Methone 3D Laser Red & Green CLASS 3B. Instruction Manual Gebruiksaanwijzing Gebrauchsanleitung Notice d'utilisation V1.2

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Methone 3D Laser Red & Green CLASS 3B Instruction Manual Gebruiksaanwijzing Gebrauchsanleitung Notice d'utilisation V1.2 This manual contains important laser system safety and operation information.
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Methone 3D Laser Red & Green CLASS 3B Instruction Manual Gebruiksaanwijzing Gebrauchsanleitung Notice d'utilisation V1.2 This manual contains important laser system safety and operation information. Read and understand all instructions prior to powering on laser unit the first time, to avoid laser eye injury and to avoid breaking the law. Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. Pls note! The use in France is only allowed to the professional user and not to the enduser. See decision: WARNING DATA Lasers can be hazardous and have unique safety considerations. Permanent eye injury and blindness is possible if lasers are used incorrectly. Pay close attention to each safety REMARK and WARNING statement in the user manual. Read all instructions carefully BEFORE operating this device. Attention! Indicates a skill or other useful information for special situations. Important! Caution! Laser! Recycle Indoor Indicates important information to protect personnel from laser incident or injury. Prevent damage or injury from incorrect operation. Laser safety warming labels. To protect the environment, recycle packing material wherever possible. The projector is for indoor use only, IP20. Use only in dry locations. Keep this device away from rain and moisture, excessive heat, humidity and dust. Do not allow contact with water or other fluids. Disposal Don t throw this product away just as general trash, please dispose of this product following the abandon electronic product regulations in your area. Location The projector must be installed in a location with adequate ventilation, at least 50cm (20 inches) from adjacent surfaces. Be sure that no ventilation slots are blocked. LASER SAFETY WARNINGS Potential laser injury hazard exists with this product! Read these instructions carefully, Caution which includes important information about installation, safe use and service! Avoid direct eye contact with laser light. Never intentionally expose your eyes or others to direct laser light.. This laser product can potentially cause instant eye injury or blindness if laser light directly strikes the eyes. It is illegal and dangerous to shine this laser into audience areas, where the audience or other personnel could get direct laser beams or bright reflections into their eyes. It is an offense to shine any laser at aircraft. There are no user serviceable parts inside the unit. Do not open the housing or attempt any repairs yourself. In the unlikely event your unit may require service, please contact your dealer.. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. NON-INTERLOCKED HOUSING WARNING This unit contains high power laser devices internally. Do not open the laser housing, due to potential exposure to unsafe levels of laser radiation. The laser power levels accessible if the unit is opened can cause instant blindness, skin burns and fires. LASER SAFETY AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS STOP AND READ ALL LASER SAFETY DATA Laser Light is different from any other light source with which you may be familiar. The light from this product can potentially cause eye injury if not set up and used properly. Laser light is thousands of times more concentrated than light from any other kind of light source. This concentration of light power can cause instant eye injuries, primarily by burning the retina (the light sensitive portion at the back of the eye). Even if you cannot feel heat from a laser beam, it can still potentially injure or blind you or your audience. Even very small amounts of laser light are potentially hazardous even at long distances. Laser eye injuries can happen quicker than you can blink. It is incorrect to think that because these laser entertainment products split the laser into hundreds of beams or laser beam is scanned out in high speed, that an individual laser beam is safe for eye exposure. This laser product uses dozens of mini Watts of laser power (Class 3B levels internally). Many of the individual beams are potentially hazardous to the eyes. It is also incorrect to assume that because the laser light is moving, it is safe. This is not true. Nor, do the laser beams always move. Since eye injuries can occur instantly, it is critical to prevent the possibility of any direct eye exposure. In the laser safety regulation, it is not legal to aim Class 3B lasers in areas which people can get exposed. This is true even if it is aimed below people s faces, such as on a dance floor. Do not operate laser without first reading and understanding all safety and technical data in this manual Always set up and install all laser effects so that all laser