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NOTIFICATION OF AN A GRADE VACANCY NATO INTERNATIONAL STAFF OPEN TO NATIONALS OF NATO MEMBER STATES ONLY LOCATION: NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium DIVISION: PUBLIC DIPLOMACY DIVISION OFFICE OF THE DASG ENGAGEMENTS SECTION TITLE: Programme Officer, Public Diplomacy Programme Management GRADE: A.2/A.3 SECURITY CLEARANCE: NS VACANCY N : SUMMARY NATO s Public Diplomacy efforts serve a vital function within the Alliance by communicating its purpose and priorities to audiences worldwide. In fulfilling this role, the Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) actively strengthens NATO s public image, thereby fostering trust in and support for the Alliance. PDD works to promote security cooperation through a variety of programmes in NATO and partner countries and contributes to a continuous process of international security debate and policy creation. The Division also acts as coordinator for strategic communication activities across all NATO civilian and military bodies and harmonises public diplomacy activities undertaken by other Divisions at NATO Headquarters (HQ), as well as by other entities belonging to the NATO structure. The Engagements Section s principal goals are to strengthen NATO s public image, foster awareness and understanding of NATO, its values, policies and activities, and ultimately enhance trust in and support for the Alliance. The Section s strategic outlook is aligned to the NATO Communications Strategy. The Section is committed to building long-term relationships, fostering dialogue and cooperation with relevant audiences in NATO countries and around the world through a combination of people-to-people as well as digital engagement tools. To that effect, the Section engages with opinion leaders, policy makers and professionals as well as online interest groups and members of the post-cold-war generations. Cooperation themes are guided by NATO s evolving political agenda, with a -1- focus on the Alliance s core tasks, i.e. collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security. Under the supervision of the Head, Engagements Section, the Programme Officer will be responsible for managing a portfolio that may include nation-based engagement programmes in addition to thematic programmes or campaigns as well as functional cooperation assignments (including communications advisory support and capacity building). 2. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE ESSENTIAL The incumbent must: possess a degree from a university (Master s level or above) or from an institute of recognised standing in a relevant discipline (political or social sciences; international relations; international law; communications sciences; public relations; journalism; etc.); have at least 4 years of relevant professional experience, in particular in public diplomacy and the management of communication projects and teams; have excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing, and be able to draft clearly and concisely in English all types of documents (memos, backgrounders, speeches, speaking points, reports etc.) required in the post; have an excellent knowledge of international affairs, security and defence policy issues, and good knowledge of NATO policies and activities; have experience demonstrating sound political judgment and analytical skills; have experience in planning, implementing, monitoring and assessing a broad range of public diplomacy activities, including events, projects and campaigns using multiple communication tools and channels; have experience in working with senior level officials; possess proven project management and organizational skills; possess the following minimum levels of NATO s official languages (English/French): V ( Advanced ) in one; II ( Elementary ) in the other; be willing to travel and to work outside normal office hours as required. DESIRABLE The following would be considered an advantage: experience working in an international environment; experience as a public speaker as well as working with and briefing high level groups; experience working with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs); think tanks, civil society entities and national media; experience in developing and managing communications capacity building programmes / training for government structures; knowledge of further languages from NATO nations and/or partner countries. -2- 3. MAIN ACCOUNTABILITIES Expertise Development Support the Section Head in planning, executing and assessing NATO public diplomacy activities in line with the assigned geographic, thematic and functional scope of the portfolio. Continuously enhance expertise in the planning, implementing, monitoring and assessment of a broad range of public diplomacy activities, including events, projects and campaigns using multiple communication tools and channels. Monitor and analyse developments and public trends in the countries