Nursing Care Plan of the Mother

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  Nursing care planOf The Mother  Nursing Care Plan of the mother Prenatal Assessment  Cues/EvidenceNursing DiagnosisObjectiveInterventionRationaleEvaluationSUBJECTIVE DATA: Patient verbalized thatshe easily wakes upwhenever she hearsnoise. Furthermore,she reported frequentawakenings during thenight to go bathroomdue increased urge tourinate whichhappened around5times.She also addedthat she finds itdifficult to sleepsometimes becauseshe felt slight pain onthe area near herbuttocks due to thepressure she feels onher chest whichaffects her breathing.She also said that shesleeps with a pillow Disturbed sleeppattern r/t shortnessof breath and urinaryfrequency Within ourcare, theclient willimprove sleeppattern asevidenced by:Absence of dark circlesunder eyelidsand frequentyawning,improved faceexpressionVerbalizedunderstandingon the causeof sleepdisturbanceReportincreased1. Assess vital signsespecially her bloodpressure level2. Encourage themother to void beforesleeping3. Provide a quietenvironment conducivefor sleeping4. Promote use of bedtime rituals such asdrinking a glass of milkbefore sleeping, takinga bath, reading a bookElevated bloodpressure is usuallyobserved in sleepdisturbed clientVoiding beforebedtime may limitthe sleepdisturbancebrought about byurinary frequencyA quietenvironmentpromotescontinuation of sleep withoutdisturbancesPromotesrelaxation andreadiness forWithin our care,the client hadimproved sleepingpattern asevidenced by:Absence of darkcircles undereyelids andfrequent yawningas observedDecrease urinaryfrequency from 5times each nightto 3 timesReport of restedand more relaxedOBJECTIVES FULLYMET  and a blanket. (Wefailed to inquire abouther having nightmaresor sleepwalking). Shetakes a nap when shefeels like taking a napbut only for a shorttime. OBJECTIVE DATA: Sleepy eyed notedDark circles undereyelidobservedFrequent yawningnotedVital signs: T=37˚CRR=14 cpmBP= 138/74 mmHgPR= 72 bpmsense of well –being andfeeling of restedReport anincreasednumber of hours of sleep5. Teach client toelevate head by usingmore pillows duringsleep or have her onside – lying positionsleepElevating the headpromotes lungexpansion, beingin a side – lyingposition decreasethe pressure onthe chest wall andvena cava by thegravid uterus SUBJECTIVE DATA: Client verbalized thatshe feels sad about Disturbed Body magerelated to change of appearance Within ourcare, clientshall accept1. Assess readiness toaccept changes inbody imageGive patient senseof control oversituationWithin our care,client hadaccepted her body  her physique andbody image. OBJECTIVE DATA: Physiologic changes:Contour of theabdomen changesPresence of linea nigraon the abdomen associated withpregnancy body imageas manifestedby:Expresspositivefeelingtowards self and othersVerbalizeacceptance of body imagePerceivedpregnancy ina positivelight2. Employ a calm,caring, confident, andnon-judgmentalapproach.3. Discuss with motherphysiologic changesduring pregnancy4. Allow pt to expressfeelings towards herpregnancy5. Teach pt copingstrategies: ã Preparing forupcoming delivery ã Provide literaryarticles aboutpregnancyImproves nurse-client relationship.Creates a sense of trust at the sametime educatemother aboutchanges duringpregnancy To create apositive outlet of emotionsHelp overcomemaladaptivebehaviorsimage asevidenced by:Expressed positivefeeling towardsself and others.Verbalizedacceptance of body image:“Ok na man akopagkita sa akokaugalingon”Perceivedpregnancy in apositive light andclaimed she isexcited to see herbaby.OBJECTIVES FULLYMET 1 st  stage of labor    Cues/ EvidenceNursing DiagnosisObjectivesInterventionsRationaleEvaluation
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