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Pastoral Instruction on New Age Concise and thorough study about the characteristics, practices and philosophies of the New Age By Archbishop Edward Anthony McCarthy, the Archbishop of Miami November 1991 Instrucción Pastoral sobre la Nueva Era Profundo y conciso estudio a cerca de las características, filosofías y prácticas de la Nueva Era This is th
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    Pastoral Instruction on New Age Concise and thorough study about thecharacteristics, practices and philosophiesof the New Age By Archbishop Edward Anthony McCarthy, the Archbishop of Miami November 1991 Instrucción Pastoral sobre la Nueva Era Profundo y conciso estudio a cerca de las características, filosofías y prácticas de la Nueva EraThis is the nineteenth of twenty-three Pastoral Letters of the second Archbishop of Miami-Michael  The Archbishop of Miami worried about the breakthrough of this new movement and noting the subtledamage that occurs in the faithful, a concise and thorough study about the characteristics, practices andphilosophies of the New Age. The New Age Movement, as it is known today, had its start in California in the'60s with the spread of Eastern philosophies, especially Buddhism, which was so popular among middle class Americansdisillusioned with the then Vietnam War. This movement, as we know it today has its roots in a number of religious practices and disciplines, philosophical and Theosophical.  CONTENTS  1 .- The indefinite character and complexity of the New Age Movement [Click for translation from thesrcinal Spanish]Chapter 1: The indefinite character and complexity of the New Age Movement   We are witnessing, the Holy Father said recently, a furious search for meaning in our lives, the need foran inner life and desire to learn new ways and methods of meditation and prayer ... In secularizedsocieties, the spiritual dimension of life is often like looking for an antidote to dehumanization. (Redemptoris Missio, 38) This desperate search for meaning in our world today to which the Pope refers takes many forms. One of these is the New Age Movement. Names of prominent personalities from Northern America areassociated with this New Age Movement. (Shirley MacLaine, Nancy Reagan, Bob Dylan, Tom Cruise, JohnBrodie, just to name a few - A cruise in Outer Space, by Jan Golab, California Magazine, June 1991, p. 42).Many libraries across the nation are extensively and written works of this New Age . A new park of 480acres valued at one trillion dollars projected in Orlando, Florida, in 1993 (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi). The NewAge Movement penetrates all sectors of society, not only in the spiritual and devotional, but also public andpolitical. The New Age Movement embraces many of the ideals of the Church, as is peace, humanitarianism, respectfor individual dignity, meditation and concern for ecology. But it also embraces many other elements thatare totally incompatible with Christianity and our Catholic faith. The New Age Movement, as it is known today, had its start in California in the'60s with the spread of Eastern philosophies, especially Buddhism, which was so popular among middle class Americansdisillusioned with the then Vietnam War. This movement, as we know it today has its roots in a number of religious practices and disciplines, philosophical and Theosophical (e.g., the great concern about the occult,as you can feel the fear of witchcraft and the renaissance of astrology, palmistry and the magical healingbetween the colonists of this country, and the syncretistic beliefs among the slaves of Louisiana and otherSouthern states). Other concerns with the occult in the eighteenth century and nineteenth and thisprovides the historical framework for the New Age movement that seeks to find truth and enlightenment.Among these are illuminated by their reaction to the revival of the eighteenth century, the induction of   hypnotist Mesmer (that has to do with the unconscious or subconscious), spiritualism (the belief that thespirits of the dead communicate with the living through in half), Theosophy, studies on PSI (PES), a certainobsession with extraterrestrials, and harmonic convergence (the belief that the world heralds a new age of harmony in the world). The New Age Movement can be described as a religious subculture that apparently has spread, but in noway has been defined. This movement's goal is that its members discover the light within it and allmanifestations of the divine within and around them through a variety of exercises and techniques thatinvolve the mind. As such, the God of the New Age Movement is not a personal God. It sees God withineveryone. The members of this New Age refer to this as the energy god or purosentido or puroconocimiento. The New Age Movement emphasizes that the traditional polarity between male and female must beovercome. The practices of this New Age include witchcraft, astrology, re-birth (through hypnosis back toa time when born), pipe (evoking the voices of spirits through half human). These and other