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Media Use and Production Evaluation. In recent times, due to the introduction of new forms of media traditional structures of Journalism and Communication have altered. In order to highlight and recognise the effect of personal media interaction on Journalism my fellow students and I were asked to record our media use over a period of 10days. Da y Medium of media Facebook Newspap er TVNews/Curre nt Affairs Radio Cinema YouTube Twitter Magazine s Internet News Sites TV Shows/ Programmin g Blogs M
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   Media Use and Production Evaluation.In recent times, due to the introduction of new forms of media traditional structures of Journalism andCommunication have altered. In order to highlight and recognise the effect of personal media interactionon Journalism my fellow students and I were asked to record our media use over a period of 10days. Day   MonTue WedThurs FriSat SunMon Tue Wed Medium of mediaMinuetsPer DayTOTAL AverageMins PerDay   Facebook 30120 90 60 80 90 0 60 30 120680123.6363636Newspaper 10 15 0 10 0 40 10 0 15 10110 20TV-News/Current Affairs 30 30 30 30 30 10 0 30 30 60330 50Radio 5 40 20 30 0 0 0 20 60 017531.81818182Cinema 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0YouTube 60 0 20 60 120200 0 40 30 053096.36363636Twitter 20 20 10 20 30 60 0 10 20 019034.54545455Magazines 0 0 50 0 30 20 0 10 30 014025.45454545Internet News Sites 0 0 30 50 60 0 5 15 25 40165 33TV Shows/Programming 200 60 90 120 120280300 60 60 1201410256.3636364Blogs 60 30 60 0 40 0 0 40 5 3026548.18181818 Media/Production   Twitter 5 0 10 0 0 0 10 0 20 10 55 10Blogging 0120 0 30 0 30120 0 0 12042076.36363636Facebook 10 0 30 10 5 0 0 20 10 3011520.90909091 Media Use / ConsumptionInternet  The internet represents the future of mass media. As can be seen in Figure 3 last year alone it registered a17.2% growth in the amount of users. (Media Literacy Clearing House, 2008) Regarding my personalMedia consumption I have followed the trends set by over 17,033,826 Australians and used the internet as my primary source of communication and information. Figure 1 indicates Facebook as the form of media that I use predominantly whilst online typical of a web 2.0 user. This is right on par with otherstudents within JOUR1111 as, according to Survey monkey it is the most popular online activity with 91.9%  of students acknowledging it as what they spend most of their time online doing. Overall over the 10 dayperiod I spent 680 minutes on Facebook. Although this does differ day to day due to university, sportingand cultural commitments on average I spent 123mins on Facebook daily. Moreover, arguments havearisen to suggest that my use of social networking sites is the main contributor to other online activitiessuch as YouTube and Online news. This claim is supported by recent studies into the popularity andsymbiosis of Facebook which reported “77% of American teenagers post videos to friend’s page or wall”  (Media Literacy Clearing House, 2008) and “ 48% of teenagers said they found out about news Facebook  .”  (Media Literacy Clearing House, 2008) Thus, due to the growing symbiosis of internet sites my Facebook use directly influences the amount of time that I spend on other forms of internet media. Newspaper, Magazine and TV News Traditional news media has struggled in recent years to maintain the popularity that it once held amongst consumers. A study conducted In Columbus Ohio indicated that the “Internet has a competitive displacement effect on traditional media in the daily news domain with the largest displacements occurring for television and newspapers.” (John Dimmick, 2004) This is further supported by my ownresults in Figure 1 where it depicts that I spent daily on average 15mins longer examining online newsites than newspapers and magazines. However, my personal results and the results of my fellow peers inJOUR1111 did differ from the above study in that Television was still the medium that we gathered themajority of our news. My personal use depicts that I use TV as my primary news and current eventsmedium. (Figure 1) Moreover, JOUR1111 also shares this pattern with 71% of students according tosurvey monkey, indicating that Television was their main source of News. Media Production Production of media until the introduction of Web 2.0 was reserved mainly for professionals. Howeverwith advancements in social media sites such as Facebook and Blogs, creation of Media has become aindividual rather than institutional pursuit. A clear example of this is seen the JOUR1111 survey where94.7 percent of participants saying they have 1 or more Facebook accounts. In addition to this, 37%admitted to having a fully functional blog. This production of media until recent times would have beenminor or inexistent.My personal media production compared to other students within Jour 1111 shares common similarities.On average I spent over 1 ½ hours per day producing media though social networking sites. (Figure 1) It is important to note that the time spent producing this media, overflows into time spent consuming   Figure 3: Percentage increase in WebParticipation. (Media Literacy ClearingHouse, 2008)  media from these media. For as stated by Lenhart  “ a basic symmetry is seen to exist between media production and their audiences” (Amanda Lenhart, New York Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, 2009)   New Media Vs Old Media Personal media use encompasses a broad range of mediums. In Figure 1 I have outlined the mediumswhich according to leading media profiler Victoria Jae Rideout are “among the most powerful forces inyoung peoples lives today”. (Victoria J Rideout, 2010) From the outset it is obvious that my media usage isevenly distributed between Old and New Media as seen in Figure 2.That said, the distribution of media consumption between individual forms is drastically varied. Anexample of this is seen by disregarding TV programming ( which encompasses 33% of my total mediaconsumption) a swing of 23% towards new media occurs. This correlates with research conducted In “Europe during a 2005 study from the European Interactive Advertising Association which found almost  half of 15- to 24-year- olds are watching less TV in favour of browsing the web.” (Riley, 2008) Thus it isevident that although overall my media consumption tends to lean towards Old forms of media andjournalism, in reality I have a wider base of use and repetition amongst new media sources. NewMedia48%OldMedia52% New Media Vs OldMedia Facebook19%Newspaper3%TV-News/CurrentAffairs8%Radio4%Cinema0%Youtube13%Twitter5%Magazines4%Internet News Sites4%TV Shows/Programing33%Blogs7% Media Consumption %   Figure 2: Percentage representationof Media ConsumptionFigure 2: Old media Vs New MediaPercentage  In Summary, my personal media use is on par with others within my age grouping in contemporarysociety. As time progresses the likelihood of greater media production by individuals will increase andthe patterns of high social networking and online use will continue. Works Cited Amanda Lenhart, New York Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. (2009, April 10). Teens and SocialMedia An Overview. New York, America.John Dimmick, Y. C. (2004). Competition Between the Internet and Traditional News Media: TheGratification-Opportunities Niche Dimension.  Journal of Media Economics , 19-33.Media Literacy Clearing House. (2008). Media Use Statistics . Retrieved March 28, 2012, from, D. (2008, May 28). The Inquisitor  . Retrieved March 30, 2012, from J Rideout, U. G. (2010). Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds. 79.
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