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   Name : Assofiq Dwi Kurniawan  NIM : 15 Class : PADP A Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb I will discuss about my experience interviewing some foreigners in order to fulfill the task.This task is the task of English Conversation Course Lecturer, Miss  Nadia, this time I got a task from him that is almost the same as the task when I was sitting in high school (SMA) ie the subject of EFT (English For Tourism). Before I tell anything I asked the stranger I met, I first wanted to tell my travel experience. That day, exactly Tuesday, April 10, 2018. I went to the city of Yogyakarta precisely in Prawirotaman at 02.00 noon with one of my classmates, Andhika Hita Pria and some classmates. We arrived at Prawirotaman around 2:30 pm. That day the sun was scorching, but because it must fulfill the task, my friend and I try to keep looking for the presence of foreigners in the place. After we have been around for a few hours, we saw quite a lot of strangers but since not all the foreigners we saw were relaxing, we decided to choose among those who looked less busy. Finally, we met a strange man who was coming down from a rickshaw. Then we tried to approach the tourist. Incidentally the tourists we interviewed responded well and were not shy. While the tourists are happy and comfortable when we will interview. Here's my conversation dialog with the stranger. Assofiq: Excuse me. May I ask your time for awhile? Tourist: Yes of course. Assofiq: I have a task from my Lecturer to interview one of foreigner here. Tourist: ohh okay .. please. Assofiq: okay, thanks. What's your name? Tourist: Kimberly, you can call me Kim. Andhika: My name Andhika Hita Male Tourist: My name Kimberly Andhika: Ohh Kim, nice name. Where are you come from? Tourist: I come from Holland. Assofiq: ohh Holland, nice. And how long have you been here? Tourist: hmm .. 2 days. Andhika: Are you traveling alone or with someone? Tourist: I am holiday with my friend.  Assofiq: hmm ... what do you think about Indonesia? Tourists: Indonesia is a nice country and very hot. Assofiq: hahaha I think that foreigners like summer. Tourist: Hahaha yes, but it's very hot. Andhika: hahah yes I know. Then, what do you think about this place? Tourist: many foods and I like all. Assofiq: what food is your favorite? Tourist: I like Nasi Goreng. Andhika: hahaha okay ,. What your hobby? Tourist: My hobby Traveling Assofiq: Ooh yes, Traveling Now, may I take a pic with you? Tourist: yes of course. (Then my friend helped take my picture with the tourist) Andhika: thank you very much for your time. Tourists: your welcome. Assofiq and Andhika: well, happy enjoy and see you bye bye and nice to meet you. Tourists: see you and nice to meet you too. (My photo with Kim from Holland)  Up there, my friend and I tried to find other strangers but many of them looked  busy enough and enjoyed their holiday so much we decided not to disturb them and headed home. Coming back from there, I was not satisfied with my interview. Finally, on this day April 16, 2018 I decided to return to the city of Yogyakarta precisely in the Palace of Yogyakarta Palace and Prawirotaman looking for new strangers for me interviewed. Today I went with six of my classmates Simon, Aby, Andhika, Farhah, and Gita. We went together to the place after following the course of Business Communications. We arrived at the location around 4pm. Once there, I and my friends review from a distance every corner and around the roadside if there are foreigners who are not too  busy when asked for an interview. Finally, after a few minutes we look at every corner of the place, we meet the first stranger who from a distance seems very relaxed and not too busy but this first stranger we approached is not for me to interview but I leave it to my friend, Aby and Simon to interview the stranger. After the interview and taking photos together, we went back to look for strangers to be interviewed and alhamdulillah not long time lapse, we met again with a foreign man but as before, strangers this time not for me interviewed but my friend that is farhah and gita who interviewed this foreign man. After my two friends took turns interviewing the strangers we met, it's time we were looking for a stranger to interview, but almost an hour we went around, we did not find any casual looking strangers, only a bunch of strangers hanging out the sauce resting in the café surrounding Pprawirotaman. When we were tired enough to walk, we again tried to look for strangers to the corner around Prawirotaman and when we were tired and sitting by the roadside, we did not see any strangers until after a while, we saw a stranger couple. After that we approached them on the side of the highway, I tried to interview him. (My photo with John from Italy)   (My photo with Toms from Germany)
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