practices arefull of the New Age Movement also believe in reincarnation. This New Age calls for a radical change in the way you look at life. Debate and demands on our proposalsand our Western scientific way of seeing the world and proposes a way to intuit almost oriental magic. Thebasic thought of this New Age is the realization of human potential in order to promote or cause the Ageof Aquarius. This realization is reached through meditation, street psychology , in EST, and so on. Thebasic philosophy is that we can be whatever we want to be, because we are all God. Our personalities andour ways of being are determined from the moment of our birth and the position of the stars and planets.Morality is relative. Sin equals ignorance. The indefinite character and complexity of the New Age Movement are reflected in the large number of concepts, issues and interests associated with that. They have the taste or the substance of the movement and the difficulties that are proposed to a theological evaluation.One must recognize that there are positive aspects to this New Age Movement. It reflects a commitment tothe sacred and the spiritual, a new discovery of the transcendent which is a reaction to scientificrationalism and secularism today. It seeks the truth as the solution to every mystery. It reflects the searchfor a living spiritual experience. It recognizes the value of expressing spirituality through signs andsymbols. It nurtures self-esteem as a necessary ingredient in the pursuit of truth. It is committed to peace,human happiness, goodwill and benevolence. It promotes an unbridled optimism. It is a cult in which itsmembers are united in a communion with the divinity.However, as mentioned above, many elements of the New Age Movement are completely incompatiblewith Christianity. There is a total absence of a personal God. There is the absence of the revelation of Godin Christ Jesus and a total ignorance of the mystery of the love of God, the Incarnation of God who comes tothe world as a man in the person of Jesus. There is a total neglect of the concept and reality of redemptionthrough Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church established by Jesus Christ, the final verdict, of heaven andhell. The New Age lacks self-criticism and there is a tendency to think that everything is relative thinking andfeeling. It gives free rein to astrology, to interpret the personality and way of life as predestined by theposition of the stars from the time of birth. There is a strong emphasis on reincarnation. There is a kind of spiritualism in which it is believed that the souls of the dead communicate with the living by half, whilemigrating through time and space.Given that the New Age Movement and the quest gives meaning to life beyond are outside the non-believers as attitudes prevailing in our days, we believe that the Catholic Church currently offers many of the answers you seek assiduously as members of the New Age . This is especially apparent in the Churchof Vatican II and its response to the needs of today. Just as the New Age Movement reacted against thescientific rationalism, so does the Church. The Church recognizes that science and reason as the soleresource for knowledge, destroy the faith and prayer. The traditions and practices of the Church over thecenturies (e.g. fasting, singing, pilgrimages, icons, incense, etc.) and her teachings have reflected herrejection of rationalism. The Catholic religion integrates matter and spirit in the prayer life of the Church. It includes bodilyexpressions and the elevation of our minds and hearts to the Lord. Signs, symbols and rituals are anintegral part of the proclamation, the experience and development of faith in the Catholic Church. Fortwenty centuries, Catholics have lived by the power of signs and symbols, especially the Sacraments andsacramentals. The Church has a rich tradition of great mystics and mystical spiritualities, which are not adequatelyappreciated in our time, efforts to respond to the search for a spiritual dimension in life (St. John of theCross, St. Teresa of Jesus, etc.).Proclaiming and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the God Man, this eminently world by His Incarnation, andeminently transcendent Godhead by His (its sacraments and sacramentals, devotions and prayers, withstability and authenticity), the Church responds to the great efforts to reconcile the human hunger for landwith the divine. The Magisterium of the Church guarantees the authenticity of spiritual experiences.Removed from the guidance of the Church, the spiritual thirst can be manipulated and confused. The evangelization by the Church of the New Age Movement is aimed at all sectors of society: the spiritual  and social, public and political. Anything that denies the reality of sin and the necessity of grace for theredemption in Christ is fallacious. There is a growing interest in spiritual development among many faithful Catholics. The spread of the NewAge Movement is an indication that many seek the spiritual dimension of life in our times. This is a challenge and an opportunity