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Information on the Dangers of New Age Thinking and the New Thought Movement - And possible ways to help friends and loved ones exit the deception. . .
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    Information on the Dangers of NewAge Thinking and the New ThoughtMovement - And possible ways tohelp friends and loved ones exitthe deception. . . Compiled by Sharon Lee Giganti 2008 EXTRACT www.fathermitchpacwa .org:  Toll Free (866) 289-7936. Fr. Mitch Pacwa SJ is great at New Age de-bunkingand exposing -- he had delved into New Age spiritual practices in his early years. His book is: Catholicsand the New Age - How good Catholics are being drawn into the Enneagram and Jungian psychology  .At the end of this book, he gives his suggestions for the best way to approach friends andfamily who’ve been drawn into New Age… he also has a CD:  A Christian Reflection on The New Age , andI think he did a whole show on  A Course in Miracles with Johnette Benkovic on her EWTN show (?) so checkout her site, or call EWTN: 205- 271-2900 to see if a tape of that show exists. CHRISTIAN OR NEW AGE? PART III Reiki and healing touch  EXTRACT By Susan Brinkmann, Special to the Herald   August 9, 2007  Jesuit Father Mitch Pacwa , an internationally known biblical scholar and popular television and radio host,raises another question about practitioners of those and other healing fads that are being practiced, in somecases, on a church’s property. Are these people practicing medicine without a license? he asks. And if so,who is going to be liable if there’s a malpractice suit? Although many practitioners sincerely believe they arehelping people, there is no scientific study associated with any of these methods, Father Pacwa says. Evenmore troubling is the fact that their practitioners disguise them as a form of the Christian laying-on of hands,according to Father Pacwa. The Catechism of the Catholic Church describes the laying on of hands as a sign (CCC, No. 699) not ameans of channeling energy. Reiki is an attempt to make a 'technique' out of praying for the sick, Father Pacwa said. Praying for thesick has to be understood as an aspect of God’s grace operative in our lives. It’s not a 'technique'. That’swhere it becomes 'magical', and Christianity is not about using magic. Is Your New Year in the Stars?  EXTRACT  By Susan Brinkmann January 6, 2010 Like I once did, many people confuse astrology with astronomy, not knowing that the two disciplines areworlds apart. While astronomy is based on science, astrology is an ancient Babylonian occult practice thathas no basis in science.As an example of just how far removed astrology is from science consider the fact that it is based on just fiveplanets with the other two – and poor demoted Pluto – being factored in at the whim of the astrologer.As Fr. Mitch Pacwa explains in his book, Catholics and the New Age , these previously unknown planets areconsidered to have unknown influences. This lack of knowledge lets each astrologer make up his or her owninterpretation of these planetary influences. As my Baha’i astrology teachers often said, 'Where there isconfusion, there is possibility'. Fr. Pacwa, who was once a serious practitioner of astrology, also points out that the astrological calculationswhich determine individual horoscope signs are also off by varying degrees, resulting in each of us having tomove our horoscopes back one full sign in order to be accurate. A Closer Look at Centering Prayer  EXTRACT By Margaret A. Feaster    The complete definition on the New Age by Fr. Mitch Pacwa is as follows: The New Age Movement ishighly eclectic, borrowing ideas and practices from many sources.Meditation techniques from Hinduism, Zen, Sufism, and Native American religions are mixed with humanisticpsychology, occultism, and modern physics. 2 2 Mitch Pacwa, Catholics and the New Age, (Ann Arbor, MI: Servants Publication, 1992) p. 14. Mrs. Margaret A. Feaster is a housewife and mother of three children. She and her husband live in Lilburn,Ga. She is on the leadership committee for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Atlanta, and is in formationfor the Discalced Carmelite Secular Order. In a book entitled Catholics and the New Age by American Jesuit Fr Mitch Pacwa, two chapters -some 30 pages - are devoted to an examination of, and a warning about, the Enneagram -especially its occultic roots. The book Catholics And The New Age- How Good People Are Being Drawn into Jungian Psychology,the Enneagram, and the Age of Aquarius by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Servant Publications, 1992 isincluded in the bibliography of the February 2003 Vatican Document on the New Age Movement.Fr. Pacwa is a self-confessed former New Ager. The Enneagram  EXTRACT Compiled by Bruce Sabalaskey The Enneagram is a popularNew Agetool which has found its way into Catholic practices, including parishclasses and in retreat programs. This article is a short summarized compilation of four authors who havestudied the Enneagram. They are Father Mitch Pacwa , S.J., Msgr. William Smith, Dorothy Ranaghan, andRick Kephart. See the excellentreferencesfor details. […]First, the Enneagram is derived from a group called the Sufis, who are a mystical offshoot of Muslims thatfollow various pagan spiritualities, as will be described. Two non-Catholic men, George Gurdjieff and OscarIchazo, were primarily responsible for bringing this system into Western culture in modern times.Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J. [who wrote the book Catholics and the New Age (Servant Publications, Ann Arbor,Mich.), says the following, taken from an article in Our Sunday Visitor on July 5, 1992 * ] says the following: The enneagram, from the Greek ennea (nine) and gram (line drawing), is a system of classifying personalitytypes based on the figure of a circle with nine points on it, [each] connected by lines. Each point stands foran ego-type that has its own distinctive vice and virtue. Each can get worse by moving against the arrow.I was taught the enneagram in 1972 while a student in   the Jesuit theologate [in Chicago]. We used it inour spiritual and social life. But we noticed we were typing [classifying] people incorrectly, and interestfaded.In the '80s, I saw an enneagram industry develop, but the versions being taught were contradictory. So I didresearch. The enneagram is supposed to be ancient Sufi wisdom, thousands of years old. But the Sufis, whoare Muslim mystics, aren't that old of a movement. The diagram itself can't be older than the 14th or 15thcentury. It was discovered in the 1890s in Central Asia by a Greek-Armenian occultist named GeorgeGurdjieff  . He got it from a secret brotherhood of Sufis called the Naqshbandi, who were using it for  numerological fortune-telling. Gurdjieff, a charlatan and a swindler who was into Gnosticism, taught it to hisdisciples as a symbol of the cosmos. Gurdjieff died in 1949 but left followers. Oscar Ichazo , a Chilean who claimed to have had out-of-body experiences since childhood and studied allsorts of psychic practices, learned the enneagram from such a group.In the 1960s, Ichazo devised a personality system of nine types -- each with its animal totem- matched to theenneagram. Esalen Institute psychologist Claudio Naranjo , another admirer of Gurdjieff, collaborated with him.Naranjo spread the enneagram through Esalen classes. […]Fr. Pacwa writes about Oscar Ichazo: The occult also influenced Oscar Ichazo's life and writings. At age six he began having out-of-body experiences, which led to his disillusionment with the Church. He could not accept Catholic teachings onHeaven or hell since he had been there and knew more about it than Christ and the Church. Later he learned that living in one's ego was the real hell. To gain control of his own consciousness, he studied Orientalmartial arts, Zen, Andes Indian thought, psychedelic drugs, shamanism, yoga, hypnotism and psychology. He joined esoteric groups in Bolivia and Argentina and traveled to Hong Kong, India and Tibet to study mysticism.  The srcin of the Enneagram certainly does not come from Catholic sources.Beside its occult roots, the Enneagram is built upon pagan beliefs. Therefore, like horoscopes, theEnneagram is absolutely incompatible with the Catholic Faith.Father Pacwa says, I have two criticisms [of enneagrams]. First, it is theological nonsense, suffused withgnostic ideas. For instance, the nine points of the enneagram are called the nine faces of God, whichbecome nine demons turned upside down. No one should speak that way. . . . And the way the enneagram istaught is Pelagian -- self-salvation through a man-made technique, not by God's grace.Secondly, this is a psychological system that hasn't been tested by professional psychologists. We have noindependent evidence that it's true. As a result, enneagram experts -- who aren't necessarily aware of theoccult aspects -- are making up descriptions as they go along. It's irresponsible to pass this off as true. *The line within brackets is included in the reporting in the following article Saints & Christian Zen United for the Faith [Catholics United for the Faith continues with the above interview with Fr. Mitch Pacwa :]And what makes one an expert on the enneagram? There are no controls over who is an expert. You wouldn't go to any professional on that basis. Using thespiritual label guards them from state regulations but they're still giving psychological advice. I don't havemuch respect for the e-industry at this point. Why do audiences accept it? They relate to the anecdotes. They recognize that people do have personality types. But they don't ask if this system is true or why it's supposed to work and not others. They don't see the potential for abuse if theystart relating to other people by their enneagram numbers. So what's the appeal of the enneagram and other New Age programs? Americans are narcissistic already. They're curious about the self and attempt to take control. They want toshort-circuit the process by joining the in-crowd. So is there a New Age conspiracy? Some like to spread that myth. We Jesuits are very sensitive about conspiracy theories. Powerlessnessbreeds them. The New Age isn't a conspiracy, but it is a danger to organizations and individuals because itleads people away from Christ and may damage their psyches. Still, I don't want to underestimate the NewAge, especially if it should get political. But we can't go witch-hunting either?Of course not. Use common sense and charity. Challenge New Agers from sound knowledge of faith and fact.Remember, the point of Christianity isn't a higher state of consciousness, but an interpersonal relationshipwith Christ and with the other members of His Church Father Pacwa makes other comments in a July/August 1991 article in New Covenant. The social problems of typing people without their knowledge may not pertain to the essence of theenneagram, but it is endemic to enneagram workshops. The enneagram teachers and books give the badexample of typing people they do not know and who have no chance to make a workshop to typethemselves. The books even recommend typing other people in order to deal with them better. This abuse happens inparishes and retreat houses so people should know they will encounter this unauthentic way of relating.  