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CULTURAL REGENERATION “Making a difference through Music” Contact Person:Paul Nchu Ngang P.O Box: 558 Limbe Website: Status Reg. No: SW/GP/038/09/8069 – Common Initiative Group With the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development JEUNESSE MUSICALES INTERNATIONAL IN COLLABORATION WITH THE WORLD BANK INSTITUTE CULTURAL REGENERATION CAMEROON Youths Using Music to Fight Corruption – FAIR PLAY http://you
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    CULTURAL REGENERATION  “Making a difference through Music”   Contact Person:Paul Nchu NgangEmail:paul_4u@hotmail.comP.O Box: 558 LimbeWebsite:   Status Reg. No: SW/GP/038/09/8069  – Common Initiative GroupWith the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development JEUNESSE MUSICALES INTERNATIONAL INCOLLABORATION WITH THE WORLD BANK INSTITUTECULTURAL REGENERATION CAMEROON  Youths Using Music to Fight Corruption  –  FAIR PLAY  - -  CULTURAL REGENERATION  Executive Board: Paul Nchu N, Honore Ndukong T,Peter Che N,Daniel Njang M, Fidel Abong INTRODUCTION: Jeunesse Musicales International is the World’s largest youth and musical Network with 66 years of working experience. With its headquarters in Belgium,it has current member organizations in 45 countries, contacts organizations inanother 35 countries with CULTURAL REGENERATION being its representative inCameroon and the Central African Region. MISSION: It has as mission to help young people develop through music using itsinternational projects like Jazz Camps, Ethno Camps, Young Audience, World Youth Choir, Imagine Festivals and FAIR PLAY. PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION: Jeunesse Musicales International (JMI) collaborating with the World Bank Institute gets its members worldwide to partner with the project so as to getyoung music minds involved in the project. It begins with the creation of the project’s website where every information concerning the project can be gotten. The youths are involved using the means available. In Cameroon, we go toschool, churches, Radio and T.V Stations,posters,use the internet (emails) andalso by word of mouth. Young musicians and bands who catches the vision movestraight to work by composing and coming up with video tracts on anti- corruption. The videos are then uploaded to the project’s website for onli nevoting. At the end of this process, the best three videos are selected by the Jurybeing put in place by JMI and the World Bank Institute. They are given theopportunity to perform a live concert in a chosen country organized by JMI andthe World Bank Institute. Furthermore they are also given an opportunity to astudio production which put them on an advantage to meet and share ideas withWorld Class established music Icons. At this point, they are exposed tointernational media hence an occasion for them to be heard and seen world wide meeting up with JMI’s mission to develop young people through music. The  target group of the project are the youths because they are considered to beleaders of tomorrow. Therefore they should be schooled to shun corruptivepractices. PURPOSE AND NEEDS :The main purpose of the project is to change the mind set of the population of the world towards embracing basic virtues like integrity, transparency,accountability and honesty in order to guarantee societies where each individualcould perform his/her innate responsibility to God and to humanity.  PROBLEM STATEMENT :There is so much tears in the eyes of individuals and families due to thedevastating effects of corruption. Individuals especially in rural areas have beendenied access to good health, potable water, goad roads and quality educationbecause they do not have someone to speak for them in government offices.Corruption causes unemployment, poverty and general hardship, a function of the fact that the wealth of our nation is being embezzled by just a few powerfulcapitalists politicians, administrators, the civil society and even the clergy. A casein point is Africa where 60 % of the population still live below the poverty linewhile their leaders live in affluence and magnificent with thousands of dollars intheir bank accounts. In Cameroon for instance, according to the recent IMFreport for 2011, 40 % of its inhabitants are unemployed while a couple of leaders languish in various prisons across the country for embezzling billions of FRS CFA stocked in foreign banks. However, corruption is manifested in everyarea of our life i.e. in schools, government offices, banks, hospitals, shops, family just to name a few. RATIONALE :From time immemorial, music has always been a vehicle of mobilization towardsbehavioral change and change of mentality. The pivotal role of music in thedismantling of appetite in South Africa cannot be over emphasized. Equally,music has been instrumental in the breaking down of socio-cultural and racialbarriers in the history of America. It can therefore not be denied that with thevision FIAR PLAY has and being consistent and systematic as it is, stands a greatchance of breaking the vice of corruption to a very wide margin and inspirepositive change. Culreg could not resist being a tool in this success story. RESULTS: -   There have been increased love and peaceful coexistence as individualstend to realize the essence of living.-   It has promoted basic values of truth and better accountability.-    A great number of Cameroonian youths were touched about 100.000 of them.-   The corruption song is now very popular in Cameroon as youths who wereable to catch the corruption message stick to it. The corruption song wassang in English, French and the local pidgin languages respectively so thatevery Cameroonian could get the corruption message.-   We get some of the group a video link on YouTube (culreg One Heart)- - 
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