11_01_2010 Personal References for Metric Length; 11-02-2010 Measuring in Millimeters, 11-03-2010 & 11_04_2010 Decimals Place Value, 11_05_2010 Test MS Word 1997

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Date 11/01/2010 4.8 Personal References for Metric 11/03/10 4.10 11/04/10 4.10 11/05/10 11/02/10 4.9 Length Standar d [URL] GLE CFU SPI Objectiv e The learner will… Strategy Material s Scribd Support GLE 0406.1.2 Apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to problem solving, including estimation, ad reasonableness of the solution. GLE 0406.4.2 Understand and use measures of length, area, capacity, and weight. GLE 0406.4.3 Solve problems involving area and/or perimeter of rec
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  Date 11/01/2010 4.8 Personal References for Metric Length 11/02/10 4.911/03/10 4.1011/04/10 4.1011/05/10 Standar d [URL]  L! GLE 0406.1.2 ##l$ and ada#t a %ariet$ of a##ro#riate strategies to #ro&le' sol%ing(incl)ding esti'ation( ad reasona&leness of the sol)tion. GLE 0406.4.2 Understand and )se'eas)res of length( area( ca#acit$( and*eight. GLE 0406.4.3 Sol%e #ro&le's in%ol%ingarea and/or #eri'eter of rectang)lar fig)res  +,U 0406.1.5 Meas)re )sing r)ler( 'eter stic-( cloc-( ther'o'eter( or other scaled instr)'ent   0406.4.12 !sti'ate the sie of ano&ect *ith res#ect to a gi%en'eas)re'ent attri&)te length( #eri'eter( area( or ca#acit$.  SP SPI 0406.4.8 +on%ert'eas)re'ents *ithin asingle s$ste' that areco''on in dail$ life e.g.(ho)rs and 'in)tes( inchesand feet( centi'eters and'eters( 3)arts and gallons(liters and 'illiliters. &ecti%e 5he learner *ill6 !sta&lish #ersonal references for 'etric )nits of length. Strateg$St)dents find #ersonal references to hel# the' esti'ate lengths of centi( deci( and 'ili 'eter.MaterialsScri&dS)##ortDail$ 7)i dd 9 S)&tract Mone$SM: ## 100; 101; 102St)dent Reference <oo- ## 110St)d$ Lin- 4.=5a#e Meas)re; Meterstic-; R)ler +enti'eter +)&e Dail$ 7)i Dail$ 7)iDail$ 7)iDail$ 7)i ssess'ent !>it Sli# Meas)re ? te's to +enti( Deci( Milli'eter @o'e*or- [URL]St)d$ Lin-s 4.=,ile Aa'e :B@ard$ !le'entar$ SchoolBLesson PlansBMathe'aticsB11C01C2010 Personal References for Metric Length; 11C02C2010 Meas)ring in Milli'eters( 11C0?C2010  11C04C2010 Deci'als Place Eal)e( 11C0FC2010 5est MS Gord 1HH=  Dail$ 7)ies 11/01/2010 ,o)rth rade Mathe'atics  I1(000.1H1. JI8H?.2K I1(000.HK2. JI1?0.H= I1(000.14?. JI=?K.0= I1(000.F14. J1HH.1 I1(000.?HF. JI8=?.KH I1(000.?2K. JI=8=.=? I1(000.K8=. JI1K?.14 I1(000.1H8. JI?=K.KF I1(000.11H. JI?8?.2 I1(000.==10. JI HH.1? I1(000.8H11. JIK8H.42 I1(000.F812. JI8H8.H2  ,ile Aa'e :B@ard$ !le'entar$ SchoolBLesson PlansBMathe'aticsBDail$ 7)iesB10C11C2010  10C1FC2010  I1(000.1H1. JI8H?.2K I1(2. 00.HKJI1?0.H= I1(000.14?. JI=?K.0= I1(000.F14. J1HH.1 I1(F. 00.?HJI8=?.KH I1(000.?2K. JI=8=.=? I1(000.K8=. JI1K?.14 I1(000.1H8. JI?=K KF I1(000.11H. JI?8?.2   Aa'ePeriodrade CCC / 10    Aa'eCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Dail$ 7)ies 11 /01/2010 rade CCC/10 Period CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC ,o)rth rade Mathe'atics   I1(000.==10. JI2HH.1? I1(000.8H11. JI 8H.42 I1(000.F812. JI8H8.H2  Dail$ 7)ies 1101/2010 [ ASG!R !N] ,o)rth rade Mathe'atics  1000.1H1. J8H?.2K 10K.H?  1000.HK2. J1?0.H= 8KH.HH 1000.14?. J=?K.0= 2K4.0= 1000.F14. J1HH.1 801.41 1000.?HF. J8=?.KH 12K. 1000.?2K. J=8=.=? 212.FH 1000.K8=. J1K?.14 8?=.F4 1000.1H8. J?=K.KF K2?.F4 1000.11H. J?8?.2 K1K.H1 1000.==10. J2HH.1? =01.K4 1000.8H11. JK8H.42 ?11.4= 1000.F812. J8H8.H2 101.KK
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