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JAPANUSE C U - I S I N E 1 - I . SPECIAL SEASlINGREDIENTS USED IN JAPANESE COOKING 1 Pork a d light Soy Swce W y u ) Soy sauce i s brewed from soy beons, wheat, rice, and other ingredients. Dark soy sauce is the most common kind; light-colored soy sauce contains fructose, and i s often used in light-colored dishes. PoaM Dashi base comes in either powdered or liquid form, and in bonito, kelp, and small dried fish flavors. Use doshi as stock in cooking. 3 Mlrln Mirin is o transparent, sweet co
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  JAPANUSE CUISINE I 1. -  SPECIAL SEASl- INGREDIENTS USED IN JAPANESE COOKING 1 Pork ad ight Soy Swce Wyu) Soy sauce is brewedfrom soy beons, wheat,rice,andotheringredients.Dark soy sauce is the most common kind;light-colored soy sauce contains fructose, and is often used inlight-coloreddishes. P PoaM Dashi base comes ineitherpowderedor liquid form, and inbonito,kelp, and small driedfishflavors.Use doshi asstock in cooking. 3 Mlrln Mirin is o transparent,sweetcooking wine made from glcitinousrice,frequently used in Japanese cooking. 1 CI~& UVQ~ FwI~--''-; This condiment,containingsesameweds,finelycrushedpurplelaver (nor$ and bits of driedbonitofillet,comesinmany differenttypes, and is usually mixed into riceor ud in making sushi. Use the type youprefer. 5 Mk0 Bean P1 Miso is made of soy beans, rice,wheat, and other ingredients.It comes in regular and low-salttypes. 6 This is ayellow,piquant paste made frommustardseedpowder. 7 Wmbl (JQP~~ oroetadW Japanesehorseradishroot is first groundinto a powder,then made into a green,piquantpaste. 8 8gven-FkvwSeaming CjhIchlrnl--a- fwm Thisseasoning is made from toasted white radishsprouts, Szechuan peppercorns,fennel,pepperleaf, sesame seed, chilipepper,andpepper.  Doshi stock plays an important role inJapanese cooking. The freshnass and tastiness of a dish often depend to a great extent on the quality of the dashi used. Presented below are methods for making the two different kindsof dashi: 213 to 1 oz. (20-30 g) orlea~onitohavings (katsuobushi; illus. 1) - c. water 1 strip (4 or 10 cm) dried kelpseaweed (kombu; illus. 2) F- - - - - - Rubthekelp clean with a cloth,thenspreadopen. Make a series of cutsin the kelp crosswise at 112 (1 cm) intervals; donot,however, cut all the way through. These cuts allowthekelp to release more of itsflavorintothe stock whilecooking;and leavingthekelp inonepiece makes it easy toremove. Add the 5 cups of water to apottogetherwiththekelp.Beforethecenterbeginsto boil, remove the kelp and continue to boil.Add the bonito shavings and turn off the heat immediately. After the bonito shavings have settled to the bottom of the pot, filter the stockthrough a piece of cheesecloth. The dashi stock is now ready for use in light-colored dishes,for example, Savory Cup Custard (Chowan Mushi; p. 39). D Whole dried bonito fillets may be baked to soften and shaved to make the bonitoshavings.Add 2-112 cupswater to thekelpandbonito shavings used inDashi I andheat in a pot. Before thecenterbegins to boil, add another 213 oz. (20 g) of bonito shavingsand turn off theheatimmediately. Wait untiltheingredients have settled, and filter through a pieceofcheesecloth. This dash; can be usedindisheswith a darkercolor,such as Chikuzen Ni (p.24). User ready-made dashi forextraconvenience illus. 3).  HOW TO MAKE swhl rzce ~~ 4) Chooseshort-grainor sushi ricethat has whole,purewhitegrains,with noforeignmaterialmixedin,andwithaminimum of brokengroins. Wash 2 cups of the rice (do not wash andrinsetoo long, so as to ovoidlosingthevitamin 01 contentintherice).Drainwhentherice is clean, white, and translucent.Add 1-314 cupswaterand swk 30 minuter orlonger. Cook in an electricricecooker(or on an electricorgas stove) untildone. Leove the ricecoveredandundisturbedfor another 15 minuter after iurning off the heat. Pourthe sushi vinegar over the cooked ricewhilethe rice is stillhot,andmix it in with aricepaddle. Fan therice(either by hond orwithanelectric fan)whilemixing in thevinegar. Do thisuntilthe rice is lightandfluffy,andtheflavor of thevinegardispersed(illus. 1). Do notallowthe rice groins to clingtogether in clumps,and do notsquish the grains,or the ricewillbecomesticky and pasty (illus. 2). 17 If you mob a large quantity of sushi rice, transfer theextrarice to anothercontainerandcoverwith a wetcloth to preventthericefrom becomingdryandhard. This step is not necessary if makingonly a small amount for home use. RICE FOR SUSHI Suahl vinegar Mix 112 teaspoonsalt into 3 tablespoons ricevinegarandbring to a boil over lowheat. Then add 2 tablespoonsgranulatedwhitesugarand turn off theheatimmediately. The vinegarmixture is ready when thesugar has completelydissolved. Sushi vinegarmust be prepared ahead of time, so itisconvenienttomakealargeamountatonce and keep it intherefrigeratorforusewhen necessary. The proportion of sugartovinegarcan be adjustedaccording to personal taste. The variousbrands ofsushi vinegar available commercially may also beused (illus. 3). Utgndls for mhlng the awl11 rice A wooden containerwith a large, flat bottom can absorbsteamandmoisture,allowing the ricegrains to becomespringyandIf unovailable, a porcelain or stainlesssteelcontainer may be substituted. How tostorewoodencontainers Washimmediately after use, and drip-dry(do not dryinthesun).Storein a dark,cool,anddry place. Wipe clean with a dry clothbefore the next use.
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