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HAZRAT ABU BAKAR SIDDIQUE (R.A) Muhammad said, There will be different gates of paradise to which my Ummah will be called and enter through it. Abu Bakr said, O Messenger of Allah! Would anyone be called from all the gates? Prophet Muhammad said, Yes! And O Abu Bakar I hope it would be you” Lineage and Title  Name: Abd Allah.  Title: Atiqe (He was known by this title before Islam). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) confirmed this title later when he said that Abu Bakr is the 'Atiqe' (the one saved f
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  HAZRAT ABU BAKAR SIDDIQUE (R.A)  Muhammad said, There will be different gates of paradise to which my Ummah  will be called and enter through it. Abu Bakr said, O Messenger of Allah! Would anyone be called from all the gates? Prophet Muhammad said,  Yes! And O Abu Bakar I hope it would be you”   Lineage and Title    Name : Abd Allah .    Title : Atiqe (He was known by this title before Islam). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)confirmed this title later when he said that Abu Bakr is the 'Atiqe' (the one savedfrom hell fire by God)Siddique: T he Prophet called him „Al - Siddiq‟ (the truthful) after he believed him in theevent of Isra and Mi‟raj when other people did not. Early Life Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) was born in Mecca in 573   AD , to a rich family in the Banu Thaim clan of the Quraysh tribe.Father's name: Usman Abu Quhafa   Mother‟s name: Salma Umm-ul-Khair.   In 591 at the age of 18 , Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) went into trade and adopted the profession ofcloth merchant, which was the family's business. In the coming years, Abu Bakr traveledextensively with caravans. Business trips took him to Yemen Syria, and elsewhere. Thesetravels brought him wealth and added to his experience. His business flourished and he rose inthe scale of social importance.    Abu Bakr (R.A)‟s tribe was assigned the office of awarding blood money in cases ofmurder.    He had a very good memory and had a good knowledge of the genealogy of thestories and politics of Arab tribes. Life After Accepting Islam    His conversion brought the most benefit to Islam. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) broughtmany people to Islam. He persuaded his intimate friends to convert to Islam andpresented Islam to others in such a way that many of his friends accepted Islam.  His wife, Um-e-Ruman embraced Islam after getting inspired.  Some people who converted to Islam after getting invitation to embrace Islam fromHazrat Abu Bakr are as follows:   Usman Ibn Affan  Talha Ibn Ubyad Allah.  Abdur Rahman Bin Awf    Sa‟ad ibn Abi Waqas    Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah  Abu Salma    Khalid Ibn Sa‟id   “RAZI ALLAHU ANHUM WA RADU ANH”    Hazrat Abu Bakr's acceptance proved to be a milestone in Muhammad's mission.Slavery was common in Mecca, and many slaves accepted Islam. When an ordinaryfree man accepted Islam, despite opposition, he would enjoy the protection of histribe. For slaves however, there was no such protection and they commonlyexperienced persecution. Abu Bakr felt compassion for slaves, so he purchasedslaves and then freed them, paying 40,000 Dinar for their freedom Some Slaves Were -  Bilal Ibn Ribah  Amir Ibn Yasir  Abu Fukaiha  Most of the slaves liberated by Hazrat Abu Bakr were either women or old and frailmen. His father asked him that why doesn't he liberate strong and young slaves whocould be a source of strength for him, Hazrat Abu Bakr replied that he was freeingthe slaves for the sake of Allah, and not for his own sake. These verses wererevealed due to this.    Those who spend their wealth for increase in self-purification; And have intheir minds no favor from any one For which a reward is expected in return,But only the desire to seek the Countenance, Of their Lord, Most High; Andsoon they shall attain complete satisfaction {92:8-21}.Persecution By Quresh 614 AD  For three years after the advent of Islam, Muslims kept secret their faith, and prayedin secret. In 614, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) decided to call people to Islamopenly.One day Prophet Muhammad was reciting some verses of Holy Quran in Haram.The Quresh got violent and started persecuting Prophet Muhammad. When AbuBakr came to know about the incident He rushed to Haram, tried to defend Hisfriend, and was badly injured.    