light is at least 3 meters (9.8 feet) above the floor on which people can stand. See section later in this manual After set up, and prior to public use test laser to ensure proper function. Do not use if any defect is detected. Do not use if laser emits only one or two laser beams rather than dozens/hundreds, as this could indicate damage to the diffraction grating optic, and could allow emission of higher laser levels. Do not point lasers at people or animals. Never look into the laser aperture or laser beams Do not point lasers in areas in which people can potentially get exposed, such as uncontrolled balconies, etc. Do not point lasers at highly reflective surfaces such as windows, mirrors and shiny metal. Even laser reflections can be hazardous. Never point a laser at aircraft, this is a federal offense Never point un-terminated laser beams into the sky Do not expose the output optic (aperture) to cleaning chemicals Do not use laser if the laser appears to be emitting only one or two beams Do not use laser if housing is damaged or open, or if optics appear damaged in any way. Never open the laser housing. The high laser power levels inside of the protective housing can start fires, burn skin and will cause instant eye injury. Never leave this device running unattended. The operation of a class 3B laser show laser is only allowed if the show is controlled by a skilled and well-trained operator familiar with the data included in this manual. The legal requirements for using laser entertainment products vary from country to country. The user is responsible for the legal requirements at the location/country of use. Always use appropriate lighting safety cables when hanging lights and effects overhead. LASER SAFETY LABEL REPRODUCTIONS Caution Class 3B LASER RADIATION, WHEN OPEN, AVOID EXPOSURE TO BEAM LASER RADIOATION AVOID EXPOSURE TO BEAM CLASS 3B LASER PRODUCT. The label indicates the laser beam output aperture. LASER EXPOSURE WARNING LASER LIGHT AVOID DIRECT EYE EXPOSURE GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Every person involved with installation and maintenance of this device have to: Be qualified Follow the instructions of this manual CAUTION! Be careful with your operations. With a high voltage you can suffer a dangerous electric shock when touching the wires! This device has left out premises in absolutely perfect condition. In order to maintain this condition and to ensure a safe operation, it is necessary for the user to follow the safety instructions and warning notes written in this manual. Important! The manufacturer will not accept liability for any resulting damages caused by the non-observance of this manual or any unauthorized modification to the device. Please consider that damages caused by manual modifications to the devise are not subject to warranty. Never let the power-cord come into contact with other cables! Handle the power-cord and all connections with the mains with particular caution! Make sure that the available voltage is not higher than stated on the rear panel. Always plug in the power plug least. Make sure that the power-switch is set to off-position before you connect the device to the mains. The power-plug has to be accessed after installing the device. Make sure that the power-cord is never crimped or damaged by sharp edges. Check the device and the power-cord from time to time. Always disconnect from the mains, when the devise is not in use or before cleaning it. Only handle the power-cord by the plug. Never pull out the plug by tugging the power-cord. It is essential to connect the yellow/green conductor to earth. The electric connection, repairs and servicing must be carried out by a qualified employee. Do not switch the fixture on and off in short intervals as this would reduce the laser diode life. For replacement, please use fuses of same type and rating only. If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation, do not switch it on immediately. The arising condensation water might damage your device. Leave the device switched off until it has reached room temperature. Do not shake the device. Avoid brute force when installing or operating the device. When choosing the installation-spot, please make sure that the device is not exposed to extreme heat, moisture or dust. There should not be any cables lying around. You endanger your own and the safety of others! The minimum distance between the fixture and surrounding walls must be more than 50cm. Always fix the fixture with an appropriate safety-rope. Fix the safety-rope at the safety-rope only. The ambient temperature must be between 10 to 40. Please use the original packaging if the device is to be transported. Please consider that unauthorized modifications on the device are forbidden due to safety reasons! CAUTION! Operate the device only after having familiarized with its functions. Do not permit operation by persons not qualified for operating the device. Most damages are the result of unprofessional operation! CAUTION! If this device will be operated in any way different to