk (bet w een t he Bookst or e andt he Libr ar y ) is open all y ear  bet w een 8am and 4pm, Monday  t o Fr iday . P R IZ ES SP ONSOR ED BY  CHA R T W ELLS    NEWS 3  Volume 44 Issue No. 27 April 2, 2012  Depending on who you ask, theFleming Drive riot on St. Patrick’sDay is a source of shame or asource of entertainment. Though itseems the majority of Fanshawe’sstaff and students have expresseddisgust with the incident, others areseeing it as no big deal, as evi-denced by the 67-plus ProvincialOffence Notices handed out byLondon Police Services in theFleming area since March 17. ThePONs were issued for everythingfrom liquor law violations to trafficinfractions to a “set unauthorizedopen air burning” violation for aresident who had a bonfire in hisdriveway.“Number-wise, when you look at the number of charges, youwould think that people are justkind of brushing it off,” said Const.Dennis Rivest, CorporateCommunications and PublicRelations Officer for the LondonPolice Service. “(Police Chief BradDuncan) actually went on to sayhow disappointed he was that the behaviours continue despite(police) being out there, having our command vehicle out there and our officers on the ground and our offi-cers charging people, writing tick-ets, and yet people are still outdrinking, the one person (had) a bonfire in their driveway, all sortsof different issues. It is rather dis-appointing to see this behaviour isstill continuing.”Emily Marcoccia, Director of Marketing and CorporateCommunications at FanshaweCollege, said she felt the vastmajority of Fanshawe studentsunderstood the seriousness of thesituation. “One of the things thatwe need to remember is that thereare 17,000 Fanshawe students inthe community. So, a general ques-tion, ‘Are students getting it?’ Yes.The vast majority of our studentshave not done anything inappropri-ate in the community, and in factthe opposite is true; we have suchan overwhelming number of stu-dents that are contributing in a pos-itive way through their volunteer work and other work in the com-munity.”“Have there been some peoplewho don’t seem to get the messagein the Fleming area? Absolutely,yes,” she continued. “For the police to have to issue another 67 provincial offense notices since(March 17) is 67 too many.”According to Rivest, police aregoing to continue to remain strictand hand out tickets in the area.“It’s going to continue … as longas it takes … We’re going to take azero-tolerance approach, strictenforcement, and if you are com-mitting an offence, you will becharged accordingly,” he said. “If it’s an offence, you can probablyguarantee you’ll get a ticket – atleast a ticket, if not arrested andcharged criminally.”Despite the serious conse-quences that have come since theriot, some people are findinghumour in what happened. “Iwould consider myself ‘TeamFunny’ in terms of the jokes aboutthe Fleming riot, but like everyother joke there is a time and a place for it,” said Jes Clarke-Madamba, a student in Fanshawe’sAdvanced Filmmaking program.“The odd joke I hear from astranger I find pretty funny and jokes between Fanshawe studentsare a true riot. It’s honestly a joke.The whole thing is a joke.”Some people are taking the jokesone step further. An image of ashirt that proclaims, “I survived theFleming Drive riot FunshaweCollege 2012” has been circulatingaround social media, with someindividuals saying they will createthe shirt for a fee.“I think it’s very, very, veryunfortunate and frankly disgustingthat some individuals want to make jokes or money on the backs of our good students and their creden-tials,” said Marcoccia. “To contin-ue to make light of or profit fromthis incident is continuing to deval-ue the reputation of the majority of our students.”“How dare you use our studentsas a way to profit and then tell oth-ers, as we’ve read, that it’s ‘just for fun,’” she continued. “It’s not ‘justfor fun’ for the students who arelooking for future employment … Ireally wish students would standup and take back their rights to nothave to let others make fun of or  personally profit by individualslike that.”According to John DuGray,another AFM student at Fanshawe,the jokes are to be somewhatexpected. “Travelling to other cities recently representingFanshawe, as well as having guestspeakers from other cities visit, hasled to some light-hearted teasingabout the Fleming riot. It is to beexpected, though, as it has becomean international news story. Ihaven’t felt judged or discriminat-ed against because of it, but it is aneasy punchline at the moment.”Some people have made com-ments on social media about howfun the riot was or how it’s not a big deal, such as Twitter postsfrom @gloriaristocrat: “Peopleneed to calm down about whathappened at Fleming Drive last-night- personally I thought it wasfun and wild! #partyon” (March18) and @xtinacolakovic: “brokennecks, Swat on our lawn, cars onfire, keg stands on the roof, beer allll day. I can easily say yesterdaywas the best day of my life”(March 18).“I don’t think (the riot is) any-thing that one should walk around being proud of,” said Rivest. “It’scertainly an embarrassment to that particular area and to the city aswell. I think that when we look atthe idea that we’re supposed to beadults that are living in that area,then maybe we need to start show-ing a little bit more respect. Therules are in place for people’s safe-ty and for people’s enjoyment, andas I said earlier, we will continue tocharge as necessary.”