for the followers of the Lord. It is particularly relevant this year whenwe celebrate the fifth centenary of the arrival of the Gospel in this hemisphere. This should be a time torecommit ourselves to proclaim and preach the Word of life with a renewed fervor in the power of the HolySpirit. This is a challenge for our clergy, religious and laity to be able to testify to the spirituality of theirfaith. This is a challenge for parish communities to promote programs of spiritual renewal and be turned intocenters of prayer even richer, more ardently to worship in their sacramental liturgies and other forms of devotion. This is a time to promote and offer retreats, days of reflection. This is a special time to find God and thehuman potential in these retirement centers as enshrined in our tradition. This is the time to promote themovement of prayer, workshops, the Charismatic Movement and many others where experience andnurture of the spiritual life. This is also a time to promote and develop many forms of prayer, including meditation, contemplation,prayer and other devotions centered private especially the Blessed Sacrament, the Sacred Heart, the HolyMother of Heaven and the saints as models of life spiritual.   It is a time to reflect on our pastoral practice, to ask if the reception and understanding of the graces of thesacraments are being promoted properly, whether the administration of the Sacraments are responding tothe needs of our people. We need to reflect on the quality of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults andother communities like these in every parish. Are centers really welcome those returning to the Church insearch of meaning to your life?We need to reflect on the quality of family prayer, if our families are in fact small churches where thespiritual dimension of life is learned and experienced.It is time for anímenos and to give more freedom to the charisms of women in the development of spirituallife in the Church.Our Holy Father sees a new era. I see the dawn of a new missionary age, which would become a shiningdays that brings a bumper crop, if all Christians respond with generosity and holiness to the calls andchallenges of our times (Redemptoris Missio, 92). To make this new era we must turn to the occult powerof the Gospel, in order to answer the call of the Holy Father to a new evangelization, a new living andsharing our faith, a new fervor in methods and expressions. As we recalled Pope Paul VI, this new era willnot come from believers who manifest fatigue, disenchantment, to accommodate modern or having nointerest or hope and enthusiasm. The new era will come true for those experiencing the delight and joy of evangelizing, the excitement inside nothing could extinguish. Our world must receive the Good News of ministers of the Gospel to shine with enthusiasm, because they have received the joy of Christ and arewilling to be completely so that the Kingdom of God is proclaimed and the Church is established in theworld. To make this new era, we must be committed to our Lord Jesus Christ and through the intercession of HolyMother Mary, our Morning Star.Appendix 2 .- [Click for translation from the srcinal Spanish. The translation both here and above is poor-Michael]Chapter 2: Appendix   To give some indication of the complexity and ambiguous nature of this subculture of New Age , we willtry to present a list of concepts, issues and interests associated with, or appropriate for the New AgeMovement through which makes it so difficult a theological evaluation. This list is not conclusive, gives usan idea of the difficulty in characterizing this power move. This list has been formed from differentcatalogs, brochures and books associated with the New Age .Absent healing, acupressure, acupuncture, aikido, alchemy, altered states of consciousness, alternativemedicine, animal rights, anthroposophical medicine, anthroposophy, kinetic energy applied aroma therapy,art therapy, projections astral bodies, astroarqueología, astrological advice, astrology , Atlantis,autogénesis workshops (yoga, writers such as Johannes Schultz, Wolfgang Luther, Elmer Green), automaticwriting (Frederick Bligh Bond), auto medicine (Emile Coue), Ayurveda (Dr. Andrew Starway).Bach remedies (Dr. Edward Bach, homeopathy, Bach Center, Walligford, Oxford), the Baha’i faith, BatesMethod (Aldous Huxley. Dr. William Bates +1931), homeopathy biochemistry (Dr. William Schuessier+1898), Biodynamic Agriculture (Rudolf Steiner, Findhorn group), biodynamic psychology (Gerda Boysen,Wilhelm Reich, bioenergetic therapy), bioenergy (Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Cowen, the third force orenergy functional) information biological (altered states of awareness, Elmer and Alyce Green, C. MaxwellCade) biorhythms (Wilhelm Fleiss, Herman Swoboda, Alfred Tatschler, Gay Gaer Luce), therapies that usethe body as the key to psychological health: Wilhelm Reich, Rolf Feldenkrais techniques and techniques.   