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FCMA monthly journal Technologue March 2008 The e-news letter of Innovative Technomics Optimize resources and save Energy Optimization of capital cost and energy saving are of prime importance to any industry or project. FCMA soft starters have played a pioneering role on a very large scale in the pumping and textile industry. Some major cases are as follows Pumping – In India’s & Asia’s largest pumping scheme at . Devdula LIS phase 1 in Andhra Pradesh which was recently dedicated to the nat
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    Optimization of capital cost and energy saving are of prime importance to any industry or project. FCMA soft starters have played a pioneering role on a very large scale in the pumping and textile industry. Some major cases are as follows Pumping – In India’s & Asia’s largest pumping scheme at .Devdula LIS phase 1 in Andhra Pradesh which was recently dedicated to the nation, 8.5 MWx4, 6MWx2 and 3 MW x 2, 11KV synchronous motors for metal lined concrete volute pumps, FCMAsoft starters were able to start all the motors on optimally sized transformers and supply lines. Typically the 8.5 MW motor was started on a 10 MVA ONAN transformer. All pumps are commissioned and running. Multiple starts have been taken on the motors with same performance every time. The prime contractors for AP irrigation department were Hindustan Construction Company and Kirloskar Brothers who have been our prime customers and we feel proud and privileged to work with such a professional team.Large rating pumps essentially mean better efficiency and energy saving per unit of water delivered. One of the major constraints for such large pumps has been starting and FCMA soft starters have met this challenge with distinction.More than 500 MW combined capacity and more than 300 numbers FCMA soft starters are employed in various schemes in Andhra Pradesh such as HMWSSB, Pushkara Tadipudi, Devdula,Chokka Rao, Ali Sagar , Hanriniwa, Gutpha, Gandikota, Pada, Bhima LIS etc.. The largest supplied units are 13.6 MW 11 KV.Similar projects are being executed though on a smaller scale in Madhyapradesh water supply schemes as well as Rajasthan and Delhi Jal Board & many other places.Refineries – After the successful project for IOCL Mathura where FCMA soft starters are installed for MUG compressors and pumps similar project is in progress for IOCL Haldia project. 7 nos,6.6 KV soft starters are being manufactured for MUG compressors,Lean amine pumps and charge pumps for Punj Llyod under consultancy from Lurgi and Kvaerner. Largest rating is 4.3 MW and the focus is again on system optimization by reduction of starting current. FCMA monthly journal Technologue  March 2008 The e-news letter of Innovative Technomics  Otimize resources and save Ener   E E n n t t r ree p p r ree n neeuu r r s s h hii p pt t h h r r o ouu g g h hii n n n n o ovv a a t tii o o n n  Oil   Textile industry – The textile industry has seen unprecedented growth in the last year. One of the major inputs is compressed air.The industry has upgraded itself by changing over from multiple units of small reciprocating compressors to fewer large capacity centrifugals and screw compressors.FCMA soft starters have a major contribution in this by allowing starting of the large machines from 300 KW to 1600 KW on the existing power supply system on 415 V , 6.6 kV and 11 KV.Innovative works very closely with all the compressor manufacturers such Ingersol Rand, Atlas Copco , Elgi etc to give optimal solutions to dynamic clients such as Alok textiles, Blue Blend , Sanatan,Universal, Welspun , Arvee Denim,Nandan Exim, Laxmi Cotsyn,Banswara, Jeevrajka, Nahar group, Bilosa and many others. The user list looks like a who’s who of the textile industry.Savings have been two folds: On one side these high tech compressors are highly efficient and save lot of energy for the user and on the other hand with FCMA soft starters there is no need to upgrade the power system which saves capital cost and time.This is the reason that more than 100 such units have been installed in the last year.These cases bring out the strength of our basic principle of being solution providers rather than just hardware suppliers. The Engineering inputs in these cases have been phenomenal and the benefits are due both to the product and the system engineering capabilities of Innovative.PCMU - Protection, Control and monitoring unit (PCMU) has now come of age and is gradually becoming a prominent optional feature of the FCMA soft starters. This micro-processor based unit provides touch screen display with fault protection and monitoring with data logging. Customers can now avail this option. Of course the hard wired logic option is fully available. Product+Engg=Solution FCMA monthly journal Technologue  March 2008   The e-news letter of Innovative Technomics Pvt. Ltd. Optimize resources and save Energy   µ  µµ  µ  p   E E n n t t r ree p p r ree n neeuu r r s s h hii p pt t h h r r o ouu g g h hii n n n n o ovv a a t tii o o n n    International operations – FCMA technology has received excellent response in the international markets in Middle east, Africa and parts of Europe. The basic reasons are reliability, ease of operation, no maintenance and high voltage high rating capability added to zero harmonic starting with lowest starting current.Innovative Technomics USA LLC is set up at Katy,Texas USA and offers FCMA soft starters assembled at US facility for the American market.Similarly FCMA soft starters are assembled in France under the brand Innovative Technomics Europe SARL for the European customers. 10 KV FCMA soft starters for German and Algerian customers are under execution.Test facility upgradation – New test facilities are set up in Pune (Velu) factory for high power, high voltage testing of FCMAprototypes. Two large capacity sources of 4 MVA & 7 MVA at 11 KV,50/60 HZ are set up for in-house design validation of FCMA modules.You can refer your large motor starting problems and power system related issues to us for a transparent and effective analysis and solution. We have experience on very large drive solutions.Contact: Email –  Technologue editor, Phone – 00 91 20 – 2712 13 66 Innovative Technomics Pvt. Ltd Fax - 00 91 20 – 2712 00 19 X-17, MIDC Bhosari Pune – 411026 INDIA FCMA monthly journal Technologue  March 2008   The e-news letter of Innovative Technomics Pvt. Ltd. Optimize resources and save Energy   E E n n t t r ree p p r ree n neeuu r r s s h hii p pt t h h r r o ouu g g h hii n n n n o ovv a a t tii o o n n  ?  The Mind Page  Give it a thought –  Integrity and honesty are many times ill-defined as not having committed a crime. This is a very limited and negative definition.In effect more than 80% of humanity could say that because they never stole money they have integrity and honesty! But they would not hold an opinion or judgment for more than a day.The true definition would rather be the capacity and capability to stand by an idea or principle on one’s own conviction and analysis.One has to believe in oneself and judge an idea on its merit and then to stand by it.An idea or principle thus learnt and judged then becomes your own. It is then your property irrespective of whether it was yours in the first place. This is what gives strength to one’s character and meaning to one’s life. Techno-share – Topic of the month Oscillating torque in Salient pole Synchronous motors  Synchronous motors used in the industry have two types of rotor construction; - Cylindrical pole and Salient pole. Both the constructions are designed for induction start using damper bars in the rotor with end connections.With three phase stator supply a rotating magnetic field (RMF) is created by the stator and the torque produced is primarily induction torque. However in salient pole machines an additional torque is produced due to the saliency of the rotor which is a reluctance torque. The reluctance torque will try to align the rotor poles with the RMF.In the acceleration zone the rotor speed is less than the RMF.The RMF will sweep the rotor poles at relative speed. The reluctance torque will be positive when the RMF is leading the rotor pole angular position and negative when the RMF is lagging the rotor pole angular position. Thus the reluctance torque will change sign in every rotor 
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