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Type: Object Type: Array Element Type: Element Type: Window Class: Request Class: Request.HTML mootools Core Core Static methods (O = Object) * O.each(fn(v, k, o){} [, bn]) * O.every(fn(v, k, o){} [, bn]) * O.filter(fn(v, k, o){} [, bn]) * O.keyOf(o, value m) *, k, o){} [, bn]) * O.some(fn(v, k, o){} [, bn]) * mostly synonymous to Array fn Full CheatSheet for Javascript Framework mootools 1.3 by instanceOf(item m, type m) typeOf(item m) element, textnode, n
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  Class new Class(o | contructor n) special properties:Extends: o | class | a,Implements: o,initialize: n (=constructor) implement(o) Class.Extras Class: Chain new Class({Implements: Chain}) callChain([args])chain(n [, n [,...] ])clearChain() Class: Events new Class({Implements: Events}) addEvent(s, n [, internal?])addEvents(o, n [, internal?])reEvent(s [, args, delay ms])removeEvent(s, n)removeEvents([s]) Class: Options new Class({Implements: Options}) setOptions([opt]) Type:  Array  Array.each(iterable, n [, bind]) Array.clone(a) Array.rom(o)* each(n(el, i, a){} [, bn])* every(n(el, i, a){} [, bn])* lter(n(el, i, a){} [, bn])* indexO(el [, rom n])* map(n(el, i, a){} [, bn])* some(n(el, i, a){} [, bn]) * only i not supported natively append(a)associate(a)clean()combine(a)contains(el [, rom n])erase(el)empty()fatten()getLast()getRandom()include(el)invoke(method [, arg, arg, ...])link(o)pick()rgbToHex(returnArray?)hexToRgb(returnArray?) Type: Function Function.rom(m)Function.attempt(n [, n [, ...] ])attempt([args [, bn])bind([bn [, args] ])delay([ms [, bn [, args] ] ])extend(key s, value m)implement(key s, value m)pass([args [, bn])periodical([ms [, bn [, args] ] ]) replace: bindWithEvent myEl.addEvent(“click“,unction(e){ myFunction.bind(bn [, e]) })replace: run myFn.apply(bn, arg) Core instanceO(item m, type m)typeO(item m) element, textnode, number,whitespace, unction, date,arguments, array, object, string,boolean, regexp, class, collection,window, document,event, alseType: Number Number.rom(m)Number.random(min n, max n)limit(min n, max n)round([n])times(n [, bn])toInt(), toFloat() Methods rom ‘Math’ abs, acos, asin, atan2, ceil, cos,exp, foor, log, max, min, pow, sin,sqrt, tanType: String String.rom(m)String.uniqueID()camelCase()capitalize()clean()contains(s [, separator s])escapeRegExp()hyphenate()stripScripts(evaluate?)substitute(o [, regex])test(regex [, params])toInt(),toFloat()trim()rgbToHex(returnArray?)hexToRgb(returnArray?) Element Type: Element new Element(tag s | el |selector s [, opt]) each opt calls ‘Element.set’ getElement(match)getElements(match)getElementById(s)set(s, val | o)get(s)erase(s)match(match)contains(el)inject(el [, where]) <el>myEl</el> (move myEl) grab(el [, where]) <myEl>el</myEl> (move el) adopt(el [, el a | el [,...] ]) <myEl>el el</myEl> (move el’s) wraps(el [, where]) <myEl>el</myEl> (move myEl) appendText(s)empty() remove children destroy() trash, ree memory dispose() remove rom DOM clone([cloneContents?, keepId?])replaces(el)hasClass(s)addClass(s)removeClass(s)toggleClass(s)getPrevious([match])getAllPrevious([match])getNext([match])getAllNext([match])getFirst([match])getLast([match])getParent([match])getParents([match])getSiblings([match])getChildren([match])toQueryString()getSelected() (only on <select>) getProperty(s)getProperties(s [,s [, ...] ])setProperty(s, val)setProperties( {s: val, ...