I mentioned moral problems like channeling spirits, I Ching, horoscopes, drugs, and meditating to removesins precisely because I have heard them in enneagram workshops myself. Others claim they continue to goon in some workshops. People should be alerted to them before taking the workshops I did mention a priest who teaches others that srcinal sin begins at age three or four when the ego takesshape. In all seriousness, Catholics taught me about the nine faces of God, the upside-down devil, andessence vs. ego. Beesing, Nogosek and O'Leary write that Jesus had all nine personality types. These are nottheoretical problems but real situations. Some people say the enneagram helps them remove the plank in their eye and struggle against self-deception. However, a problem inherent in the system is that people focus on one complex of faults,allegedly the ego compulsion, and ignore other compulsive behavior. The enneagram defines their set of compulsions and neglects other issues. That is not helpful. Enneagram: A Modern Myth Fr. Mitch Pacwa  The Enneagram is alleged to be a 2000-year-old Sufi system of personality types from Islamic mystics wholived before the time of Christ. The Enneagram is a circle, meant to symbolise the Cosmos and the one-ness which comes from a monistperspective. The Sufis are monists believing that we are all one with each other and with the universe and atthe same time pantheists believing that the universe is god. So that's why they're not highly regarded inIslam, because they're kind of Heterodox.Inside the circle is a triangle, and it connects up the points of the 9, the 3 and the 6; and it symbolizes God.We should notice right away that it's God inside the cosmos, not the cosmos inside God. There's another figure that is 6 sided and it connects from the 1 to the 4, 4 to the 2, 2 to the 8, 8 to the 5, 5to the 7, and the 7 back to the 1 again. And there you have your Enneagram. (Ennea is Greek for nine )It is claimed that the Enneagram is a system revealing nine personality types and it is used in the variousworkshops and taught in seminaries. Nine Personality Types 1. 'The Perfectionist: personality type— ego-resent ,2. The Caregiver: personality type— ego-flattery . These types will try to say nice things about you so thatyou can say nice things back to them.3. The Achiever: personality type— ego-go . It doesn't have a real interior life, it's all in its role, and all in itsfunctions in society rather than to an interior depth.4. The Artist: personality type— ego-melancholy . This type feels sad that it is among so many people that are without real sophistication. They're sad andmelancholic - over being so artistic among so many bores.5. The Observer: personality type— ego-stinge — these people want to gather in all sorts of things and nevergive anything back.6. The Team Player: personality type— ego-cowardic 7. The Optimist: personality type— ego-gluttony .8. The Competitor: personality type— ego-venge .9. The Peacemaker: personality type— ego-indolent . Don't cause any problems, just sort of let things be. This 'typing' system, and its 'Sufi' srcins, are quite problematic.First of all: It cannot be a 2000-year-old Sufi system. That is absolute nonsense. Sufism is part of Islam. Islamis from the 7th century AD. Sufism is from the 10 Century AD. How can the Sufis invent something 1000years before they exist?Secondly: As the Enneagram proponents pointed out, it is based on the decimal point to form these 2 figuresinside the circle. The decimal point was not invented until the late 14, more likely the 15th century AD. Howcan something based on the decimal point exist before the decimal point was invented? Where Does The Enneagram Come From?  The earliest evidence that we have for the existence of the Enneagram is around 1900 AD. It was brought inby a man named George Ilych Gurdjieff from Georgia. He was half Armenian, half Greek, and was aseminarian for some years as a young boy; by age 13, he left the seminary in pursuit of the occult.He became heavily involved in the occult and the pursuit of it, travelling around the Mediterranean, Egypt,India, Tibet, until he came across a group of Sufis who lived in Central Asia.He learned the Enneagram from them. Originally, the Enneagram had been used in Central Asia for fortunetelling through numerology, hence the importance of the decimal points. The Sufis picked it up and used it as a symbol of the 9 stages of enlightenment: You move from your ego into your essence. What do they mean by essence? Your essence is that same being within you that has thesame image as God. So your inner being has the same divine nature as God has. So it's a very pantheistic
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