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Shadow of the Past The night was dark, without even the tell-tale twinkle of a single star overhead to provide the most miniscule thread of light upon the world. With the arrival of the snow-clouds that hovered over the place known as Red Blood High, all had begun to seem bleak for some time, as if the weather itself were aware of the coming storm. Storms, the spirit corrected herself, one delicate hand hovering on the air. The nerves of th
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  Shadow of the Past The night was dark, without even the tell-tale twinkle of a single star overhead to provide the most miniscule thread of light upon the world. With the arrival of the snow-clouds that hovered over the place known as Red Blood High, all had begun to seem bleak for some time, as if the weather itself were aware of the coming storm. Storms,  the spirit corrected herself, one delicate hand hovering on the air. The nerves of the palm of her hand and fingertips especially detected what her eyes no longer could. Warmth  pressed up against her skin, almost uncomfortably so, and she knew it would begin to burn if she  pressed any closer. She could almost imagine the hazy smoke that would curl between her fingers and the crusted black of burned flesh. The ghost of a remembered smell even briefly curdled in her nose, causing her admiration of the flame's warmth to be cut short as she retracted her hand in the quick manner of one who'd been burned.  I am no moth to throw myself upon the unforgiving flames,  she thought as her hand curled itself into a fist.  I am the storm the fire fears.  After all, was not the world moving in accordance to her will? Had she not carefully  pushed events towards certain outcomes so that all would come together as she wanted at this moment? There were admittedly other creatures with more power than she, who could cut her down with a thought were it to their desire to do so, including her quarry himself. Her ability did allow her a distinct advantage however, for when dealing with a spirit who could glimpse upon the future, it was a rare thing when one came against her and left in a victory she had not allowed. For some time, Lilybaeum ruminated on this, the thoughts slowly swirling about much as snow began to slowly swirl from the sky. It began to gather on her long hair, camouflaged though it was for her hair was the very same pure white as the innocent flakes. Her hair was long, easily falling to her thighs, parted in such a way that it swept in her face, hiding nearly all of her facial features from view as well as hiding other, lower features from view. Though her height was average, her stature was small and even bony, giving her the appearance of being little more than skin over bones. Her skin tone was olive, face angular, and features sharp. If one were to push her hair back, they would discover only skin where one would expect eyes or even eye sockets to be, though rather than readily announce this anomaly to the world, the spirit allowed her hair to cover it from casual sight even if those who knew her were already aware of her lack of sight by usual means.  Face expressionless, Lilybaeum's hand slowly uncurled and sought the sputtering fire's warmth once more, though rather than hover near, searching for scraps of warmth whilst avoiding being burned, her hand cupped the back of the flame a safe distance away. Her head lowered, and once she felt the warmth spreading to her face, her lips parted to form an 'o' shape. As her breath escaped, rather than forming mist on the air as it usually would have in the cold, rather than being soft enough to provide energy and fuel for the little fire, her breath, strong and cold, blew over the weak flame, ending its existence. The scent of fitful smoke curled upwards on the air, and only then did Lilybaeum straighten again, a strange sense of satisfaction unfurling within her. You may as well come out now. Her voice resembled the wind in its structure and cadence, even its quietness, and though she knew this to be, she was also aware that her words would still reach the ears of the one she knew to be watching her. You should be aware that you cannot sneak up on me. Though I have no eyes, I should not be disregarded as blind. Shit, shit, shit! This was followed by noise, like that of something falling and splatting into the ground in a mess of fluid. If this was a game of hide and seek, you'd win! That's hilarious! The voice grew closer, and, coming from the ground itself, hands surfaced. The hands were dark, completely black, and apparently looking for support. Finding it, the creature beneath  pulled itself upward. Instead of sticking halfway, it came to fully appeared nearby, body completely made of black, holding only a partial outline to that of a person. Mouth and eyes un-moving in wide white shapes, he stayed quiet for only a moment. Man! You must make people really mad with that! He said, chuckling lightly. Oh well! Now that you've noticed me- He cut himself off, spreading his legs and arms outward to the point where he was making that of an X with his body. She's found me out! Head on through. He did this while making that of a buzz noise, as if he was calling for someone. Hmm... I do believe that is record time. You are either incredibly talented or this spawn is just incredibly stupid. It is, but, it is also quite skilled at surveillance. The being that held his hands and legs out remained completely still as he listened, though, within a few moments of these words, a pair of hands began to appear, sliding out from the creature's stomach, as if it were some kind of portal. The hands were covered by black gloves, and, as the arms made their way through, it was revealed that they were completely covered by something like that of yellowed bandaging.  