} )removeProperty(s)removeProperties(s [,s [, ...] ])store(s, val)retreive(s [, deault m])eliminate(s) Class: Request new Request( [opt] ) opt = { url: s,method: post | get,data: s,link: ignore | cancel | chain,async: asyncRequest?,encoding: s, (deault: ut-8)headers: {name: content},evalScripts: eval<script>?,evalResponse: evalAll?,emulation:  put   _method?,urlEncoded: ormUrlEncoding?,timeout: ms,noCache: orceNoCache?,user: basicAuthUser s,password: basicAuthPasswd s,isSuccess: n,onRequest(),onLoadStart(event, xhr),onProgress(event, xhr),onComplete(),onCancel(),onSuccess(rText, rXml),onFailure(xhr),onException(hdName ,val),onTimeout() } cancel()getHeader(name s)setHeader(name s, val s)isRunning()send( [Request opt] ) Object: Element.Properties send [, Request opt] Type: Element send([url s]) (only on <orm>)Class: Request.HTML new Request.HTML([opt]) opt = { all opt rom Request +update: el,append: el,evalScripts: eval<script>?,lter: n,onSuccess(rTree, rElems,rHTML, rJS) } get(opt | url s)post(opt | queryString | el) Object: Element.Properties load [, opt] Type: Element load(url s) > Request.HTML.getClass: Request.JSON new Request.JSON([opt]) opt = { all opt rom Request +secure: checkSyntax?onComplete(rJSON, rText) } mootools Core Full CheatSheet or JavascriptFramework mootools Object: Browser ie, ie6, ie7, ie8,reox, reox2, reox3,saari, saari3, saari4,chrome, opera Features xpath, xhr, air, query, json RequestPlatorm mac, win, linux, ios, webos,android, other, anyName Plugins Flash Type: Object Static methods (O = Object) * O.each(n(v, k, o){} [, bn])* O.every(n(v, k, o){} [, bn])* O.lter(n(v, k, o){} [, bn])* O.keyO(o, value m)*n(v, k, o){} [, bn])* O.some(n(v, k, o){} [, bn]) * mostly synonymous to Array n O.append(srcin o, ext o)O.clone(o)O.contains(o, value m)O.getLength(o)O.keys(o)O.merge(o1, o2 [, o3, ...])O.subset(o, keys a)O.toQueryString(o)O.values(o)new Event([e [, win] ])Properties alt, client.x, client.y, code, control,key, meta, page.x, page.y, shit,relatedTarget, rightClick, target,wheel ‘key’ can be: enter, up, down, let, right, tab,space, backspace, delete, esc preventDeault()stop(), stopPropagation() Object: Event.Keys Event.Keys.key = keyCode Type: Event Class: Slick (Selectors) ‘Slick’ engine FTW! WindowEvent: domready domready the all time avourite ;)Object: Cookie Cookie.write(key s, value s [, opt]) opt = { domain: s, path: s,duration: n, secure: b? } s)Cookie.dispose(key s [, opt]) Object: JSON JSON.encode(o)JSON.decode(s [, secure?]) Class: Swi new Swi(swPath s [, opt]) opt = { id: swidth: n, height : n,container: el,params: swParams,properties: o,vars: o,events: o }swParams = { allowScriptAccess: s,quality: high | medium | low,swLiveConnect: remoteScripting?,wMode: s } Swi.remote( mySwi o, n[, arg, arg, ...]) Element.Event Type: Element addEvent(e, n)addEvents({e: n})removeEvent(e, n)removeEvents([e])reEvent(e [, args, delay])cloneEvents(rom el [, type s]) Object: Element.Events Element.Events.key = o o = { base: e, condition: n,onAdd: n, onRemove: n } Custom Events mouseentermouseleavemousewheel Element.Style Type: Element setStyle(s, val)setStyles( {s : val, ...} )getStyle(s)getStyles(s [, s [, ...] ]) Element.Dimensions Type: Element getCoordinates()getOsetParent()getPosition(relative el)setPosition( {x: posX, y: posY} )getScroll(), getScrollSize()getSize()scrollTo(x,y) o ~ Object e ~ Event bn ~ Element to bind ‘this’s ~ String n ~ Function [ ] ~ optionala ~ Array el ~ Element | ~ choice / orn ~ Number el a ~ Array o el ms ~ Milliseconds? ~ Boolean m ~ mixed match ~ CSS SelectorType: Window | s | o)  Alias: $ (unction($){ // $ is sae in closure (compat!) })( $$(selector s | el a | el[, el, ...]) any combination; commaseparatedObject: Element.Properties html: htmlStr [, htmlStr [, ...] ]text: textStringprop: propValuetag (only getter)Type: IFrame new IFrame([el [, opt] ]) Type: Elements new Elements(el a [, opt])lter(sel s)  Fx.Transitions Class: Fx adds possibility to use transitionoption