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LESSON PLAN School Subject Topic Theme Time allocation Meeting I. Standard Competence : SMK NEGERI KUDU : English : Expressing and Handling Complaints : Expressing Complaints : 3 X 45 minutes : 6 Grade / Semester : XII / 1 : To be able to communicate in English on the Intermediate level II. Sub Competence : To understand certain conversation spoken by native speaker III. Indicators : 1. Understanding expressions used in expressing and handling complaints (curiosity) 2. Making and handling
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  LESSON PLAN School:SMK NEGERI KUDUSubject:EnglishGrade / Semester:XII / 1Topic:Expressing and Handling ComplaintsTheme:Expressing ComplaintsTime allocation:3 X 45 minutesMeeting:6I.Standard Competence: To be able to communicate in English on theIntermediate levelII. Sub Competence: To understand certain conversation spoken bynative speaker III.Indicators: 1. Understanding expressions used in expressingand handling complaints (curiosity)2. Making and handling complaints (creative) and(cooperative)IV.Learning Objectives: 1. Students are able to understanding expressionsused in expressing and handling complaints2. Students are able to Making and handlingcomplaintsV.Learning Material: LANGUAGE FOCUS (Useful Expression)A.EXPRESSING COMPLAINTS 1.It is not actually what I want.2.At first, you said that……….. but now…………3.I am extremely dissatisfied with……………….4.I am disappointed with…………………………  B.REASON OF COMPLAINTS 1.The service in this restaurant is very slow. It takes………tohave………….2.We have been waiting for almost………….hours for our order 3.The waiters were rude and unhelpful4.The items I bought here is not the same as the one advertised C.EXPECTATIONS TOWARDS COMPLAINTS 1.I would like to have a full refund for…………2.I would like all my money back 3.I’d like to ask for a full refund of………….. D.HANDLING COMPLAINTS 1.I am sorry, Sir. Due to technical disorder,……………2.We’re sorry, Sir. We guarantee it won’t happen again3.It is all right, Sir. We will give all your money back.4.We’re sorry, Mom, we will report any dissatisfaction to the producer.VI.Learning Method : ã Teacher’s Presentation ã Question and Answer Session ã Students’ PerformanceVII.Steps of Learninga.Pre Activity1.Greeting, Opening the lesson2.Checking Students’ attendance  3.Students, have you ever bought something but the product makesyou disappointed ? Do you know how to express your complaint? b.Whilst Activity1.The teacher gives expressions related to express and handlecomplaints (curiosity)2.the teacher gives dialogue dealing with complaint then getsstudents to practice the dialogue in pairs. (creative)3.the teacher gets students to find expressions dealing with complaintin the dialogue. (cooperative)4.the teacher gives some advertisements which contrary to the factthen gets students to make complaints. (responsibility)c.Post Activity1.The teacher gives conclusion of the lesson2.Closing the lessonVIII.Sources and Media ã Sources: Win The Day Grade XIIApplicable for communicative and contextuallearning ã Media: - White Board-Sample of advertisementsIX.AssessmentIndicatorsAssessment techniqueInstrument ã Understanding expressionsused in expressingand handlingcomplaints ã Makingand handlingcomplaintsSpoken test ã Makingcomplaints andhandling complaintsfrom the sample of advertisement given  XI. Scoring Criteria:CriteriaScore1. Correct in using expressions for expressingand handling complaints, correct in grammar,good pronunciation and intonation52. Correct in using expressions for expressingand handling complaints, correct in grammar,less pronunciation and intonation.43. Correct in using expression for expressing andhandling complaints, some mistakes in grammar 34. Incorrect in using expressions for expressingand handling complaints, many mistakes ingrammar.2Maximal Score : 5 Total Score : 5 x 4 = 20 x 5 = 1010 Grading Scale: Very good: 8,0 – 10Good: 6,6 – 7,9Enough: 5,0 – 6,5Less: 0 – 4,9Jombang, 18 Juli 2011English Teacher,Dra. Ida Setyawati, M.Pd NIP. 196710112005012005English studentLungit Wawastiono NIM. 087169
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