concerned. Remain alert to political developments and public trends that may affect the efficacy of programmes and the image of the Alliance. Draft background papers, or written analyses for use by senior NATO officials, as required. Develop and maintain a subject matter expertise in assigned strategic issue files and follow them on behalf of PDD. Project Management Organise, manage and assess engagement projects and programmes sponsored by NATO, in line with the assigned geographic, thematic and functional scope of the portfolio. Manage or support, as assigned, strands of work pertaining to the implementation of NATO s Communications Strategy and associated campaigns. Ensure project/programme adherence to related objectives. Review project/programme evaluations in an effort to align future NATO sponsored projects/programmes with PDD goals and to ensure the best use of NATO resources. Arrange and conduct special communications projects in support of NATO high-level meetings, including NATO ministerial meetings and Summits. Design and manage dedicated engagements and information programmes for target groups from the assigned NATO nations and partner countries. Conduct follow-up work to projects and seminars in relevant countries. Support the Head, Engagements Section, in the managerial and organizational follow-up of projects/programmes. Policy Development Provide regular analyses and inputs to the Division's senior management through the Head, Engagements Section, related to key political and public developments and trends. Analyse the impact of a potential PDD action on NATO s relationship with the country or countries concerned. Contribute to political background analyses and liaise with other Divisions in the International Staff and the International Military Staff, as required. Representation of the Organization Promote the understanding of and support for NATO policies and programmes as well as encourage discussion on security, defence and NATO-related issues in NATO or partner countries. Where necessary, participate in conferences, seminars and security expert meetings and brief a wide range of audiences on NATO's current roles, policies and operations. Stakeholder Management Develop and sustain contacts with key opinion formers, policy makers and professionals as well as online interest groups and representatives of the successor generation, including academics, think tanks, media and political representatives or NGOs and civil society entities, with the aim of identifying individuals and groups to assist and contribute to NATO public diplomacy efforts. Provide special reports, newsletters, multimedia material and other information material to NATO staff. -3- Knowledge Management Develop, maintain and contribute to performance assessment of the activities undertaken by the Section, including the maintenance of contact details for project partners and country profiles. Financial Management Administer programme funds, including preparing budgets and financial reports and monitoring budget implementation. Perform any other related duty as assigned. 4. INTERRELATIONSHIPS The incumbent reports to the Head, Engagements Section and works in close cooperation with Programme Officers and Programme Assistants in the Engagements Section as well as with staff throughout the Public Diplomacy Division. In addition, the Programme Officer will be required to work with NATO staff in various other Divisions and Agencies, as well as with representatives of national delegations and NATO's military bodies. He/she will also cooperate with a broad range of external partners and interact with external contractors supporting the organisation of information and communication projects. Direct reports: 2 Indirect reports: N/a 5. COMPETENCIES The incumbent must demonstrate: Achievement; Analytical Thinking; Change Leadership; Impact and Influence; Initiative; Organisational Awareness; Teamwork. 6. CONTRACT Contract to be offered to the successful applicant (if non-seconded): Definite duration contract of three years; possibility of renewal for up to three years, during which the incumbent may apply for conversion to an indefinite duration contract. Contract clause applicable: In accordance with the contract policy, this is a post in which turnover is desirable for political reasons in order to be able to accommodate the Organisation's need to carry out its tasks as mandated by the Nations in a changing environment, for example by -4- maintaining the flexibility necessary to shape the Organisation's skills profile, and to ensure appropriate international diversity. The maximum period of service foreseen in this post is 6 years. The successful applicant will be offered a 3-year definite duration contract, which may be renewed for a further period of up to 3-years. However, according to the procedure described in the contract policy the incumbent may apply for conversion to an indefinite contract during the period of renewal and no later than one year