Despite coming out hands first, bare feet quickly touched the stone beneath. He was a being completely covered by bandaging, the only things revealed being his feet and hands. His feet were kept bare for appropriate reasons, and, so were his hands. Despite his body being mostly covered in bandages, they were eventually interrupted by sleeves from that of a hoodie. The hoodie was the only main part of clothing covering his body, aside from the cloth that mummified his body. It was that of a dark gray, covering most of his upper body and some of his lower. The hood of the hoodie was raised above his head, but, despite this, his mouth and nose were covered by that of the same cloth covering his body. His eyes seemed to hold some kind of color, but, they did not perceive anything, and, though he did not appear to be looking toward her, his attention was in fact on her. You are not familiar to me. I am not fully aware of your appearance, but, I am quite aware that you are different. Tell me, who are you to attract the attention of one of my shadows? He asked, though his voice was slightly muffled. Hands raising, he grasped air for a moment, before his hands found the hood covering his head, pushing it down behind it. His hair was that of a mix between pink and purple, dark enough to be far from pink, but, mixed in just enough to give his hair a lighter appearance than that of purple, falling in messy strands down near his face. With his hood dropped, he lowered his hands, once more grasping for only moments before he found the cloth covering his mouth and nose. Pulling it down, he allowed it to hang on his neck. His face held that of a strong chin and jaw, eyes rounder despite not perceiving anything before him, lips thinner but that of a brighter color compared to his skin, which was shades away from being an abnormal pale. His ears and other sense were in constant overdrive, providing what his eyes could not. His nose, ending it the smallest of points, was quite well known with picking up scents. His ears, small but ending in that of a dull point, had gotten to the point where they were quite easily able to pick up most things around him. He could not fully see, though, what failed him with his ears and nose, he made up for with his shadows. It's pretty obvious she isn't normal! She knows a lot of things. Said the creature that stood nearby, arms dropping. Things? Does she know things of people? The area around her? Does she know the future or past? Does she know information? It is times like this where I curse the fact that you are not exact with what you learn. If only you were simply me... the amount of information we would hold could be unheard of. Whatever transpired has left you a fool. Commented the male, not turning his head, though, he spoke to the creature nearby. It was true that much more could have been done if he were just that of a singular shadow and not a freak-ish mutant, though, without the other side of him, they would not have been nearly as accurate at finding the demon. Only the shadow could sense the srcinal, that was the way it always worked, even if the shadow held more than one srcinal. You really like putting me down. Give me a little freedom here. Jeez. Huffed the creature, crossing his arms defiantly.    Greetings once again, Dusk, spoke Lilybaeum softly. Though she made no pretense of being able to actually see him, her head inclined in the direction of the strange shadow creature. I have never played hide and seek; it would have been a dull game in any case. In answer to your other comment, yes, my abilities have caused anger in many. She remained unsurprised as another made his appearance known, speaking first and then stepping from the creature. She did not reply to his statement, accepting the unspoken compliment for what it was. She was likewise quiet through the side conversation between Dusk and his parent, whom before this moment Lilybaeum had never met. Of course, she had known this would possibly happen before she had ever made the decision to attempt to aid her ally, Ialikadrin. The demoness would be having a rough night, she knew, considering the events that transpired in her battle with Dusk.  I am certainly grateful that not all demons are as volatile as she,  the spirit thought. She would never be able to safely predict the outcome of any situation if all were as unpredictable as Ialikadrin, and all of her carefully laid plans would be for naught. Well, in this case, it worked out for the better. She hadn't known for sure whether her brief interruption would have left enough of an impression for the shadow to remember her, but she did know that she was rather interested in meeting the second parent of Dusk. Like yourself, Blind One, I am without sight of the traditional sort. I do not see the world around me. I do have an ability which gives me quite an advantage, however. I can access the past as well as see the paths of the future. I suppose in that sense, I know things of people, the area around me, and information as well. Does that satisfy the questions on my abilities that you have adequately enough? She inquired, having taken the opportunity to speak in the lull in conversation between the two before her. The smoke from the candle she had extinguished had  begun to thin, though its scent was heavy on the air, wafted about by a chilled zephyr.
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