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Index i. Introduction a. Abstract b. Organization Profile. c. Project Overview d. Aim & Scope of the project ii. System Analysis a. Existing System b. Proposed System c. Software Requirements Specification -Software Requirements -Hardware Requirements d. Feasibility Study iii. System Design. a. Introduction b. Data Base Design c. Data Dictionary d. UML Diagrams iv. System Testing. a. Unit Testing b. Integration Testing c. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. System Testing System Implementation. Screens. Tec
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    Index i.Introductiona.Abstractb.Organization Profile.c.Project Overviewd.Aim & Scope of the projectii.System Analysisa.Existing Systemb.Proposed Systemc.Software Requirements Specification-Software Requirements-Hardware Requirementsd. Feasibility Study iii.System Design.a.Introductionb.Data Base Designc.Data Dictionary d. UML Diagramsiv.System Testing.a.Unit Testingb.Integration Testingc. System Testingv.System Implementation.vi.Screens.vii.Technology Specification.viii.Conclusion.ix.Bibliography and References.  Introduction a.Abstract MingleSpot is an online community designed to make your social life more active andstimulating. It’s social network can help you maintain existing relationships with picturesand messages, and establish new ones by reaching out to people you've never metbefore. It will become the fastest growing travel and lifestyle social networkingcommunity portal in future and discover how easy it is for you to keep in touch, meetpeople from around the world and keep your friends and family informed of yourwhereabouts movements and activities. Use messaging capabilities to keep in touchsimply, quickly and cheaply! MingleSpot makes it easy to find people who share your hobbies and interests, look forromantic connections or establish new business contacts. You can also create and join awide variety of online communities to discuss current events, reconnect with old schoolmates or even exchange your favorite recipes. MingleSpot is a flagship example of the next generation of internet companies born outof the world with global potential. By sharing tips and introductions with likemindedtravellers, it’s members can get more out of their leisure time. This brand will havemassive growth potential and we will be delighted to be involved. 2   The System after careful analysis has been identified to present with the followingmodules. The following functionalities are incorporated in this application 1. About profile To avail the facility user must register himself by creating his profile. This modulemaintains all the information, which belongs to the profiles that are registered in theportal. This module maintains the total information about the registered users. For eachand every user profile has been divided into five types. i.e., Basic information, Contactinformation, Personal information, Educational & Professional information, and otherinformation. If the user don’t want to display his profile to all the users and wants todisplay for some of his friends then he can change his settings in my settings option. 2. About Buddies This module allows users to search friends and view their profiles and place request toadd people as friends and allows to send scraps to your buddies. If any of the userswants to search for the friends, he can search the friends by just choosing the searchoption located in the portal. They can search for the friends by choosing their ownoption. After completion of search if they want to view their friend’s profiles then theycan view the profiles by clicking on their friend’s name. After completion of search if youwant to add that person to your friends list then you can open his profile and choose theoption ‘add as a friend’, then it will be placed in your friend’s list. If you want send ascrap to that person then you can directly open his profile and choose the option ‘Leavea scrap’ . So you can send a scrap. Finally this module maintains all the informationrelated to search the friends and their profiles. 3  3. About SAWAALS AND POLLS Users can place questions on various topics and can view the answers posted by otherregistered users. This functionality allows users to create polls and participate in pollscreated by other users. This module deals with major and crucial part that includes thedetails of existed sawals and polls. Every user can able to create a new poll and view theexisted polls. Each and every user can vote for the polls. But the user who has createdthe poll is not allowed to vote for his poll. Any of the existed user can directly go to theportal, select the poll option and vote for the poll. This facility is used to know opinion of the people. Sawal is the most useful feature for the public. In this feature we can place anew sawal. In this feature sawals is categorized into some parts, depending upon thatparts we can place a sawal and view the existed sawals. Each and every user candirectly answer for the sawals excluding the user who has created the sawal is notallowed to answer his sawal. Only the administrator can able to cancel a sawal or a pollif it effects the others privacy. 4. About COMMUNITIES This functionality allows users to create their own gang or to participate in an existinggang. This gang feature is available for every user. Each and every user can create theirown gang. We can add the gang’s details, what activities our gang should be done thistype information also we can place. Also each and every user can view the details of allthe existed gangs. If any of the user wants to join in that gang they can just click the join button, or wants to see the members involved in that gang then just click themember’s button. The gang started date also we can place and we can see the existedgang’s starting dates. Only the admin user can cancel the gang if it effects the othersprivacy. 4
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