70 Boss 429 Mustang 2 n 1

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KIT oss 429 Mustang 2 n 1 oss 429 Mustangs were built in very limited numbers in 1969 and 1970 in order to homologate the radical oss 429 engine for NSCR competition. The oss 429 was
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KIT oss 429 Mustang 2 n 1 oss 429 Mustangs were built in very limited numbers in 1969 and 1970 in order to homologate the radical oss 429 engine for NSCR competition. The oss 429 was a serious engine, with a forged steel crankshaft, four-bolt mains, a 735-cfm Holley four-barrel carb on an aluminum high rise intake manifold, and big-port, staggered valve aluminum heads with crescent-shaped semi-hemi combustion chambers. To fit the bulky engine, the Mustang s front suspension had to be moved outward, which widened the front track by two inches and actually improved the handling of the car. The assembly of the oss 429 Mustangs was handled by Kar Kraft, an outside contractor in righton, Michigan. The specialized assembly process and the exotic engine pushed the sticker price up to almost $5000- a hefty sum in Today, the oss 429 s are among the rarest and most desirable Mustangs ever produced by Ford. Your Revell kit may be built as a factory stock 1970 oss 429 Mustang, or as a customized street machine with dual four barrel carbs on a tunnel ram intake manifold, Shelby style wheels, and custom graphics. The stock version features accurate Magnum 500 wheels, front and rear spoilers, hood scoop, and oss 429 fender decals. * REPET SEVERL TIMES * REPETER PLUSIEURS FOIS * OPTIONL PRTS * PIECES EN OPTION * DECL * DECL COMNIE * LTERNTIVE SSEMLY * ENSEMLGE LTERNTIVE * CEMENT TOGETHER * COLLER * REMOVE ND THROW WY * RETIRER ET JETER * DO NOT CEMENT * NE PS COLLER RED THIS EFORE YOU EGIN * Study the assembly drawings. * Each plastic part is identified by a number. * In the assembly drawings, some parts will be marked by a star ( ) to indicate chrome plated plastic. * For better paint and decal adhesion, wash the plastic parts in a mild detergent solution. Rinse and let air dry. * Check the fit of each piece before cementing in place. * Use only cement for polystyrene plastic. * Scrape plating and paint from areas to be cemented. * llow paint to dry thoroughly before handling parts. * ny unused parts may be discarded. LIRE CE QUI SUIT VNT DE COMMENCER * Etudier les schémas de montage. * Chaque pièce en plastique est identifiée par un numéro. * Sur les schémas de montage, certaines pièces sont marquées d'une étoile ( ) pour indiquer qu'elles sont en plastique chromé. * Pour une meilleure prise de la peinture et des autocollants, laver les pièces en plastique avec une solution détergente peu concentrée. Les rincer et les laisser sécher à l'air. * Vérifier que chaque pièce s'ajuste bien avant de la coller en place. * N'utiliser que de la colle pour polystyrène. * Gratter les parties à coller pour enlever le chrome et la peinture. * Laisser la peinture bien sécher avant de manipuler les pièces. * Toute pièce inutilisée peut être jetée. This paint guide is provided to complete this kit as shown on the box. Ce guide de peinture est fourni pour reproduire le modèle réduit qui apparaît sur la boîte. luminum Chrome Silver Flat lack Flat Light Purple Flat White Ford Engine lue luminum Chrome argent Noir mat Pourpre clair mat lanc mat lue moteur Ford DECL PPLICTION INSTRUCTIONS DIRECTIVES D'PPLICTION DES UTOCOLLNTS Gloss lack Noir lustré 1. Cut desired decal from sheet. 2. Dip decal in water for a few seconds. 3. Place wet decal on paper towel. 4. Wait until decal is movable on paper backing. 5. Place decal in position on model, face up and slide backing away. 6. Press out air bubbles with a soft damp cloth. 7. Milkiness that may appear is for better decal adhesion and will dry clear. Wipe away any excess adhesive. 8. Do not touch decal until fully dry. 9. llow the decals 48 hours to dry before applying clear coat. NOTE: Decals are not compatible with setting solutions or solvents. 1. Découper l'autocollant désiré de la feuille. 2. Tremper l'autocollant dans de l'eau pendant quelques secondes. 3. Placer l'autocollant mouillé sur une serviette en papier. 4. ttendez que l'autocollant puisse être déplacé sur son support en papier. 5. Mettre l'autocollant en position sur le modèle face sur le dessus et faire glisser le support pour l'enlever. 