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Sep - Oct 2011 Volume 1, Issue 5 PENIEL NEWS Promise verse for 2011 “Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit”, says the Lord Almighty ( zech 4:6) All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him (psalms 22:27) Prayer points ã Pray for the Christmas outreach in Cambodia. ã Pray pray for 3 days gospel crusade during Mar 2012 in Myanmar. ã Please pray for the community center in gelang patah in Johor bahru. ã Pray for t
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    All the ends of the earthwill remember and turn to the LORD,and all the families of the nationswill bow down before him (psalms 22:27)   Empower the Poor to Find the Answer   Regardless of how good our intenons are, without the essenal foun-daon of biblical character, all efforts to overcome poverty will fail - no maerhow much money is sent. When it comes to poverty - a lack of money is notthe cause of the problem, and tons of cash is not the soluon. There isnothing wrong with helping people through a desperate situaon, and weshould do all we can when lives are in imminent danger, but we must focusour efforts on what helps people get out of poverty, not keep them connuallydependent on outsiders for their survival. The strategies employed to help thepoor must encourage and support the individual and community efforts of thepoor to change their own situaon. No amount of outside aid and outsidesoluons can replace local iniave. No amount of hard work by outsiders canreplace the ongoing hard work of the local people in creang jobs and starngtheir own businesses. The local people have to be empowered to take respon-sibility for their own lives and be given the spiritual tools, business skills andfreedom that can enable them to li themselves out of poverty. Is there a rolefor outside help? Yes but it has to be centered around changing lives from theinside out, not simply pung expensive band-aids on the situaon that willeventually wear off. The healing and transformaon must come from inside.We can help in this process, but we cannot and should not do it for them.  Poverty ulmately derives from the Fall of man and the four brokenrelaonships that have resulted. These are with God, with others, with our-selves and with creaon as a whole. These broken relaonships have affectedall of us, but for the poor they have become a crushing burden that Satan hasused to convince the poor to believe a lie and keep them in poverty. PENIEL NEWS Sep - Oct 2011 Volume 1, Issue 5 Prayer points ã Pray for the Christmasoutreach in Cambodia. ã Pray pray for 3 days gospelcrusade during Mar 2012 inMyanmar. ã Please pray for the communi-ty center in gelang patah inJohor bahru. ã Pray for the revival in thenation of Indonesia which has237 Million population ã Pray that God’s hand to openthe doors in the nation of Laoswhich has 7 Million popula-tion Promise verse for 2011  “Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit”, says the LordAlmighty ( zech 4:6)    The poor have internalized the lies, “Give up! You don’t maer. Nobody cares about you. Look aroundyou: things are terrible. Always have been, always will be.” These are the lies of fatalism, vicmhood andpowerlessness. They have lost the hope that they or anyone else can change their situaon. They havecome to believe that no amount of hard work can change their circumstances. These lies must bedefeated in order for the poor to get out of poverty, and they can only be defeated by presenng themwith the truth of God’s love and power through Jesus Christ - just what the church is best able to provide.As we establish Church Planng Movements within every people, we will encounter the poor and the liesthat have kept them in bondage. As they come to Christ and begin to believe the Truth, they will have thepower to defeat these lies and to lay the spiritual foundaon from which they can raise themselves out of poverty.With a combinaon of effecve discipleship and praccal, locally based economic soluons thepoor can come to believe that they can do all things through Christ, including raising themselves andothers out of poverty. They can then create their own wealth and not be dependent on outsiders for theirsurvival. Cambodia :   By Gods grace, Ourgospel centre inSiemreap is taken careof Ms Pheak Tra andher family. She is han-dling the free Englishclasses in the evening and the Sunday service for the village people of Kroakrao. We planned to celebratethis year Christmas together with this village people. We are praying for another gospel centre in thevillage called Kralanh which is 51 kms from Siemreap. We will be adopng this centre from Jan 2012onwards to reach out more people around this area.Prayer points: ⇒   Pray that more souls to be reached out through our gospel centre. ⇒   Pray that Lord should bless all the Christmas outreach programs in Siemreap. ⇒   Pray for the volunteers who are joining for this Christmas outreach. Acts 10:34 “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favorism but accepts men fromevery naon who fear him and do what is right” Page 2 of 4   PENIEL FAITH MINISTRIES NEWSLETTER    Myanmar:   God has raised a believer to buy a house for the community centre in south dagon. Praise be toGod. By Gods grace, we have been supporng the centre from last year and praying for these people.Now in His me, God has opened a door to buy their own house to run the centre. Please connue topray for the children ministry. Gods grace, I had a good ministry for two weeks during September innorthern Myanmar. Its our vision that the gospel be spread to every village towards the northernMyanmar. We have ministered among various people group in many villages. If God willing, we areplanning to conduct three days gospel rally in a central locaon surrounded by these villages during nextyear. All glory to Jesus Christ only!During September, we had a special fasng prayer with pastors to pray for the revival for this naon.There is a Gethsamane Prayer Garden maintained by the Bapst church of Yangon. God has prepared aplace for us. Inspite of our ght schedule, the youths from various denominaons arranged a specialfellowship to hear the word of God. I can see their hunger. We are in the last days.Prayer points: ⇒   Pray that revival should spread over all the churches in Myanmar. ⇒   Pray that the community centres draw more people towards Jesus. ⇒   Pray that all the mission organizaons who are working for the expansion of Gods kingdom. Romans 14:36 “ For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To Him be the gloryforever! Amen. Page 3 of 4  PENIEL FAITH MINISTRIES NEWSLETTER    PENIEL FAITH MINISTRIES (An inter-denominational Christian Ministryworking in South East Asian Nations)Reg No: 201127590EBro. Paulson CalebP.O.Box 097Bukit Batok Post OfficeSingapore 916504Phone: +65 94528765, +60 177426125Fax: +65 66338635E-mail: PENIEL FAITH MINISTRIES NEWSLETTER Malaysia: Gods grace, I have ministered in the two days revival meengs in ShahAlam church near KL. God gave an opportunity to minister in one of theoutreach centres also in the Taman Sentosa. We can see the needy peo-ple who are longing for deliverance from their bondages.   God’s name ex-alted in all the meengs. Gods grace, we have received 1000 copies of Tamil Luke gospel from a Malaysian prayer partner. We are distribungthis newly printed Luke gospel to the new believers who are in variousoutreach centres. Please pray for our gospel centres in Johor Bahru to befruiul to many lives.Prayer points: ♦ Pray for the newly planted Gelang Patah outreach centre ♦ Pray that more families to be saved in the Masai village. ♦ Pray that the power of darkness to be removed from the naon. (Isai 49:9) “To say to the capves, “come out”, and to those indarkness, ‘Be free!’” Singapore: God’s grace, we got official ministry registraon in the government of Singapore. We like to do things only what God has called us to do.“Night is coming on when no one can work”. By Gods grace, we hadour prayer partner’s meetup on 3 rd Sept to brief and pray for all ourministries and the upcoming gospel crusades. Also, we had our prayerpartner’s family fellowship on 1 st Oct. Rev Prabhu, (Senior Pastor, ToaPayoh Methodist Church) was invited to share the word of God withthe biblical counselling for families who are involved in the ministry. Itwas a blessed and refreshing me together with our friends. By thegrace of God, I have been working full-me in this ministry from lastAugust. That is covenant made with the Lord when I le my smallvillage in India 13 years back. Please uphold all our ministries in yourprayers. Lets abide with the plans and mings of God now and forever! “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans toprosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a fu-ture.” (Jere 29:11). Stay blessed ! To God be all the Glory !! In His Mission, A. Paulson Caleb
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