before the end of contract. If the successful applicant is seconded from the national administration of one of NATO s member States, a 3-year definite duration contract will be offered, which may be renewed for a further period of up to 3 years subject also to the agreement of the national authority concerned. The maximum period of service in the post as a seconded staff member is six years. Serving staff will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations. NOTE: Irrespective of previous qualifications and experience, candidates for twin-graded posts will be appointed at the lower grade. There are certain specific circumstances in which a serving staff member may be appointed directly to the higher grade. These are described in the IS directive on twin-graded posts. Advancement to the higher grade is not automatic and at least a minimum period of 3 years service (2 years for an A.1/A.2 post) is required before promotion to the higher grade can be considered. 7. HOW TO APPLY: Applications must be submitted using one of the following links, as applicable: For NATO civilian staff members only: please apply via the internal recruitment portal (for more information, please contact your local Civilian HR Manager); For all other applications: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: NATO as employer values diverse backgrounds and perspectives and is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse and talented workforce. NATO welcomes applications of nationals from all Member States and strongly encourages women to apply. Due to the broad interest in NATO and the large number of potential candidates, telephone or enquiries cannot be dealt with. -5- Appointment will be subject to receipt of a security clearance (provided by the national Authorities of the selected candidate) and approval of the candidate s medical file by the NATO Medical Adviser. Applicants who are not successful in this competition may be offered an appointment to another post of a similar nature, albeit at the same or a lower grade, provided they meet the necessary requirements. Please note that we can only accept applications from nationals of NATO member countries. The nature of this position may require the staff member at times to be called upon to travel for work and/or to work outside normal office hours. The organization offers several work-life policies including Teleworking and Flexible Working arrangements (Flexitime) subject to business requirements. Please note that the International Staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium is a non-smoking environment. -6- NOTIFICATION DE LA VACANCE D'UN POSTE DE GRADE «A» SECRÉTARIAT INTERNATIONAL DE L'OTAN POSTE OUVERT AUX SEUL(E)S RESSORTISSANT(E)S DES ÉTATS MEMBRES DE L'OTAN LIEU D'AFFECTATION : Siège de l OTAN (Bruxelles - Belgique) DIVISION : DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE BUREAU DU/DE LA DASG SECTION RELATIONS PUBLIQUES INTITULÉ : Administrateur/Administratrice de programme (gestion des programmes de diplomatie publique) GRADE : A.2/A.3 HABILITATION DE SÉCURITÉ : NS POSTE VACANT N : RÉSUMÉ Les activités de diplomatie publique de l'otan sont d'une importance capitale pour l'alliance, car elles font connaître son but et ses priorités aux publics du monde entier. À cet effet, la Division Diplomatie publique (PDD) s'attache à promouvoir l'image publique de l'otan, de façon à renforcer le capital de confiance et le soutien dont bénéficie l'alliance. La PDD s'emploie également à promouvoir la coopération en matière de sécurité au travers de divers programmes menés dans les pays de l'otan et les pays partenaires, et elle contribue au processus permanent de débat et d'élaboration de politiques sur la sécurité internationale. Elle assure en outre la coordination des activités de communication stratégique de tous les organismes civils et militaires de l'otan ainsi que l'harmonisation des activités de diplomatie publique menées par d'autres divisions du siège de l'otan et par d'autres entités faisant partie des structures de l'organisation. La Section Relations publiques a principalement pour objectifs de renforcer l'image publique de l'otan, de faire mieux connaître et comprendre l'organisation, ses valeurs, ses politiques et ses activités, et, à terme, d'accroître le capital de confiance et le soutien dont celle-ci bénéficie. Sa stratégie s'aligne sur la stratégie de communication de l'otan. La Section s'emploie à établir des relations durables et à favoriser le dialogue et la coopération avec les publics concernés, dans les pays de l'otan et dans le monde entier, en combinant la communication entre personnes et le dialogue numérique. À cet effet, elle entretient des -7- contacts avec des leaders d'opinion, des décideurs politiques et des professionnels, et elle communique en ligne avec des groupes d'intérêt et des internautes issus des générations de l'après-guerre froide. Les thèmes de coopération, qui suivent l'évolution de l'agenda politique de l'otan, portent en particulier sur les tâches fondamentales de l'alliance, à savoir la défense collective, la gestion de crise et la sécurité coopérative. Sous la supervision du/de la chef de la Section Relations publiques, l'administrateur/l'administratrice de programme est chargé(e) de la gestion d'un portefeuille pouvant inclure des programmes de relations publiques avec des pays spécifiques, des programmes ou campagnes thématiques, et des missions liées à la coopération fonctionnelle (notamment : soutien consultatif et renforcement des capacités en matière de communication). 