Pe 03 28 Guiding Principles for the Content of Pma En

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Pe 03 28 Guiding Principles for the Content of Pma En
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  PE- 03-28 - rev 5 21 November 2006 Page 1 of 5 Guiding Principles for the contents of Prticulr !terils pprisls (Version approved at the WGP on 21 November 2006)Introdution  ! Particular Material Appraisal   (P !) is the proess b# $hih the pressure e%uipment manufaturer ensures that eah proposed materia& that is not in a harmonised standard or overed b# a 'uropean !pprova& for ateria&s ('! ) onforms to the app&iab&e 'ssentia& afet# e%uirements (') for materia&s* Partiu&ar materia& appraisa&s are part of the +reords and orrespondene re&ating to onformit# assessment, referred to in !rti&e 10 (-) and therefore sub.et to the re%uirements/ $hih in&ude the preparation of appropriate doumentation*  !s re%uired b# the Pressure '%uipment iretive 3243' (P') !nne I setion -*2/ the pressure e%uipment manufaturer is responsib&e for preparing doumentation for materia&s to be used for pressure e%uipment in ategories I to IV* 7or pressure e%uipment in ategories III and IV this doumentation is submitted to the Notified 8od# in harge of the onformit# assessment for the e%uipment so the# an perform an appraisa& of the partiu&ar materia& $ith regard to the pressure e%uipment/ the intended use and app&iab&e design ru&es*9his doumentation sha&& desribe the materia& properties in a manner that is onise/ omp&ete and orret* In genera&/ ru&es for a&u&ation/ design and manufature re&ating to the speifi materia& shou&d be onsidered in the P !* eisions made onerning a speifi materia& for use in a speifi sets of onditions/ do not need to be repeated* :o$ever/ manufaturers and $here app&iab&e notified bodies must ensure the P ! is suitab&e for its app&iation and that this is reorded in the tehnia& doumentation* Pressure e%uipment manufaturers ma# uti&ise P !s prepared and supp&ied b# another manufaturer/ e*g* the manufaturer of an assemb&#/ on ondition that the P ! is revie$ed and adopted b# the P' manufaturer and $here app&iab&e the N8 in harge of the onformit# assessment proedure/ to ensure aura# of the doument and suitabi&it# for the app&iation* 1# $nguge No speifi re%uirements/ ho$ever genera&&# in the same &anguage as the tehnia& doumentation* 2# Numbering No speifi re%uirements ho$ever sha&& be traeab&e to the app&iation and materia& speifiation* 4* Nming It is not mandator# to provide a materia& name/ ho$ever the identifiation of the materia& sha&& be given* %#&rigin P ! Guiding Prinip&es ev -  PE- 03-28 - rev 5 21 November 2006 Page 2 of 59he materia& speifiation sha&& be indiated $ith its date* Where this is a pub&i&# avai&ab&e speifiation the atua& data need not be in&uded in the tet of the P !* :o$ever/ supp&ements to or deviations from these speifiations sha&& be stated* P !s re&ated to pub&i&# avai&ab&e speifiations are on&# va&id for the partiu&ar dated version* If the basi speifiation is not pub&i&# avai&ab&e/ it sha&& be attahed to the P !* 5# 'cope of P! 9he doument sha&& desribe the proposed app&iation and range of onditions that are app&iab&e; these must be supported b# assured properties in the materia& speifiation* 6# (ecogni)ed sfe use *pplies onl+ ,here  histor+ of sfe use is climed In the ase of materia&s reognised as being safe to use before 2 November 1/ the manufaturer and3or the notified bod# sha&& ta<e aount of the eisting data $hen ertif#ing suh onformit#* .# /ontents of P! 9his $i&& omprise %ua&itative and %uantitative data* =ua&itative data in&udes de&iver# onditions/ and $here app&iab&e/ heat treatment re%uirements/ and information on further proessing and $e&dabi&it#* =uantitative data $i&& omprise mehania& data/ reep resistane et* $here this differs from or supp&ements that in the speifiation adopted* 9he materia& grouping in aordane $ith  I> 1560?