as string e.g. ‘bounce:out’Object: Fx.Transitions Linear, Quad, Cubic, Quart,Quint, Pow, Expo, Circ, Sine,Back, Bounce, Elastic each has easIn,easeOut,easeInOut Class: Fx.Transition new Fx.Transition(trans [, opt]) Class: Fx.Tween new Fx.Tween(el, opt) opt = { all opt rom Fx +property: cssProp s } set(cssProp s, value m)start([cssProp s,] [rom,] to) Object: Element.Properties tween, [ opt] Type: Element tween(cssProp s, rom [, to])ade([how]) how = in | out | show | hide | toggleor number between 0 and 1 highlight([start, end]) Class: FX new Fx(opt) opt = { ps: n (deault: 50),unit: alse | px | em | %,link: ignore | cancel | chain,duration: ms | short | normal | long,transition: Fx.Transitions,onStart(xInstance),onComplete(xInstance),onCancel(xInstance),onChainComplete(xInstance) } start(rom n, [to n])set(value m n)cancel()pause()resume() mootools FX/More Full CheatSheet or JavascriptFramework mootools    Class: FX.Morph new Fx.Morph(el, opt) opt = { all opt rom Fx } set( match | {cssProp: to} )start( match | {cssProp: rom,[to] } ) Object: Element.Properties morph, [ opt] Type: Element morph( match | {cssProp:rom, [to] } ) Class: Fx.Elements new Fx.Elements(el a, opt) opt = all opt rom FX set(to) to = { index o el: {cssProp: to} } start(obj) obj = { index o el: {cssProp: [rom, to]} }Module: Types  Array.Extras (  Type:  Array) min()max()average()shufe()sum()unique()reduce(n [, rstCallVal m])reduceRight(n [, rstCallVal m]) n(previousVal, currentVal, i, a) String.Extras (  Type: String) pad(length, padString, dir) dir = let | right | both repeat(times n)tidy() common special-chars to ascii standardize() remove non-ascii getTags([tagType, contents])stripTags([tagType, contents]) Object.Extras (  Type: Object) O.getFromPath(o, path s) path like ‘key1.sub1.sub3‘ O.cleanValues(o, n(val))O.erase(o, key) [, arg [, arg [, ...]]]) Number.Format (  Type: Number) ormat([opt]) opt = { decimal: separator s,group: separator s,decimals: numODecimals n,precision: signicantNum n,scientic: replace’e+4’?,prex: s, sux: s } ormatCurrency() > Locale ormatPercentage() Module: Request Class: Request.Periodical extends Request, Request.HTML& Request.JSONopt = { all opt rom Request +initialDelay: ms,delay: ms,limit: ms } startTimer(m)stopTimer() Class: Request.Queue new Request.Queue(opt) opt = { stopOnFailure: b?,autoAdvance: b?,concurrent: parrallelReq n } + Events rom Request like so:onComplete(name, inst, rText, rXml) addRequest(name, request)addRequests({name, request})cancel(name)clear([name])getName(request)getRunning()hasNext([name])removeRequest(name | request)resume()runAll()runNext([name]) Hash:  Asset  Asset.javascript(source s [, opt]) Asset.css(source s [, opt]) opt = { all opt rom Element +onLoad() }  Asset.image(source s [, opt]) opt = { all opt rom Element +onLoad(), onError(), onAbort() }  Asset.images(sources a [, opt]) opt = { all opt rom Element +onComplete(),onProgress(counter, index),onError(counter, index) }Note: Don’t use Mootools events!Type: URI new URI([strUri, opt]) opt = { base: baseHre s } toString()set(part, value) part = scheme, user, password,host, port, directory, le, query,ragment, data get(part)setData(o [, merge?, part])getData([key, part])clearData()go()toURI() Type: String toURI() Module: URI.Relative Type: URI toAbsolute()toRelative() Type: Date get(key) set(key, val) / set({key: val}) key = Date, Day, FullYear / year,Hours / hr, Milliseconds / ms,Minutes / min, Month / mo,Seconds / sec, Time, UTCDate,UTCFullYear, UTCHours,UTCMilliseconds, UTCMinutes,UTCMonth, UTCSecondsor ‘get(key)’ key may also be:TimezoneOset, Week, Timezone,GMTOset, Ordinal, DayOYear,LastDayOMonth, UTCDay, AMPM clone()increment(resolution, times n)decrement(resolution, times n)di(date [, resolution]) resolution = year, month, week,day, hour, minute, second, ms isLeapYear()clearTime()toISOString()parse(date | s) Static methods (D = Date)neFormat(name, ormat)neFormats({name, ormat})D.parse(date | s)neParser(pattern s)neParsers(pattern a) pattern = hybrid o ormat keys & regular expressions%key - match key? - optional() - groupse.g. “%d%o( %b( %Y)?)