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roomplanners SEPTEMBER 2010 sleep deprived? … take our quiz to find out! are you our annual sleep issue … including our favorite new sleep products! how to...    fall asleep faster! create a bedroom with 5-star comfort! fight bed bugs! eat, drink and be sleepy? foods that help you sleep a good night’s sleep… takes a little preparation! Our ancestors... of the cavemen and campfire variety, really had it right. Sitting around the fire at night with little to do t
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    our annual sleep issue … including our favorite new sleep products!   room planners SEPTEMBER 2010 … take our quiz to find out!   are you sleep deprived? eat, drink and be sleepy? foods that help you sleep how to...  fall asleep faster!  create a bedroom with 5-star comfort!  fight bed bugs!  2 a good night’s sleep … takes a little preparation!   Our ancestors... of the cavemen and campfire variety, really had it right. Sittingaround the fire at night with little to do tell a few stories, their lives had a naturalrhythm. They simply followed the sun and moon, letting the sky dictate when itwas time to call it a day or rise and shine.Since then, Thomas Edison brought us the light bulb, making it possible to stay active all night. Our TV sets brought us a 24/7 schedule of entertain-ment and the Blackberry lets us stay connected toeveryone and everything.Sitting around a campfire  —  doing nothing before bedtime  —sounds positively medieval today. It‟s even hard to fathom, considering our more usualpractice of falling headfirst into bed at night,uneasily aware of how few hours we left for sleep.Most of us have accepted our chronically over-tiredstate as the way things are. But even just a littlemore attention to where we sleep, what we sleep onand what we do before we sleep can make a big difference to our well-being.In this issue, we share our favorite new sleep products, invite you to test your sleep deprivation quotient (!) or to check out some easy ways to fall asleep faster,create a 5-star bedroom and keep bed bugs away!Enjoy! aboutroomplanners iscommitted to making profes-sional quality interior designeasier and more affordable.We invite you to visit our web site to browse hundredsof rooms for ideas, rate your own rooms or to take our survey to identify your  environmental personality profile . We offer a variety of free home decorating arti-cles, a no-fail paint color selection system and an ar-ray of  RoomCues™... con-cise, practical guides to helpyou pull together a look youlove.Find us online at: . on the cover If you regularly try to catch more zzz‟s between the blaring of your snooze alarm, you‟re not alone.We‟re more sleep deprived than ever before. But if  you‟re up for taking con- trol of your sleep habits, read on… our September  issue is devoted to the right sleep habits… and products! Loreen Epp President, RoomPlanners Inc. All written information herein is copyright ©2010 Room Planners Incorporated. All rights reserved. No part of the material protected by thiscopyright may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means without written permission from Room Planners Inc..  3 According to Archives of Pediatrics & AdolescentMedicine, teens are averaging 6.5 to 7.5 hours of  sleep a night. That‟s well below the 9 -10 hoursgenerally recommended by sleep and health experts. Inadequate sleep doesn‟t just make kids sluggish or  tired. Kids need enough REM sleep to secrete their hGH, or human growth hormone. Without this hormone, they‟ll be less able to remember whatthey‟re learning, grow, focus, drive or fight obesity. Here are 3 ways to improve your child’s sleep!    Cu t caffeine intake at least 5 hours before bed.(Some experts recommend cutting caffeineintake by 2:30 pm). That includes soft drinks,coffee and some energy drinks.  Shut down the computer an hour before bed-time. Research indicates the light of computersmay delay secretion of the hGH hormone(tricking the brain into thinking its still daytimeand slowing the rate of falling asleep)! Help kidsuse their hour before bedtime for reading,relaxing, praying, listening to music, quietconversation, going for a walk or family time.  