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Summary of Reflexology Foot Procedure - Right Foot 1. Cleanse Feet 2. Foot Examination 3. Cover left foot and begin on the right foot. 4. Palm Rub Relaxation Technique - rub back & forth from ankle & heel upward to toes. Cleanse both feet with diluted witch hazel (50% with water) Examine for any unusual conditions on the feet. Do not work on any foot conditions. Relaxation Warm Ups: 5. Knuckle Draw/Roll Technique - draw or roll knuckles upward from heel to toes 3X. 6. Ankle Rotation Techniq
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  Summary of Reflexology Foot Procedure - Right Foot 1. Cleanse Feet2. Foot Examination3. Cover left foot and beginon the right foot.4. Palm Rub RelaxationTechnique - rub back &forth from ankle & heelupward to toes.Cleanse both feet withdiluted witch hazel (50%with water)Examine for any unusualconditions on the feet.  Do not work on any footconditions. RelaxationWarm Ups: 5. Knuckle Draw/RollTechnique - draw or rollknuckles upward from heelto toes 3X.6. Ankle RotationTechnique - rotate foot 3Xin each direction.7. Spine Reflex Twist -twist in opposite directionsin Zone 1.8. Thoracic Chest StretchTechnique - fingers on top,thumbs on bottom. Stretchopen in opposite directionshorizontally 3X. Thenreverse hands & repeat 3X.9. Relative to Solar Plexus - middle of diaphragm inZone 3. Push in & up 3X.10. Longitudinal ZoningTechnique - upward fromheel up to and including thetoes in all zones.11. Longitudinal ZoningTechnique - on big toe inall zones.12. Pituitary Gland Reflex - Zone 3, hook in and drawto medial side.N101 - Foot Reflexology Course - Reflexology Foot Procedure Chapter 16 - Page 27  13. Foot Clean-Out fromAchilles Tendon upward to& over toes. Spine Reflex: 14. Spine Reflex - Zone 1,work vertically from heel totoe.Then work horizontally fromheel to toe. Clean-out spinereflexes. Lateral Zone 5: 15. Leg & Arm Reflexes -Zone 5, work and pinchupward from bottom.16. Hip/Thigh/Knee/ElbowReflex - Zone 5 at 5 meta- th tarsal bone. 4-finger walkupward to Zone 4.17. Dorsal Sciatic NerveReflex - Zone 4&5 above 5 th metatarsal bone. Hook &draw downward 3X.18. Dorsal Shoulder Reflexes - Zone 5, below 5 th toe. Grid 3X with 4 fingers.19. Clean-Out Medial PelvicArea: 20. Relative to Sciatic/Rectum Reflex - Gentlypinch Achilles tendontowards you.Clean-out the lateral side ofthe foot in Zone 5.N101 - Foot Reflexology Course - Reflexology Foot Procedure Chapter 16 - Page 28  21. Relative to Large ColonReflex - work or pinch aboveAchilles tendon.22. Relative to Anus Reflex - end of Achilles tendon,gently pinch 3X.23. Medial Relative toPelvic Area Reflex - Zone 1 - 4 finger-walk upward fromheel to ankle.24. Relative to Uterus /Prostate/Vagina/PenisReflex - ½ way betweenankle & heel. Hookdownward 3X.25. Clean-Out Groin LymphaticArea: 26. Fallopian Tube/GroinLymphatic Reflex - dorsal,anklebone to anklebone 3X. Lateral PelvicArea: Clean-out the Medial PelvicArea.27. Hip/Lower Back/SciaticArea Reflex - 4-finger walkunder lateral anklebone inZone 5.28. Lateral Relative toPelvic Area Reflex - Zone 5 - 4 finger-walk upward.29. Relative to Ovary /Testicle Reflex - ½ waybetween ankle & heel inZone 5. Hook downward 3X.30. Clean-OutClean-out the Lateral PelvicArea.N101 - Foot Reflexology Course - Reflexology Foot Procedure Chapter 16 - Page 29  Plantar PelvicArea: 31. Plantar Pelvic AreaReflex - Grid heel, all 5zones 3X.32. Hemorrhoid, Testicle,Anus/Rectum & ProstateReflexes - work upward onmedial side of heel 3X toabove pelvic line.33. Plantar Sciatic NerveReflex - Zone 4 of heel, ustabove bottom of heel, draw3X to lateral side of heel.34. Clean-Out Plantar Lower Abdominal Area: 35. - Ileocecal Valve &Appendix Reflexes - Zone4&5 line above pelvic line,hook 3X to lateral side.36. Ascending Colon &Hepatic Flexure Reflexes -work Zone 4&5 line upwardto waistline. Hook intohepatic flexure 3X.Clean-out Plantar PelvicArea37. Transverse ColonReflex - work Zones 4 to 1on waistline.38. Small Intestine Reflex -grid Zones 4 to 1 betweenwaistline & pelvic line 3X.39. Uterus, Ovary &Fallopian Tube Reflexes -½ way between pelvic &waistline, work & hook 3XZones 1 to 3.40. Clean-OutClean-out Plantar LowerAbdominal AreaN101 - Foot Reflexology Course - Reflexology Foot Procedure Chapter 16 - Page 30
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