the one described in this manual, the product may suffer damages and the warranty void. BEFORE OPERATION Unpacking Instructions CAUTION! Immediately upon receiving a fixture, carefully unpack the carton, check the contents to ensure that all parts are present, and have been received in good condition. Notify the shipper immediately and retain packing material for inspection if any parts appear damage from shipping or the package itself shows signs of mishandling. Save the package and all packing materials. In the event that a fixture must be returned to the factory, it is important that the fixture be returned in the original factory box and packing. Proper Laser Set Up & Usage This fixture has been designed to be hung. It is recommended for safety purposes, your lighting effect are properly mounted using a suitable hanging clamp and safety cable. Items appropriate for safe and effective mounting are easily sourced from your lighting vendor. International laser safety regulations require that lasers must be operated in the fashion illustrated below, with a minimum of 3 meters (9.8 ft) of vertical separation between the floor and the lowest laser light vertically. Additionally, 2.5 meters of horizontal separation is required between laser light and audience or other public spaces. CAUTION: Use of controls, adjustments, or performance of procedures other than what is specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure Rigging the Fixture CAUTION: Please consider the respective national norms during the installation! The installation must only be carried out by an authorized employee or dealers! The installation of the fixture has to be built and constructed in a way that it can hold 10 times the weight for 1 hour without any harming deformation. The installation must always be secured with a secondary safety attachment, e.g. an appropriate catch net. This secondary safety attachment must be constructed in a way that no part of the installation can fall down if the main attachment fails. Make sure the area below the installation place is free from unwanted persons during rigging, de-rigging and servicing. The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by an expert before taking into operation for the first time and after changes before taking into operation another time. The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by a skilled person once a year. The fixture should be installed in the position where persons cannot reach and where persons may walk by or be seated. CAUTION: When installing the device, make sure there is no highly in inflammable material (decoration articles, etc.) in between a distance of min o.5 meter. PRODUCT OVERVIEW This device has left out premises in absolutely perfect condition. In order to maintain this condition and to ensure a safe operation, it is necessary for the user to follow the safety instructions and warning notes written in this manual. The manufacturer will not accept liability for any resulting damages caused by the non-observance of this manual or any unauthorized modification to the device. CONTROL & FUNCTION Regular breaks during operation are essential to maximize the life of this device as it is not designed for continual use. Do not switch the unit on and off in short time intervals Always unplug the unit when it is not used for a longer time. Or before replacing the bulb or start servicing. In the event of serious operation problems, stop using the fixture and contact your dealer immediately. Attention Laser will be output from laser aperture in 5 seconds after the unit is powered on. MAINTENANCE Make sure the area below the installation place is free from unwanted persons during servicing Switch off the fixture, unplug the mains cable and wait until the unit has been cooled down. Housings, fixations and installations spots( ceiling, truss, suspensions) should be totally free from any deformation The mains cables must be in impeccable condition and should be replaced immediately when even a small problem is detected In order to protect the fixture from overheat the cooling fans (if any) and ventilation openings should be cleaned monthly. The cleaning of aperture glass and scanner mirrors must be carried out periodically to optimize light output. Cleaning frequency depends on the environment in which the fixture operates: damp. smoky or particularly dirty surroundings can cause greater accumulation of dirt on the unit s optics 1) Clean with a soft cloth using normal glass cleaning products. 2) Always dry the parts carefully. 