Model the behavior and habits you wan your children to have. Shut off all TVs and computers by 10 pm, or enforce a quiet hour for everyone.Kids pick up on parents habits; going to bed lateor watching TV makes them want to do thesame! For more tips on improving kids‟ sleep, click here: did you know? According to those who are buying them, a new bed isapt to be better than the old one.A full 72% of respondents in a Consumer Reports studysaid their new mattress improvedtheir sleep. Those who spent atleast 10 minutes lying on a bed before buying it were more likelyto be satisfied with their choice than those who didn‟t. THIS MONTH kids need sleep!how do youmeasure up? How much sleepdo we really need? # of hoursAge Min Max 1 — 3 12 14 3 — 5 11 13 5 — 13 10 11 13 — 19 9 10 20+ 7.5 9 Curious if you‟re getting too little or too muchsleep at night? Check thesleep chart to the left; itshows the minimum andmaximum sleep quotarecommendations by age.Kids need a lot of sleepduring their growth years,since sleep activatesgrowth hormones. Adultsneed less sleep, but a lot more  than many of themget! And yes, there is amaximum! Too muchsleep makes us lethargic. new bedroomsoffer high ROI A depressed housingmarket may not be theideal time to sell a house… but it‟s the ideal time to improve it! So how does a „bedroom re- do‟ rank  on the latestReturn On Investment(ROI) data for homeimprovement projects?(ROI is the amount of  money you‟ll recoup on a home improvement project when you sell your home). Converting a 15‟ x 15‟ attic space to a functional  bedroom (with closet and full bathroom) will bring an83% ROI, according to  Remodeling  magazine.Adding a 400 square foot bedroom suite and spa-like bath on the main floor will bring as much as a 73% ROI (… the large aging population is less interested in climbing stairs to get to their bedroom!). Want aneven higher return? Make sure the laundry room is on the same level… and build a private deck or patio off  that bedroom!In comparison to a bedroom addition, an outdoor deck will bring as much as a 92% ROI; a kitchen will bring a 75%-85% ROI.  4 We‟re getting less sleep than ever before.But before we blame thecounting sheep for poor leadership from #1... #8 being out of sequence... or #86 too depressed to even think  about jumping fencestonight, it behooves us to atleast consider what theflock is facing. They know we‟re sleeping fewer hours.. and  so tired we don‟t always needthem. But they‟re also up against a growing trendtoward insomnia, with more of us lying awak ewith  plenty  on our mind besides them. The upsanddowns of the economy alone are enough to keep us wide awake. That‟snot to mention fears of losingour job or house, or other personal issues competingwith our time to dream.Those late nights trysts with our computers aren‟t helping either. Stimulatingour minds and illuminating our brains isn‟t exactly a good thing to do at night.Studies are suggesting that being up close and personalwith a highly lit computer screen may decrease our production of melatonin -the hormone that goes intohigh gear when the sungoes down, sprinkling sleepdust on us in the dark. Sleep prescriptions areon the rise as wespend less timein bed...and more timeawake once weget there! The bottom line? Recentstats say 70% of us havesleep issues (up from 60% just 10 years ago!). Stillothers just have really badnocturnal habits.The good news is that 50%of us with sleep disorders(and 100% of us with really  bad nocturnal habits) don‟t need medication. We cancure ourselves. But it willmean getting 7.5-9 hours of sleep every night. In exchange, we‟ll feel  better, be healthier,smarter, thinner and even better looking (more sleepcan make us look 3 yearsyounger!). We may even letthe sheep take the credit.Sleeping on a comfortablemattress is the best way to fall asleep faster. But we‟ve got plenty more good ideason the next page!Counting a line of sheep jumping a picket fence is believed to be such a mundane,mind-numbing activity that our bodies will choose to sleep instead. Or so the theorygoes. The practice is surprisingly widespread and em bed  ded, so to speak, in American, European and Japanese cultures. So much so that it‟s synonymous with insomnia.   So does it work? Some (including the wooly herd itself) insist that the simplicity andrepetition of this mental activity will indeed lull us to sleep. It may even tire our eyes,fueling the much- coveted rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. But others believe it‟s too much mental work for nighttime. Stimulating the mind, they argue, will stimulate the body and envisioning, say, a waterfall is a better choice. Still others, including sleepexperts, say that a comfortable, supportive mattress will reduce the need to do either.But by now, we know better than to expect #1 and his flock to take that  idea lyingdown. So expect the counting sheep to keep insisting they  be the last thing we think about at night. will counting sheep help us fall asleep? how to faster! fall asleep Get full sheep bios at Serta® and the Counting Sheepare registered trademarks of Serta, Inc.
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