“I believe the zero-toleranceapproach is absolutely correct andI believe it will deter some behav-iours on the short term,” saidMarcoccia, “but the Collegeremains very concerned that longer term solutions need to be found for the Fleming area.” Showcasing studentinnovation ERIKA FAUST INTERROBANG On April 4, Fanshawe College isholding its first annual StudentResearch and Innovation Day(SRID). The event brings together some of Fanshawe’s most innova-tive students in a friendly competi-tion with some great prizes.Danielle Phillips, a CorporateCommunications and PublicRelations student completing her  placement with the department of Applied Research and Innovationat Fanshawe said she is reallyexcited to see the event cometogether. “(Students) are going toset up their research and innovative projects that they’ve been workingon in school. It’s kinda like a sci-ence fair, but when I think of a sci-ence fair it’s mostly science andtechnology, but this is also arts andhumanities, business, health sci-ences and human services, too,”she said.The event starts at 1 p.m. withkeynote speaker Wesley From,Vice President of Engineering atTrojan Technology, in roomT1003. From there, projects will be presented in the Colvin Atrium inB building from 2:30 p.m. until4:30 p.m., at which point theawards will be presented. Projectsare being evaluated based on for-mat layout, logic of presentationand the presenters’ ability toanswer questions about their work.The event features 25 projectscompleted by students in five cate-gories: Arts/Humanities, Mediaand Design, Business, HealthSciences/Human Services andScience/Technology. Within eachof those five categories there will be three prizewinners. “The first place prize is $1,000, second is$500, third is $300 and then every- body gets $100 for participating,”said Phillips.“I think it’s going to be reallygood. They haven’t had anythinglike it at Fanshawe before,” saidPhillips. “We were hoping for 25submissions, five in each category.We had over 45 submissions,” sheadded, highlighting the success theevent has already had. Studententries included capstone projects,team projects, degree assignmentsand course assignments. A selec-tion committee then met to deter-mine which entries would beincluded in the event.Phillips thinks that, given thenumber of students who wereinterested this year, the StudentResearch and Innovation Day willsuccessfully continue every year.For more information aboutSRID, visit or their Facebook page KIRSTEN ROSENKRANTZ INTERROBANG CREDIT: CITYMOM.CA Social media played a huge role in the March 17 Fleming Drive riot.People have been using Facebook and Twitter to make jokes about whathappened, and police are using the same sites to track down suspects. Some students still not getting it  NEWS 4  Volume 44 Issue No. 27 April 2, 2012  A new study being conducted byOntario Health is asking Ontariansto help in the research effort toidentify contributing factors andultimately find treatments and pre-ventions for diseases such as can-cer, diabetes, heart disease, asthmaand Alzheimer’s.The Ontario Health Study(OHS) is an online survey that isopen to all Ontario citizens over the age of 18. It takes roughly half an hour to complete and asks par-ticipants questions regarding thestatus of their own health, familymedical history and variouslifestyle factors.Issues surrounding privacy have been taken into consideration bythe OHS, so you need not fear your medical information becoming public knowledge. The OHS hasimplemented various strategies to protect the privacy of participantsas, according to the website, thestudy has taken measures toensure, “information is stored withall identifying informationremoved, all information is pass-word-protected and encrypted andaccess is kept to a minimum.”As of mid-March, of the 9.5 mil-lion citizens who are eligible to participate in the study, 175,000had done so, with 7,700 of those participants hailing from London.The OHS aims to have one million participants by the conclusion of the study, which as of yet has noend date, and has plans to roll out anew recruitment initiative later thisspring.The OHS is a not-for-profitstudy that receives funding fromthe Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Cancer Care Ontario,Public Health Ontario and theCanadian Partnership AgainstCancer. The OHS is just one com- ponent of the nationwide CanadianPartnership for Tomorrow Project,which is gathering similar studiesfrom five regions around the coun-try in a larger research initiativesurrounding the diseases focusedon in the OHS.For more information on theOHS, or to sign up and participatein the study, visit ALISON MCGEE INTERROBANG The Library and Media Services onFanshawe’s London campus will onceagain offer 24/7 access during examweek.The 24/7 Library access begins at 8a.m. on April 9 and runs until 4:15 p.m.on April 20. These extended hours willalso include access to the print collec-tions and photocopiers. Use your Fanshawe student ID to get in.Please note that the Library StudentResearch Lab hours won’t change, because it’s already open 24/7.So head to the library and shhhh! Getstudying! Ontario HealthSurvey aims toanswer big questions HANNAH LECTER INTERROBANG Proposed changes to the publicnuisance bylaw will be presentedto City Council by mid-April, but before that happens, the city isoffering local residents the chanceto voice their opinions.A public safety meeting will beheld April 2 at 6 p.m. at theLondon Convention Centre (300York St.) and students and resi-dents will be able to voice their concerns to council members.