2. QUALIFICATIONS ET EXPÉRIENCE ACQUIS ESSENTIELS Le/La titulaire du poste doit : être diplômé(e) d'une université (niveau master ou supérieur) ou d'un établissement de valeur reconnue dans une discipline pertinente (sciences politiques ou sociales, relations internationales, droit international, sciences de la communication, relations publiques, journalisme, etc.) ; avoir au moins quatre ans d expérience professionnelle utile, en particulier dans le domaine de la diplomatie publique ainsi que dans celui de la gestion de projets et d'équipes de communication ; avoir d'excellentes compétences de communication tant à l'oral qu'à l'écrit, et être capable de rédiger de façon claire et concise, en anglais, tout type de document (mémos, informations générales, discours, aide-mémoires, rapports, etc.) requis pour le poste ; avoir une excellente connaissance des affaires internationales ainsi que des questions touchant aux politiques de sécurité et de défense, et avoir une bonne connaissance des politiques et activités de l'otan ; avoir une expérience démontrant de solides capacités de jugement politique et d'analyse ; avoir une expérience de la planification, de la mise en œuvre, du suivi et de l'évaluation d'un large éventail d activités de diplomatie publique, s'agissant notamment d'événements, de projets et de campagnes exploitant de nombreux outils et canaux de communication ; avoir déjà travaillé avec des responsables de haut niveau ; avoir des compétences avérées en gestion de projet et en organisation ; avoir au minimum le niveau de compétence V («avancé») dans l'une des deux langues officielles de l'otan (anglais/français) et le niveau II («élémentaire») dans l'autre ; être disposé(e) à voyager et à travailler en dehors des heures normales de service, selon les besoins. ACQUIS SOUHAITABLES Seraient considérées comme autant d'atouts : une expérience du travail dans un environnement international ; -8- une expérience de la prise de parole en public et de la collaboration avec des groupes de haut niveau ainsi que des exposés à ces groupes ; une expérience de la coopération avec des organisations non gouvernementales (ONG), des groupes de réflexion, des entités de la société civile et des médias nationaux ; une expérience de l'élaboration et de la gestion de programmes de renforcement des capacités de communication / de la formation pour des structures gouvernementales ; la connaissance d autres langues de pays de l OTAN et/ou de pays partenaires. 3. RESPONSABILITÉS PRINCIPALES Développement de l'expertise Aide le/la chef de la Section à planifier, à exécuter et à évaluer les activités de diplomatie publique de l'otan en fonction du contenu géographique, thématique et fonctionnel du portefeuille attribué. Améliore en permanence son expertise de la planification, de la mise en œuvre, du suivi et de l'évaluation d'un large éventail d activités de diplomatie publique, s'agissant notamment d'événements, de projets et de campagnes exploitant de nombreux outils et canaux de communication. Suit et analyse les développements et les tendances dans l'opinion publique des pays concernés. Se tient informé(e) des développements politiques et des tendances dans l'opinion publique susceptibles de nuire à l'efficacité des programmes et à l'image de l'alliance. Prépare des documents d'information ou des analyses écrites à l'intention de hauts responsables de l OTAN, selon les besoins. Développe et entretient des compétences spécialisées dans les dossiers à caractère stratégique qui lui sont attribués et suit ces dossiers au nom de la PDD. Gestion de projet Organise, gère et évalue des projets et des programmes relevant des relations publiques et parrainés par l OTAN, en fonction du contenu géographique, thématique et fonctionnel du portefeuille attribué. Gère ou soutient, selon la tâche qui lui est confiée, les domaines de travail relatifs à la mise en œuvre de la stratégie de communication de l'otan et des campagnes qui y sont associées. Veille à ce que les projets/programmes soient conformes aux objectifs correspondants. Passe en revue les évaluations des projets/programmes pour que les futurs projets/programmes parrainés par l OTAN soient alignés sur les objectifs de la PDD et pour que les ressources de l Organisation soient utilisées au mieux. Aide à l'organisation et à la conduite de projets de communi
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