?( %X)?“~ 14th~ 31st October~ 1 Jan 2000~ 1 Jan 12:00amne2DigitYearStart(year) example:D.parse(‘01/01/00’);//Year 2000D.parse(‘12/31/99’);//Yearne2DigitYearStart(2000);D.parse(‘01/01/00’);//Year 2000D.parse(‘12/31/99’);//Year 2099Class: Date.Extras Extra Date Parsers Date.parse(“today“)Date.parse(“next monday“) ... Type: Date timeDi([date, joiner])timeDiInWords([date]) Ino: Date.ormat ormat(ormat) keys: (“%key %key2%key3”)a short day (“Mon”, “Tue”)  A ull day (“Monday”) b short month (“Jan”, “Feb”) B ull month (“January”) c ull date to string (“Mon Dec10 14:35:42 2007”) d date to two digits (01, 05, ...) e date as one digit (1, 5, 12, ...) H hour to two digits / 24h (00 - 24) I hour as decimal / 12h (01 - 12)  j day o the year to three digits(001 - 366, is Jan 1st) k  hour / 24h as a digit (0 - 23)Single digits preceded by space l hour / 12h as digit (1 to 12).Single digits preceded by space L time in milliseconds to 3 digits m numerical month to two digits(01 is Jan, 12 is Dec) M minutes to two digits (01 - 59) o ordinal o the day o the monthin the current language(“st” or 1st, “nd” or 2nd, etc.) p current language equivalent oeither AM or PM s Unix Epoch Time timestamp S seconds to two digits (01 - 59) U week to two digits (01- 52) w numerical day o week one digit(0 is Sunday, 1 is Monday) x date in the current languagepreerred ormaten-US: %m/%d/%Y (12/10/2007)  X time in the current languagepreerred ormaten-US: %I:%M%p (02:45PM) y short year in two digits (“07”)  Y ull year in our digits (“2007”) z GMT oset (“-0800”) Z time zone (“GMT”) % returns % (%y%% = 07%) shortcuts: db %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S compact %Y%m%dT%H%M%S iso8601  %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%T rc822 %a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %Z short %d %b %H:%M long  %B %d, %Y %H:%MClass: Fx.Slide new Fx.Slide(el, opt) opt = { all opt rom Fx +mode: horizontal | vertical,wrapper: el,hideOverfow: setHidden?,resetHeight: autoResetHeight? } slideIn([mode])slideOut([mode])toggle([mode])hide([mode])show([mode]) Hash: Element.Properties slide, [ opt] Type: Element slide( [how] ) how = in | out | show | hide | toggleClass: Fx.Scroll new Fx.Scroll(el, opt) opt = { all opt rom Fx +oset: {x: n, y: n},overfown: a,wheelStops: wheelStopsTrans? } set(x, y)start(x, y)toTop(), toBottom()toLet(), toRight(),toElement(el) Class: Drag new Drag(el, opt) opt = { grid: pixels n,handle: el,invert: invertValuesOnDrag?,limit: {x: n, y:n},modiers: {x: cssProp, y: cssProp}snap: distance n,style: setModiersAsStyleProp?unit: s (deault: px),preventDeault: b?, > EventstopPropagation: b?, > EventonBeoreStart(el),onStart(el),onSnap(el),onDrag(el),onComplete(el),onCancel(el) } attach()detach()stop([event]) Type: Element makeResizable([opt]) opt = all opt rom DragClass: Drag.Move new Drag.Move(el, opt) opt = { all opt rom Drag +container: el,droppables: el a,precalculate: b?,includeMargins: b?,checkDroppables: b?,onDrop(el, droppable, event),onLeave(el, droppable),onEnter(el, droppable) } stop() Type: Element makeDraggable([opt]) opt = all opt rom Drag / Drag.Move mootools More From here on you will ndsome selected plugins romMore, I consider useul.It’s not a complete list!Be sure to check orlatest up-to-date inormation. 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