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Millenials use of Information vs Xers Yers and Boomers Info Usage _12!05!08
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  Information Use by Millennials vs. BoomersRunning Head: MILLINNEALS USE OF INFORMATION VS. THE BABY-BOOMERS Millennials Use of Information vs. The Baby-BoomersDr. Cherie GivensLIBR200-23Tim TrevathanSan Jose State University – M.L.I.S. ProgramFall 2008  Information Use by Millennials vs. Boomers Abstract Different generations have always presented different challenges in variables such as referenceof cultural importance, communication styles, values and acceptance of the world view of their elders. Today’s generation has the access and ability to supplant these issues in ways thatempower them and mitigate the influence that past generations had over control, authority andeven at times, expertise. Knowledge as power and access to information to make decisions givesinert ability to process forward movement in society, thus creating an acceleration of change.This change has a de-stabilizing effect on politics, religion, social environments and societies asa whole. This change also enables, empowers and re-aligns the world as we have known it sincethe inception of history. The technology makes for some ‘game-changers’ and attitudes can shiftvoluntarily or be eclipsed by the power and velocity of the change that is occurring. [Like it or not…here it comes].22  Information Use by Millennials vs. Boomers Introduction My thesis [of sorts] is seeking to validate my perception that indicates that the 82 millionBaby-Boomers and the 80 million Millennials generation [of 181 million working tax-payers inthe U.S. – our ‘customers’] have very different orientations towards library services andinformation access and usage. The resistance of older library system personnel and corporateAmerica illustrates the 'lag' between the two entities world view and technology orientationdifferences. Boomers [the majority of] for example, have “no interest” in many of thetechnologies and surrounding digital culture items that many millennials partake in. The disparityof numbers often shows the divergence in the exposure to the technologies and following of trends that come along with those technologies.I am trying to not only chronicle this for academic purpose, but to allow SJSU to act asthe premier entity it is in advancing change, adapting to technology and being the trail-blazers ininnovation as Silicon Valley is known for. This is not a new or untested phenomenon, but people,33  Information Use by Millennials vs. Boomerscultures [library and other], age groups, anthropology issue and societal context need the balanceof the 'pioneers & homesteaders' [see my SJSU SlisLife Blog Entry “Web 2.0” at( Trevathan)]. In chronicling this change, theresistance to new, more adept, efficient online access tools and the threat that represent to brick & mortar libraries that need not exist.If the needs of library patrons are met with the needs of the community [see my SJSUSlisLife Blog Funding Libraries is not Rocket Science”( Trevathan)] then the survival and actual thriving of library systems as functional bridges between the needs of the two generations and their habits,attitudes and ability to access information and library systems is assured.Top-down Org. 'A' management [Beauracratic] vs. horizontal type ‘B’ Org.’s[ collaborative – ‘flat’ - Friedman The World is Flat  ] type information access behaviors areexhibited by the rapid change and impact to global geo-political structures of economics, politicsand global resource utilization.“It’s like globalization, some people will never ‘get it’, some cultures will fight tomaintain their ancient ways and customs, some will adapt. But ultimately the world changes andhow we react to that change defines our future and destiny (Tim Trevathan, Dec. 2008).”“The pentagon’s new map” ( Literature Review Millennials as a topic have taken on significance in recent years as the generation gapcreated not only by time, but by technology, has created a new type of digital divide. The tools,ascendancy and methods of the millennial generation growing up with tools that areubiquitous44
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