@2000 is re&evant $here $e&ding is underta<en*'videne sha&& be provided that the re&evant 's have been met*  !n# restritions app&iab&e to the use of the materia& sha&& be stated/ e*g* etent of o&d $or</ speia& ontro&s for permanent .oining/ et*Note@ !&though the diretive does not re%uire P !s for $e&ding onsumab&es (ee WGP Guide&ine 312)/ ho$ever/ it ma# be appropriate to uti&ise this form of doumentation to demonstrate onformit# $ith the ' -*2(a) A (see WGP Guide&ine 310)* 8# 'tructure of document 9here is no format speified in the diretive/ ho$ever an eamp&e of a suitab&e &a#out is given in !ppendi 1* 9he information re%uired ma# a&so be given e&se$here in the tehnia& doumentation of the pressure e%uipment*9he doument in !ppendi 1 addresses the 's re&ating to the materia& properties* 9he e%uipment manufaturer must a&so address the 's re&ating to materia& se&etion* 9his format ou&d be etended to in&ude doumentation of 's re&ating to se&etion/ e*g* P'  !nne I B -*1(b)/ (d) and (e)* # erifiction testing reuirements In genera&/ testing b# the materia& manufaturer (samp&ing/ fre%uen# of testing/ and test method) is to be performed as foreseen in the srcina& speifiation* :o$ever/ the &imitations in !ppendi 2 app&# P ! Guiding Prinip&es ev -  PE- 03-28 - rev 5 21 November 2006 Page 4 of 5 10# /ertifiction nd mring 9he pressure e%uipment manufaturer is re%uired to obtain ertifiation from the materia& manufaturer that affirm omp&iane $ith +a speifiation and omp&# $ith P' !nne I/ -*4 and re&evant guide&ines* 11# 4nformtion for further processing ee etion Verifiation testing ma# be re%uired in ases $here the properties of the materia& have been a&tered b# proessing operations performed subse%uent to the materia& manufaturing proess* Where re%uired testing sha&& be performed as speified in the srcina& speifiation* 7or eamp&e/ $here p&ate materia& is purhased from a materia& manufaturer and is subse%uent&# o&d formed into a dished end/ the mehania& properties $i&& be a&tered* In suh ases it ma# be neessar# to +verif#, that appropriate properties are sti&& avai&ab&e in the materia& and ontinue to meet the app&iab&e 's* 12# vilbilit+ P !s sha&& be avai&ab&e for nationa& authorities upon re%uest for a period of 10 #ears after the &ast pressure e%uipment has been manufatured*ontrar# to the re%uirements for '! s/ there is no re%uirement to ma<e P !s pub&i&# avai&ab&e* P ! Guiding Prinip&es ev -  PE- 03-28 - rev 5 21 November 2006 Page - of 5  !ppendi 1'amp&e of a suitab&e format for doumentation of a P ! Pressure '%uipment anufaturer@ P ! ef* No* ev* ateria& Group Per  I> 1560?@2000 ateria& speifiation in&uding date@Grade@e&iver# ondition@ !pp&iation@ !pp&iab&e esign ode@ imension range@ aimum a&&o$ab&e temperature@  inimum a&&o$ab&e temperature@ omp&iane $ith 'ssentia& afet# e%uirements for materia&s (in finished pressure e%uipment) Propert+(euirementetils of /omplince  !ppropriate properties (!nne I A -*1(a))(!ssured b# materia& manufaturer)Proof strength3Cie&d strength(at appropriate temperature)D9reep datauffiient&# duti&e (!nne I A -*1(a)) (!nne I A *5)In stee&; ! min 1-E in speified &ongitudina& E in speified transverse Euffiient&# tough (!nne I A -*1(a)/ !nne I A *5)e*g* in stee&; FV min 2 at 20 º  or &o$est operating temperature*Not signifiant&# affeted b# ageing  !ppropriate se&etion*uitab&e omposition (e*g* for non a&&o# stee& !&3N   H 2)9est programmePer !ppendi 2o No*esu&ts of test programme9est report The named material specification may be used for the construction of pressure equipment intended for use within the stated limits and subject to the following restrictions: estritions@igned@ate@(Pressure '%uipment anufaturer)onfirmed@ate@Notified 8od# (ats III  IV on&#) P ! Guiding Prinip&es ev -
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