Migrations to Ethiopia    Quresh tortured Hazrat Abu Bakar so He asked permission from ProphetMuhammad (PBUH) to go to Ethiopia. The permission was granted and Hazrat AbuBakr set off on his journey. However, on the way he met Ibn-ud-Daghinna. Hepromised to give Him protection.Under Ibn-ud-Daghinna's protection, He soon came back to Makah. It was a relief forhim, but soon due to the pressure of Quraysh, Dughna was forced to renounce hisprotection. Once again, the Quraysh were free to persecute Abu. Last Years in Mecca  Hazrat Abu Bakr's daughter Aisha was engaged to Muhammad, however it wasdecided that the actual marriage ceremony would be held later. In 620, Hazrat AbuBakr was the first person to testify to Muhammad's Isra and Mi‟raj (night Journey). Migration to Medina  In 624 AD, on the invitation of the Muslims ofMedina,Prophet Muhammad orderedMuslims to migrate to Medina. The migration began in batches. Meanwhile HazratAbu Bakr accompanied Muhammad in his migration for Medina. Due to the dangerof the Quraysh, they did not take the road to Medina. They moved in the oppositedirection, and took refuge in a cave in Jabal-e-Thawr five miles south. HazratAbdullah ibn-e-Abu Bakar the son of Hazrat Abu Bakr would listen to the plans andtalks of the Quraysh, and at night, he would carry the news to the fugitives in thecave. Hazrat Asma bint Abu Bakar the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr, brought themmeals every day. Hazrat Aamir Bin Fuhaira, a servant of Abu Bakr, would bring aflock of goats to the mouth of the cave every night where they were milked. His allfamily served Islam.The Quraysh sent search parties in all directions. One party came close to theentrance to the cave, but was unable to sight them. Due to this the following verse oftheQur'anwas revealed:    If you help him (Muhammad ) not (it does not matter), for Allah did indeed help himwhen the disbelievers drove him out, the second of two, when they (Muhammad andAbu Bakr ) were in the cave, and he () said to his companion (Abu Bakr ): Be not sad(or afraid), surely Allah is with us. Then Allah sent down His Sakinah  (calmness,tranquility, peace, etc.) upon him, and strengthened him with forces (angels) whichyou saw not, and made the word of those who disbelieved the lowermost, while it wasthe Word of Allah that became the uppermost, and Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise. (9:40)    Interpreting this verse Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) and Ibn‟ Abbas said   “Hazrat Abu Bakrwas the one who stayed with the Prophet in that cave It is narrated from HazratAl-Barra' ibn 'Azib,he said, Once Abu Bakr bought a ride from 'Azib for 10 Dirham, thenAbu Bakr said to 'Azib, Tell your son the Barra to deliver that beast. Then 'Azibsaid, No, until you tell us about your journeys with the Messenger of Allah when he  went out of Makkah while theMushrikeenwere busy looking for you. Hazrat AbuBakr said, We set out from Makkah, walking day and night, until it came the time ofZuhr,so I was looking for a place so that we can rest under it, it came to be that Isaw a big rock. Therefore, I came to it and there was the place, so I spread a clothfor the Prophet, then I said to him, Rest O' Prophet of Allah. So he rested, while Isurveyed the area around me, are there people looking for us coming here to spy...Suddenly I saw there was a shepherd herding his sheep to the direction of the placeunder the rock wanting to shade him like us, so I asked, Who is your master O'slave? He answered, Slave of the fulan, someone of the Quraish. He mentionedthe name of his master and I knew him, then I asked, Does your sheep have milk? He answered, Yes! So he took one of the sheep, after that I ordered him to cleanthe breasts of the sheep first from dirt and dust, then I ordered him to blow his handfrom dust, so he pat his two hands and he started milking, while I prepared a vesselwith its mouth wrapped with cloth to contain the milk. So, I poured the milk that wasmilked to the vessel and I waited until the bottom was cold, then I brought to theProphet and it was that he had waken up, instantly I told him, Drink O' Messengerof Allah. Therefore, he started to drink until I saw that He was full, and then I toldhim, Are we not going to continue walking O' Messenger of Allah? He answered, Yes! At last, we continued the journey while the mushrikeen kept looking for us.Not that could pursue us except Suraqah ibn Malik ibn Ju'sham  who rode hishorse, so I said to the Messenger of Allah, This man has succeeded in pursuing usO' Messenger of Allah, but he answered, Do not worry, verily Allah is w ith us” .    It is narrated from HazratAnas(R.A) from Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) He said, “ I said tothe Prophet when we were in the cave, If only they had looked under their feet wewould assuredly be seen The Messenger answered, “ What do you think O' AbuBakr about two people if Allah is the third of them”.    After staying at the cave for three days and three nights, Abu Bakr and Muhammadpreceded to Medina, staying for some time at Quba. Life in Medina In Medina, Prophet Muhammad decided to construct amosque.A piece of land was chosenwhich belonged to two orphans Sahal and Suhail and Hazrat Abu Bakr paid the price of the land.Muslims constructed Al-Masjid al-Nabawi at the site and Hazrat Abu Bakr took part inconstruction.Hazrat Abu Bakr's daughter Ayesha (R.A), who was already engaged to Prophet Muhammad,was handed over to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a simple marriage ceremony, and thisfurther strengthened the relation between Hazrat Abu Bakr and Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).
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