“We want to hear from the com-munity – from the residents, thestudents’ council and so on – ontheir experience and what was of concern, and any ideas or sugges-tions the public has to improve thesituation are welcome,” saidCouncilor Joe Swan, whose wardincludes Fleming Drive. Themeeting will also include a statusreport from police and emergency personnel regarding what hap- pened at the riot and the sugges-tions they have to help ensure pub-lic safety.A “nuisance party” is defined inthe proposed bylaw as a socialgathering on public or private property that includes disorderlyconduct; public drunkenness or intoxication; damage to public or  private property; obstructing theflow of traffic; unreasonable noise(such as loud music, talking or singing); unlawful burning or fire-works; public disturbances (suchas fights or threats); outdoor pub-lic urination or defecation; andother conduct that could constitutea public nuisance.The proposed amendment to thenuisance bylaw would enable police officers to disband any par-ties that are getting out of hand,removing everyone from the premises of the party except for those who permanently residethere. The bylaw aims to give police officers greater proactivecontrol in stopping “unlawfulgatherings” before they begin.Penalties for breaking the bylawinclude convictions or a maximumfine of $10,000.Fanshawe students had mixedreactions to the proposed change.“I think it’s a really good idea,”said Stephanie Reimer, a first-year Business student. “Some partiescan get way out of control reallyquickly and I think if the copscould step in and shut them down before they got to that point, itwould save a lot of trouble.”Chris Schwartzer, a second-year General Arts and Science student,disagreed. “I think people are real-ly overreacting to this wholeFleming thing. I don’t want thecops to be able to come into my party and kick everyone out just because they think it might getcrazy at some point. It seems like aviolation to me and it’s like theydon’t trust students to throw par-ties without them turning intoriots.”Though the proposed changecame about due to the Flemingriot, Swan explained that the bylaw aims to control other “hotspots” in the community, suchas downtown, Western Road andSarnia Road. “It really is helpingthe city come to terms with largegatherings of people in whichthere’s unregulated use of alcoholand when it moves into an unsafeenvironment … It’s not justFanshawe – although that is the primary hotspot we have to dealwith – this law has to apply fairlyacross the community.”Some people see the proposed bylaw as being in conflict with the potential changes to the concert bylaw – currently concerts can beno louder than 90 decibels andmust shut down by 11 p.m.; citycouncil is looking into allowingconcerts to run louder and longer –  but Swan said he thinks both bylaws could be a positive part of the solution. “Having a concertformat on days like St. Patrick’s, itgives people a place to go. It canhave a really good vibe and a good party atmosphere in a safe andcontrolled environment … I think (the two bylaws) need to be mutu-ally supportive.”The proposed changes to the bylaw will presented to theLondon City Council on April 11and, if approved, are set to takeeffect the following day. “That’sthe timeline proposed, but if goodsuggestions come forward or things need to be worked on, we’lltake the time to get it right,” saidSwan.‘To read the proposed publicnuisance bylaw for yourself, go Open meeting to discuss public safety April 2 ALISON MCGEE AND ERIKA FAUST INTERROBANG  Yo u r   i n t e r i o r  d e s i g  n  d i p l o m a co u ld g  i ve  yo u  t  he  V I P  s t  a t  u s  yo u  need  t o  t  r a n s fe r  s t  r a ig  h t   i n t o  ye a r  t  wo o r  t  h ree o f  a  H u m be r deg  ree  p rog  r a m : B ac he lo r o f A p p l ied A r t  s  I n t e r i o r  D e s i g  n  I T ’ S  L I K  E F I N D I N G  Y O U R  F E N G - S H U I  Find out if you are eligible.          h      t      t    p    :       /       /     w     w     w .       l    a     w .    u     w    o .    c    a       /    c       l    s       / FREE LEGAL SERVICES TO ALL FULL-TIME FANSHAWE STUDENTS COURTESY OF THE FANSHAWE STUDENT UNION (519) 661-3352 Call for appointment. Check the FSU office (SC2001) for details.          h      t      t    p    :       /       /     w     w     w .       l    a     w .    u     w    o .    c    a       /    c       l    s       / ATESY OF THE FCOUR ANFULL-TIME F   Check the FSU (519) 661 WE STUDENT UNIOSHA WE STUDENTHA   ffice (SC2001) for details. Call for appointmen -3352 t.   Library offers 24/7 access during exam season
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