Tai chi and hatha yoga (when used not as exercise but as a preparation for meditation, etc.)Chakras, palmistry, clairaudience (Alice Bayle), clairvoyance (Silva method and clairvoyant diagnosis),clinical ecology (George Lewith and Kenyon Julia, Marshall Mandell and Doris Rapp), crystals and crystaltherapy, application of suction (a technique of moving blood to the surface of the skin used by theEgyptians, Greeks and Chinese).Dianetics (the cure of psychosomatic diseases through the purgation of fear; Scientology of Ron Hubbard),Divining (using sticks to find water or energy hidden; Diviners British Society founded in 1933, 1920 anddowsing Abbre Mermet Thomas Lethbridge, Buy Underwood. Gravs Thomas, Bruce MacManaway), theproject Dragín 1977 (diviners and technicians of psychic energy in prehistoric sites, for more informationsee the book by Don Robins, Circles of Silence 1985).Earth Mysteries (geomancy, astral archeology, folklore, strange natural phenomena, the effects of energyon organisms and ecosystems, irrigation, ancient astronomy, paranormal phenomena, the spiritual world or Gaia), Eckankar (which means partner with God. The science of migration of the soul, bringing to mindthe higher levels of knowledge, see Paul Twitchell, Anytia; Twitchell is the latest reincarnation of the Eckmasters who had a goal of self-realization and divine), the economy vs. SHE. EL (healthy human ecologyagainst hyper-expansion see Sane Alternatives by James Robertson, Marilyn Ferguson AquarianConspiracy, 1982), encounter groups (see groups Esalen, Kurt Lewin, and William Schutz's book Elementsof Encounter, 1982, and Carl Rogers), energy systems (ódicos or third force , the psicocinética, telepathy,PSI phenomenon). EST (Werner Erhard).Gaia (Dr. James Lovelock, Gaia, a new look at life on earth 1982). Ganzfeld states (states of knowledge insleep that are of special interest to the PES and PSI, see also Carl Sargent of Cambridge), geomancy (NigelPennick 1981), Gerson Therapy (Dr. Max Gerson +1959; based diet cancer treatment), Gestalt Therapy(Fritz Perls, Wilhelm Rich), handwriting (Writing as analysis of diagnosis).Hatha yoga, knowledge of herbs, herbal health, homeopathy, hydrotherapy (holy wells and springs),hypnosis. I Ching, therapy ionization (negative ions and purifying physical and psychological), iridology(diagnosis through the iris of the eye: Ignatz von Peczely, Nils Liljequist, Bernard Jensen). Kirlianphotography (Semyon and Valentina Kirlian, photography or high-voltage electro that is thought to becapable of photographing the aura of any organism, Thelma Moss, HS Dakin) kundalini.Macrobiotic, media (Spiritism; Douglas Dundras Home +1886), megavitaminas therapy (Linus Pauling),metamorphic therapy (from reflexology), music therapy, naturopathy (the British Association of Naturopathy and Osteopathy: Andrew Taylor Still). Orthomolecular psychiatry (Linus Pauling, vitamintherapy), osteopathy (Andrew Taylor Still) experience fueradecuerpo (astral travel, Theosophy, SylvanMuldoon, Robert Monroe Psychic Research: A Guide to its History, Principles, and Practices AquarianPress, 1981).Palmistry (Count Louis Hamon, The Language of the Hand, Beryl Hutchinson, Your Life In Your Hands 1967:Lyall Watson Supernature, 1974), parapsychology (JB Rhine UK, Max BRD Desser Robert Morris UL), pastlife therapy (Morris Netherton: Institute for Past Life Awareness USA UK; Guirdham Arthur, Dr. Inga HooperLisa Sand and UK); neumatocracia (replace the material things spiritual; Quanier John, ed. New Humanity Journal), polarity therapy (Eastern and Western techniques to release the energy trapped in the body, Dr.Randolf Stone-Austria-+1983), premonition (groups of people who dream of natural disasters that willhappen), humanistic and transpersonal psychology, pyramidology (using glass pyramids to focus psychicenergy).Re-birth, reflexology (the art of massage on the feet of the fetus in the womb of their mothers as a therapyfor intrauterine trauma), Rolfing (the change of position by a profound realignment of the muscles), theRosicrucian. Reincarnation is a re-birth of the soul or of being in a series of natural or preternaturalincarnations that are usually apparent in humans or animals, but in some cases, divine, angelic, demonic,vegetable or astrological. It is in ancient India and Greece that this doctrine is more elaborately andintrinsically connected with the teachings of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and sikistas. It is through the writings of the Theosophical Society that the teachings of reincarnation have received wide circulation in the west andare accepted into the New Age Movement.Samadhi, Shiatsu, therapeutic touch, salts membranes (ortomoleculares therapy involving the introductionof exotic salts that the membranes of the body lost in the process of aging), transactional analysis,transcendental meditation and transpersonal psychology.Veganism (Vegan Society 1944), vegetarianism (Erich von Däniken, Gold of the Gods 1975), yoga,yin/yang, Zener cards (PES to experiment). NOTE: THIS PASTORAL INSTRUCTION ON THE NEW AGE FROM THE ARCHBISHOP OFMIAMI PRECEDES THE FEBRUARY 2003 VATICAN DOCUMENT BY A FULL ELEVEN YEARS-MICHAEL  JULY 2011
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