6. ppuyer avec un chiffon doux humide pour éliminer les bulles d'air. 7. La substance laiteuse qui peut apparaître est destinée à améliorer l'adhésion de l'autocollant et devient incolore au séchage. Essuyer pour enlever tout excédent d'adhésif. 8. Ne pas toucher l'autocollant tant qu'il n'est pas bien sec. 9. Laisser l'autocollant sécher pendant 48 heures avant d'appliquer une couche transparente. REMRQUE: Les autocollants sont incompatibles avec les solutions de fixage ou les solvants. Gloss Light Purple Gloss Metallic Purple Grabber lue Silver Steel Transparent Red Turn Signal mber Wood Pourpre clair lustré Pourpre lustré metallisé lue grabber rgent cier Rouge transparent Feu de virage ambre ois If you have any questions or comments, call our hotline at: (800) or, please write to: Revell-Monogram Consumer Service Department, 8601 Waukegan Road, Morton Grove, Illinois e sure to include the plan number ( ), part number, description, your return address and phone number. Visit our website: REVELL-MONOGRM, LLC. ll rights reserved, Copyright Made in U.S.. 1 37 ROCKER COVER (PINT LUMINUM FOR VERSION) ENGINE SSEMLY 36 VERSION MNIFOLD LUMINUM 39 LEFT ENGINE HLF : FORD ENGINE LUE : GLOSS LIGHT (SHDED RE LUMINUM) VERSION MNIFOLD SSEMLY 68 VELOCITY STCKS 67 CRURETORS 66 RM INTKE PLENUM GLOSS LIGHT 65 RM INTKE MNIFOLD GLOSS LIGHT 46 CYLINDER HED : FORD ENGINE LUE : GLOSS LIGHT 40 ENGINE HLF : FORD ENGINE LUE : GLOSS LIGHT (SHDED RE LUMINUM) 50 DISTRIUTOR GLOSS LCK (SHDED RE LUMINUM) 43 OIL FILTER FLT WHITE (SHDED RE LUMINUM) 51 LEFT EXHUST : STEEL : LUMINUM 45 LEFT CYLINDER HED : FORD ENGINE LUE : GLOSS LIGHT 37 ROCKER COVER (PINT LUMINUM FOR VERSION) 4 (REPET FOR OTHER SIDE) 52 EXHUST STEEL 49 WTER PUMP FORD ENGINE LUE 48 FN GLOSS LCK 2 FRME GRER LUE 44 STRTER 38 FN ELT (SHDED RES GLOSS LCK) 62 EXHUST LUMINUM 49 WTER PUMP GLOSS LIGHT 48 FN GLOSS LCK 2 FRME GLOSS METLLIC 44 STRTER 38 FN ELT (SHDED RES SILVER) 2 INTERIOR SSEMLY 32 SHIFTER (SHDED RE, HNDLE LUMINUM) 28 RM REST : FLT WHITE : FLT LIGHT 27 LEFT RM REST : FLT WHITE : FLT LIGHT 3 INTERIOR TU WINDOW CRNKS SILVER : FLT WHITE (SHDED RE ) : FLT LIGHT 12 DSHORD (SHDED RE WOOD GUGES GLOSS LCK) 31 STEERING WHEEL (CENTER HU SILVER) C 29 SET : FLT WHITE : FLT LIGHT 30 SET CK : FLT WHITE : FLT LIGHT 3 ODY SSEMLY 71 WINDOWS CLER NOTE: REMOVE ND SVE TILLIGHT ND HEDLIGHT LENSES 21 RER VIEW MIRROR HEDLINER : FLT WHITE : FLT LIGHT 1970 oss 429 Mustang FCTORY COLORS ND CODES Grabber lue (J) Grabber Green (Z) Grabber Orange (U) Calypso Coral (1) Pastel lue (N) PINT ENGINE Y STIN LCK FOR VERSION INTERIOR: lack White (T) (TW) PINT TURN SIGNL MER OVER SILVER PINT TRNSPRENT RED OVER SILVER 1 ODY : GRER LUE : GLOSS METLLIC 15 FRONT SHOCK INTERIOR SSEMLY 15 FRONT SHOCK C FRME SSEMLY NOTE: REMOVE ND SVE ENGINE COMPRTMENT RCE (54) 4 CHSSIS SSEMLY 53 EXHUST SYSTEM STEEL 14 RER XLE NOTE: DD XLE LIFTS FOR VERSION 60 RER XLE LIFTS 16 () OR 61 () RER SHOCKS C 42 RDITOR TOP : : SILVER 6 25 RDITOR PLCEMENT DETIL OF RDITOR / OIL COOLER SSEMLY 26 OIL COOLER 54 ENGINE COMPRTMENT RCE : : SILVER 5 FRONT SSEMLY 5 35 IR CLENER FORD ENGINE LUE (SHDED RE ) 47 RDITOR HOSE (SHDED RE LUMINUM) 47 RDITOR HOSE (SHDED RE LUMINUM) 5 FRONT PNEL : GRER LUE : GLOSS METLLIC (PINT VENTS, PRKING LIGHTS SILVER) 9 72 GRILLE HEDLIGHT LENSES CLER (PINT CENTER RE ) 10 FRONT UMPER 1,2, or 3 PROFILE VIEW OF COMPLETED FRONT END SSEMLY 7 SPOILER 55 LICENSE PLTE 6 RER SSEMLY 73 TILLIGHT LENSES CLER (TRNSPRENT RED OVER SILVER) 6 RER PNEL : GRER LUE : GLOSS METLLIC 23 CKUP LIGHT 23 CKUP LIGHT 11 RER UMPER 22 GS CP (PINT RECESSED RES OF TIL- LIGHT EZELS ) 55 LICENSE PLTE 1,2, or 3 MOUNT TILLIGHT LENSES ON INSIDE 7 FINL SSEMLY 41 SPOILER PEDESTLS 8 RER SPOILER 24 WINDOW LOUVERS 9 and 10 (mount tires lettered side in when using decals) 33 MGNUM 500 WHEEL (PINT RECESSED RES ) 34 INNER WHEEL TIRE 41 SPOILER PEDESTLS 8 RER SPOILER 24 WINDOW LOUVERS 63 SHELY WHEEL (PINT RECESSED RES GLOSS LIGHT ) 34 INNER WHEEL TIRE 7 FINL SSEMLY CONTINUED 18 LEFT MIRROR HOUSING GRER LUE 13 HOOD SCOOP 19 LEFT MIRROR 4 HOOD GRER LUE 20 MIRROR 17 MIRROR HOUSING GRER LUE 7 or 8 (OTH SIDES) 19 LEFT MIRROR 18 LEFT MIRROR HOUSING GLOSS METLLIC 64 HOOD GLOSS METLLIC 20 MIRROR 17 MIRROR HOUSING GLOSS METLLIC 12 (REPET FOR OTHER SIDE USING #11)
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