3) Clean the Aperture glass at least once every 30 days The interior of the fixture should be cleaned annually using a vacuum cleaner or air-jet. ATTENTION: We strongly recommend internal cleaning to be carried out by qualified worker! Specifications subject to change without prior notice. The availability of particular products may vary by region. Please check with the dealer. Attention! L'utilisation en France est autorisée à l'utilisateur professionnel et non le consommateur. Consultez decret: NEDERLANDS Deze handleiding bevat belangrijke laser veiligheids informatie. Lees deze handleiding eerst door alvorens de laser te gebruiken om oogletsel te voorkomen en om de wet niet te overtreden. Bewaar deze handleiding als naslagwerk. WAARSCHUWING Lasers kunnen zeer gevaarlijk zijn en daarom moeten alle veiligheids voorschriften in acht worden genomen. Als lasers onjuist worden gebruikt kan oogletsel en zelfs blindheid optreden. Lees daarom alle veiligheids voorschriften en opmerkingen goed door in deze handleiding. Geeft een vaardigheid weer of andere belangrijke informatie Attentie! voor speciale situaties. Belangrijk! Voorzichtig! Laser! Recycle In huis WEEE Afstand Geeft belangrijke informatie weer i.v.m. persoonsbescherming m.b.t een laserongeluk of letsel. Gebod om, beschadiging te voorkomen of, letsel i.v.m. onjuiste bediening te voorkomen Laser veiligheid waarschuwings label. Milieubescherming, recycle verpakkingsmateriaal daar waar mogelijk. De laser mag alleen binnenshuis gebruikt worden, (IP20). Alleen in droge- en nooit in vochtige, natte ruimten gebruiken, mijd extreme hittebronnen en stof. Laat de laser nooit in contact komen met water of andere (chemische) vloeistoffen, reinigingsmiddelen enz. Gooi een defecte laser nooit bij het huisafval, maar lever deze in bij een inzamelingsplaats of een gemeentelijk depot. Een groot deel kan gerecycled worden. De laser moet in een goedgeventileerde ruimte gebruikt worden, en minstens 50cm van andere apparatuur of oppervlakken verwijderd zijn. Controleer altijd of ventilatiegaten open, en niet geblokkeerd zijn. LASER VEILIGHEIDSVOORSCHRIFTEN Vermijd direct oogcontact met, en stel uw lichaam nooit bloot aan de goed laserstraal. door. Het KIJK geeft NOOIT informatie IN DE LASERSTRAAL! over de installatie, veilig gebruik en service! Het is mogelijk letsel op te lopen bij gebruik van de laser. Lees deze instructies De laserstraal kan oogletsel of blindheid veroorzaken. Het is verboden en gevaarlijk de laserstraal in het publiek te schijnen, of daar te schijnen waar reflecties het publiek bereiken. Het is verboden de laserstraal op vliegtuigen te richten. In de laserunit bevinden zich voor u geen onderdelen die door u gebruikt kunnen worden. Open daarom nooit de behuizing en probeer de unit nooit te repareren. Laat dit over aan gekwalificeerde vakmensen of stuur de unit naar uw dealer. Het afstellen of gebruik anders dan omschreven in deze handleiding kan leiden tot een gevaarlijke blootstelling aan ongewenste straling. BLOOTSTELLING AAN ONDERDELEN Deze unit bevat laseronderdelen met een hoog vermogen, onder spanning staande delen en delen die straling afgeven. OPEN daarom NOOIT de behuizing, DIT KAN LEVENSGEVAARLIJK ZIJN. Het kan ook blindheid, huidverbranding en brand veroorzaken. LASER VEILIGHEID EN BEDIENING STOP EN LEES ALLE LASER INFORMATIE Laserlicht is anders dan ander licht wat u gewoon bent. Laserlicht kan n.l. (oog)letsel veroorzaken. Laserlicht is duizenden keren geconcentreerder dan normaal licht. Deze lichtconcentratie kan het netvlies verbranden. Zelfs als de warmte van een laserstraal niet gevoeld kan worden, kan het oogletsel of blindheid veroorzaken. Zelfs een kleine concentratie en een straal die ver verwijderd is kan gevaarlijk zijn. Oogletsel ontstaat sneller dan u met de ogen kunt knipperen. Het is onjuist te veronderstellen dat één straal uit een bundel van honderden door de laser gemaakte bundels, geen letsel kan veroorzaken. Het is ook onjuist te veronderstellen dat het veilig is in een bewegende straal te kijken. In de wet staat dat het verboden is, bij gebruik van een Klasse 3B laser, de laserstraal op individuen te richten en/of daaronder zoals op dansvloeren enz.. Plaats laserunits zodanig dat laserstralen tenminste 3 meter boven de vloer bewegen. Zie verderop in deze handleiding. Test laserunits altijd eerst voordat het publiek aanwezig is. Gebruik de laser niet bij defecten. Gebruik de laser niet indien deze maar een paar bundels uitstralen. Lasers stralen normaliter honderden bundels uit. Dit duidt op een defect aan de lens en zorgt ervoor dat de uitgestraalde bundels een ander/hoger stralingsniveau hebben en gevaarlijk zijn. Richt een laserstraal nooit op mensen en dieren. Zorg ervoor dat bij de aanwezigheid van een balkon o.i.d. dat de 3m regel in acht wordt genomen, zie hierboven vermeld. Richt een laserstraal nooit op ramen, spiegels, refelecterend materiaal enz. Ook reflecterende stralen zijn gevaarlijk. Richt een laserstraal nooit op een vliegtuig. Richt een laserstraal nooit in de open lucht. Gebruik geen reinigingsmiddelen en/of chemische middelen om de lens schoon te maken. Laat een (werkende) laserunit nooit onbeheerd achter. Laat de bediening van een Klasse 3B laser over aan vakbekwame mensen die vertrouwd zijn met de gestelde eisen die hiervoor nodig zijn. De gestelde eisen variëren van land tot land. De gebruiker is verantwoordelijk voor (het gebruik van) de laser. Gebruik altijd een veiligheidsketting wanneer een laser op hoogte wordt gemonteerd. Afgedank
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