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  Math 4 Spring 2018 Paper 1In this paper you will investigate the relative merits of three dosage strategies for Nifurtimox !ou have the hapter on Nifurtimox from the hand#oo$% whi h in ludes a des ription of amount usually given and how they are divided into several doses per day% given orally &ssume that the medi ine is li'uid and the time to mix it and send it to the (I tra t is negligi#le)he *+* re ommends three or four doses per day,http,--www d gov-parasites- hagas-health.professionals-txhtml/asi drug study,se /ig (reen to ompare what happens over ive days with the three versus four dosage strategy eep a data set with the following values for ea h run of #ig green,3% % $a% $el% 5un6% +ay% )ime% 7ength of run% starting % starting *% ending % ending *% max *% min *  !ou will turn in your data ta#les% along with plots of a few #ig green runs &fter the irst dose% what are the maximum and minimum #lood on entrations overthis period9 /e ause the onstants of a#sorption and elimination fall in a range% you will need to test the extreme values for these 15esear h 'uestion,5ead up a #it on this drug /ased on your reading and your omputational experiments% whi h dosage regimen do you re ommend925esear h 'uestion,:hat ma$es a #igger differen e in your *max and min9 )he variation in $a and $el or the variation in dosage strategy9 +esign a numeri al experiment that tests this;5esear h 'uestion , <ow would impaired $idneys =or liver% see referen e > at end of nifurtimox hapter? affe t the dosage regime you have designed9 se your model to suggest an alternative for su h individualsNow write the paper% whi h should have the following se tions,1Introdu tion% in luding #a $ground information and statement of the pro#lem you are solving% along with the solution =your re ommendation?2+es ription of model% in luding #ox diagram% explanation of e'uations and the a tual e'uations &lso in this se tion state your parameter values =3% % $a and $el? along with how you got them and the sour e of the information =properly ited of ourse?;Methods, a short des ription of what omputer runs you did and how you didthem45esults, a synopsis of your data and what you found@*on lusions, <ere you argue for your spe ii re ommendations>&ppendix, your data set A/i#liography, sour es ited% in luding /ig (reen &lways ite your software:hen wor$ing in pairs% #oth individuals should do some of the omputing and some of the writing !our name on the paper indi ates that you did a fair portion of the  runs and also wrote a fair portion of the paper If you ross he $ed your results with another group B5 got help from them% please a $nowledge thisxC1@% xDCE1FxyC0% yDC=1-A@@?FxG02;1Fy eH=E$at? e E$at 
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