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LESSON PLAN School Subject Topic Theme Time allocation Meeting : SMK NEGERI KUDU : English : Making Reservation : Adjective and adverb : 3 X 45 minutes : 3 Grade / Semester : XII / 1 I. Standard Competence : To be able to communicate in English on the Intermediate level II. Sub Competence III. Indicators : To understand certain conversation spoken by native speaker : 1. Recognizing adjective and adverb (accurately) 2. Changing adjective to adverb (cooperative) 3. Understanding noun phrase and
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  LESSON PLAN School:SMK NEGERI KUDUSubject:EnglishGrade / Semester:XII / 1Topic:Making ReservationTheme:Adjective and adverbTime allocation:3 X 45 minutesMeeting:3I.Standard Competence:To be able to communicate in English on theIntermediate levelII. Sub Competence:To understand certain conversation spoken by nativespeaker III.Indicators:1.Recognizing adjective and adverb (accurately)2. Changing adjective to adverb (cooperative)3. Understanding noun phrase and adjective phrase(curiosity)IV.Learning Objectives:1. Students are able to Recognize adjective andadverb2. Students are able to change adjective to adverb3. Students are able to understand noun phrase andadjective phraseV.Learning Material:Adjective and adverb A.Adjective : word that describes a noun Members of adjective can be: ã Quality: beautiful, handsome, good ã Size: big, small, large  ã Age: old, young, new ã Temperature: hot, cold, warm ã Shape: oval, round ã Color: black, white ã  Nationality: American, Australian B.Adverb : word that modifies adjective, verb,adverbKinds of adverb: ã Adverb of manner:-Regular ( adjective + ly )e.g. beautiful + ly = beautifully-Irregular : fast, hard, well ã Adverb of place : here, there ã Adverb of time : today, tomorrow ã Adverb of frequency : always, sometimes, often ã Adverb of degree : very, too, so C.Phrase is group of words without a finite verb  Noun phrase e.g. Beautiful girlYoung boyAdj NAdj N  Adjective phrase e.g. Very beautifulextremely happyadv adj adv adj   Adjective + NounAdverb + Adjective  VI.Learning Method : ã Teacher’s Presentation ã Question and Answer Session ã Role playVII.Steps of Learninga.Pre Activity1.Greeting, Opening the lesson2.Checking Students’ attendance3.Students, today we are going to study about phrase. Do you knowthe definition of phrase ? b.Whilst Activity1.The teacher explains function and member of adjective then getsstudents to find other adjective they know. (curiosity)2.The teacher explains function and kinds of adverb (curiosity)3.The teacher explains how to change adjective to be adverb(curiosity)4.The teacher explains about the definition of phrase and explainsabout general pattern of noun phrase and adjective phrase(curiosity)5.The teacher gets students to do some exercises related to adjective,adverb and adjective phrase (creative)c.Post Activity1.The teacher gives the conclusion of the lesson2.Closing the lessonVIII.Sources and Media ã Sources: Win The Day Grade XIIApplicable for communicative and contextuallearning ã Media: - White Board-Picture  IX.AssessmentIndicatorsAssessment techniqueInstruments1. Recognizing adjectiveand adverbWritten test ã Classifying thewords into adjectiveand adverb2. Changing adjective toadverbWritten test ã Changing theadjective to adverb3. Understanding noun phrase and adjective phraseWritten test ã Error analysis of adjective, adverb  Written Test :  Error analysis: 1.The football player who joined the competition was in accident and wasA B Cserious injured.D2. The Board Directors must choose the most economically plan for theABCDCompany.3. He is extreme happy to know that his sister gets a good job at a CityA B CBank in Jakarta.D4. We could not accept the answer because it was absolute wrong.A B C D5. I’m terrible sorry that I can’t come to your party.A B C D
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