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  QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTEDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION AND PLANNING (EDU 571)TERM PAPER SUBMITTED BY:1.Jsas! #$a$s%%$$&%s&1''51*5*+.Js,--s&%/-a$&%s-a&s$asa1''*55*.E,%$-0a,&s&%$s$&s%%s%$1''*++'*'.,$2$&aGS-$&a%SG3/-a$Ssss!/s1'*75'*5.Jsas! #$a$s%%$$&%s&1''51*5**.Js,--s&%/-a$&%s-a&s$asa1''*55*7.E,%$-0a,&s&%$s$&s%%s%$1''*++'*4.,$2$&aGS-$&a%SG3/-a$Ssss!/s1'*75'*.Jsas! #$a$s%%$$&%s&1''51*5*16.Js,--s&%/-a$&%s-a&s$asa1''*55*DEPARTMENT O VOCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONBUSINESS EDUCATION (ACCOUNTING)APRIL8 +614  INTRODUCTION The demand for higher education has, therefore, become imperative and is rapidlyincreasing geometrically (Fabiyi and Oladipo, 2008). The global perceptionagrees that for economic and social development to be derived effectively, there isa need for advancement in, and application of no!ledge. The orld#an$%&'F (*++) reported that education in general, and university educationin particular, is fundamental to the construction of the no!ledge economy andsociety in all nations. The report also identified the fact that the potential of higher education systems in developing countries to fulfil this responsibility is fre-uentlyth!arted by long standing problems of finance, efficiency, e-uity, -uality andgovernance. These challenges are lined to the gro!ing role of no!ledge ineconomic development, rapid changes in telecommunications and technology andthe globalisation of trade and labour marets (aint, /artnett and trassner, 200)./igher education also referred to as post1secondary or tertiary education is theeducation given after secondary education in colleges of education, monotechnics, polytechnics and universities and those institutions offering correspondencecourses (Federal inistry of ducation 200340). 5efining higher education interms of the levels and functions of the educational e6perience offered, #ernett(*++7) sees higher educational institutions as uni-ue institutions !hich isdifferentiated from others in terms of research and its managers are designated asrovost, 9ector, and :ice1 chancellor. QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION ;uality in higher education refers to the !orth of the inputs into higher educationsystems, lecturers, instructional facilities and evaluation procedures !hichtranslates to the outputs. a<asan, (*++8) maintained that -uality education isvalue1loaded arguing that -uality education should produce disciplined behaviour,  hard !or, improved cultural heritage and mutual respect !ithin and outside theschool community. 'f a society e6pects -uality manpo!er for rapid developmentand transformation, -uality education is a must do affair (a<asan, *++8). This hecontinued is because -uality education is e6pected to address critical issues liethe dignity of labour, -uality leadership and committed citi=enship, industrialharmony, political stability, religious tolerance, self1reliance and security. ;ualityhigher education entails that the products of institutions of higher educationshould be able to perform according to e6pected standard and compete favourably!ith their peers in other countries of the !orld. ;uality education is the educationthat produces a complete person. omplete in the sense that the person isintellectually, morally, physically, emotionally and socially developed. /ence>inpelu, (2000) argued that education !ithout -uality can even be moredangerous than no education, stressing that !ithout -uality, education has novalue. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT reviously, the attention !as basically on the concept ?5evelopment@. /o!ever,the #runtland ommission shifted the attention by reshaping and modifying theconcept to ?ustainable 5evelopment.@ The most interesting aspect of sustainabledevelopment is the fact that it puts in to consideration the present conditions of  people as !ell as not compromising those that come later. Therefore, the conceptof sustainable national 5evelopment remains the modern parameter of measuringdevelopment. The #runtland ommission, (*+87) defined sustainable5evelopment as ?the development that meets the needs of the present !ithoutcompromising the ability of the future generations to meet their o!n needs.@'n another definition by unasinghe (200), sustainable national 5evelopment isa process of improving the range of opportunities that !ill enable individual  humans and communities to achieve their aspirations and full potential over asustained period of time !hile maintaining the resilience of economic, social andenvironmental systems.>ge (200A38A), identified some ob<ectives !hich sustainable nationaldevelopment is e6pected to reali=e3 increase capital income and employment, promoting human !elfare satisfying basic needsB protecting the environment.onsidering the path of future generation, achieving e-uity bet!een rich and poor and participation on a broad basis in development and decision maing isimportant.From the above definitions, there are common phenomenon !hich they allsharedB that is prioriti=ing the development of the present generation !ithoutcompromising the future generation. QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT /aving stated above, the various definitions of -uality higher education andsustainable development, it is imperative to e6amine the relationship bet!een thet!o concepts. 'n all nations, &igeria inclusive, education remains the instrumentfor effective national development. 5evelopment is championed througheducation, !hich is often assumed to have significant influence. ducation entailsthe enlightenment of people in their !ays of pursuit in life. 5evelopment isassociated !ith a positive change in the condition of either individual groups,communities or even a country as a !hole (%moh, 200A322).ducation and sustainable national development are inter!oven, intert!ined, andinterconnected. hile on the one hand, development is geared to!ards producingor creating something ne! or more advanced for the society and its members. Onthe other hand, education is a tool !hich can enhance the desired sustainable
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