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K-12 MUSIC EDUCATION LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Name: Josh Martzke School: Northview High School Grade/Class: Wind Ensemble Date: March 14, 2018 Learning Objectives What is the main focus of this lesson? Achieving correct style, as well as coming to a consensus as to how we should interpret Shostakovich’s Festive Overture. Objective(s): Standard(s): - Students will be able to identify s
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  K-12 MUSIC EDUCATION LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE    Name: Josh Martzke School: Northview High School Grade/Class: Wind Ensemble Date: March 14, 2018 Learning Objectives What is the main focus of this lesson? Achieving correct style, as well as coming to a consensus as to how we should interpret Shostakovich’s Festive Overture. Objective(s): -Students will be able to identify styles in the music. -Students will be able to describe a process of achieving the styles identified. -Students will be able to perform music focusing on the styles identified. Standard(s): MU:Pr5.1.E.IIa Develop and apply appropriate rehearsal strategies to address individual and ensemble challenges in a varied repertoire of music, and evaluate MU:Pr4.3.E.IIa Demonstrate how understanding the style , genre , and context of a varied repertoire of music influences prepared and improvised performances as well as  performers’ technical skill to connect with the audience. MU:Pr4.1.E.IIa  Develop and apply criteria to select a varied repertoire to study and perform  based on an understanding of theoretical and structural characteristics and expressive challenges in the music , the technical skill of the individual or ensemble, and the purpose and context of the performance. their success. MU:Re8.1.E.8a Identify and support interpretations of the expressive intent and meaning of musical works, citing as evidence the treatment of the elements of music, contexts, and (when appropriate) the setting of the text.  Materials & Technology Modifications Essential Question or Big Idea: Style and Interpretation Cornerstone Assessment: Group discussion about style. What is needed (e.g., additional instruments, recordings, piano/keyboard, whiteboard, tech cart)? Tech cart Metronome Paper Pencils Classroom set-up (e.g., rows of chairs, standing, sitting on floor, in sections): Square-ish. Open bottom of square (front of room). Right side is low  brass, back of room are woodwinds and percussion, left side is tpt/hn. What related knowledge and skills do students already have that will ensure their success? Top band, have been playing for several years. We have also been working on this section for awhile now. What individual modifications do you anticipate having to make? Tempo changes because they might not be able to see me.  Instructional Sequence (consider: engagement – development – closure) Reflection Est. Time 5 minWarm-ups -Scale Ab: Start with half notes, then move to quarter notes. -Quarter notes should match length and style (Festive style), light, articulate -play scale and cresc. on way up, decresc. on way downAssessment of understanding: Ask: 1.Is it together? Are we matching length and style? 2.What are some things we can do to ensure we match the style/ length? Est. Time 15 minListen to Shostakovich’s Festive Overture -while they are listening, have them list 5 stylistic characteristics they hear -discuss what was listed -select two that you listed and describe how we will achieve that either individually or as an ensemble -DiscussAssessment of understanding: group discussion Est. Time 15 minRehearse -Play through 1-22 -Go back and address style, correct notes, etc. in smaller chunks -Address phrasing and direction of notes Assessment of understanding: Ask them: 1.Did we achieve our ideal style or any of the styles we described before we began? 2.How can we achieve this? What do you think went well? I was super impressed with how focused they were! It was awesome to see them focus their energy into the playing and not get distracted by their neighbors. I also think that getting them in different areas of the room really helped open up their ears to new sounds. Hopefully they were hearing some new things that they haven’t heard before. Lastly, I think the overall rehearsal showed some good progress in the music and I was really happy with their playing this morning.  What changes would you like to make? Definitely figure out the metronome works, haha. That would’ve helped so much with some areas and allowed me to be less restricted with my conducting and instruction. I would also rearrange some of the students so they are by similar parts (like the 4th trumpet being by the saxophones). It’s a minor detail but it would further enhance their learning and understanding of the music. What is next? Consider what you need to do now or how you might extend this lesson. I would like to continue building on what they wrote down and keeping reminding them of our goals regarding style. The more we can agree on how we want to present this music in April, the easier it will be play the music, as well as rehearse the music. I would also consider doing this set-up again because I feel like it was super effective and beneficial to their learning. I think they did an amazing job with staying focused and giving it their all.
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