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-LO Installation and Maintenance Guide THOOGHL O TTMTING INTLLTION N O T N Notice d installation et d entretien LI OIGNMNT NT NTN L INTLLTION L IL. ON TT NOTI O
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-LO Installation and Maintenance Guide THOOGHL O TTMTING INTLLTION N O T N Notice d installation et d entretien LI OIGNMNT NT NTN L INTLLTION L IL. ON TT NOTI O ÉÉN LTÉI. inbau- und artungsanleitung OGÄLTIG O GINN INTLLTION HLN N Ü ÄT NNG HN Guía de instalación y mantenimiento L TNTMNT T OLLTO NT INTNT L INTLIÓN G T INTION OMO NI ond ilter with Integrated - nit iltre pour bassin avec stérilisateur/clarificateur - intégré Teichfilter mit integrierter - inheit iltro para estanques, con unidad uv-c integrada NT ressure-lo ilters are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 3 years from date of purchase, under normal usage. The filter will be repaired or replaced at manufacturer s discretion, free of charge. This warranty does not apply to any filter which has been subjected to misuse, negligence, tampering or accidental damage. No liability is assumed with respect to loss or damage to livestock or personal property irrespective of the cause thereof. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. ailure caused by misuse is not covered by this warranty. The - bulb and quartz sleeve are not covered under this warranty. GNTI Les filtres ressure-lo utilisés dans des conditions normales sont garantis contre tout défaut de matériaux et de main-d oeuvre pour une période de 3 ans à partir de la date d achat. Les filtres ressure-lo seront réparés ou remplacés sans frais, à la discrétion du fabricant. Tout mauvais usage, négligence, modification ou dommage accidentel invalidera cette garantie. Le fabricant n est pas responsable des pertes ou des dommages causés aux animaux ou à la propriété. ette garantie ne porte pas atteinte à vos droits statutaires. ne défaillance causée par un emploi abusif n est pas couverte par cette garantie. La lampe - et le manchon de quartz ne sont pas couverts par cette garantie. GNTI ir garantieren Ihnen, dass ressure-lo ilter bei normaler erwendung für die auer von 3 ahren ab dem Zeitpunkt des rwerbs von Material- bzw. erarbeitungsfehlern frei sind. ollte dies nicht der all sein, verpflichtet sich der Hersteller nach seinem alleinigen rmessen zur eparatur oder zum rsatz des entsprechenden ressure-lo ilters. iese Garantie erstreckt sich nicht auf ressure-lo ilter, die unsachgemäßer oder fahrlässiger erwendung, Manipulationen oder deren lügelrad oder lügelradachse durch nfall beschädigt wurden. ine Haftung für erluste oder chäden an Tierbestand oder persönlichem igentum ist unabhängig von ihrer rsache ausgeschlossen. Ihre gesetzlichen echte sind von dieser Garantie unberührt. in Geräteversagen aufgrund missbräuchlicher erwendung ist durch diese Garantie nicht abgedeckt. ie - Lampe und die Quarzröhre fallen nicht unter diese Garantie. nglish Instructions...2 Instructions en français...7 Gebrauchsanleitung auf eutsch...12 Instrucciones en español...18 arranty ard iche de garantie Garantie-egistrierungskarte Tarjeta de egistro de Garantia GNTÍ l filtro ressure-lo está garantizado contra defectos de materiales y mano de obra, por un período de tres años a partir de la fecha de compra, siempre y cuando se utilice en condiciones normales de uso. l aparato será reparado o reemplazado gratuitamente, a discreción del fabricante. sta garantía no se aplica a los filtros que hayan sido objeto de uso incorrecto, negligencia, intentos de modificación o daños producidos por accidente. l fabricante no se responsabiliza de la pérdida de animales o efectos personales ni de daños a los mismos, sea cual fuera la causa. sta garantía no afecta sus derechos legales. Las fallas producidas por un mal uso tampoco están cubiertas por esta garantía. La lámpara de y el manguito de cuarzo no están cubiertos por esta garantía. 1 nglish Instructions efer to these illustrations when reading instruction manual. - Head - Lamp Quartz leeve O-ings etaining lange O-ing G ilter Lid H niversal lick-it I ealing ap lick-it Head crews Quartz leeve lange crews L oam leaning lades M oam ilters N oam upport rame O Lid lamp ilter Lid O-ing Q ilter ase Lamp Indicator leaning Handles T rain Outlet leaning Indicator Mode elector witch ater Outlet ater Inlet Lamp amper Z afety lock aa ubber O-ings aa T H G I Z L M N O Q ON ILT ITH INTGT NIT or freshwater use only ead thoroughly prior to installation and operation IMOTNT T INTTION NING: To guard against injury, basic safety precautions should be observed, including the following: 1. N OLLO LL T INTTION nd all the important notices on the appliance before using this appliance. ailure to do so may result in loss of fish life and/or damage to this appliance. 2. NG To avoid possible electric shock, special care should be taken since water is employed in the use of pond equipment. or each of the following situations, do not attempt repairs yourself; return the appliance to an authorized Laguna service facility for service or discard the appliance.. This is a weather-proof but NOT a submersible product. o not immerse the product in water! If the appliance falls into the water, ON'T reach for it! irst unplug it and then retrieve it.. rior to installing the unit, check that the quartz glass sleeve and the - lamp have not been damaged during transportation, as the lamp () and quartz sleeve () are made of glass. Handle them with care. o not handle lamp with bare hands as this will impede its performance. arefully examine the appliance after installation. It should not be plugged if there is water on parts not intended to be wet. If electrical components of the appliance get wet, unplug the appliance immediately.. o not operate any appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug, or if it is malfunctioning or if it is dropped or damaged in any manner. The power cord of this appliance is a special cord: if it is damaged, it must be replaced by an authorized Laguna service facility or similar qualified person in order to avoid any hazard. Never cut the cord.. The lamp starter used in this product has a long life and it doesn t require maintenance. If necessary, it must be replaced only by an authorized Laguna service facility or similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. 3. o not allow children to use this appliance. hildren must be closely supervised at all times near water. This appliance is not a toy. 4. TION N LOO INTO LM HN ITH ON. irect exposure to ultraviolet light can damage eyes and skin. 5. IMOTNT lways unplug or disconnect this and all appliances in the pond from the electricity supply before placing hands in water, before putting on or taking off parts and while this equipment is being installed, maintained or handled and when not in use. Never yank cord to pull plug from outlet. Grasp the plug and pull to disconnect. Never lift the appliance by the cord. 6. This is a ilter unit complete with integrated terilizer for outdoor fresh water garden ponds. o not use the appliance for any purpose other than that for which it is intended. o not use this appliance in swimming pools or other situations where people are immersed. This product is designed to work with water not exceeding a temperature of 35 (95 ). o not use this product with liquids other than water 7. o not install or store the appliance where it will be exposed to temperatures close to 0 (32 ) or below. In freezing conditions, disconnect the power supply to the filter and drain water from the filter canister. In winter, remove and store the appliance in a sheltered place. helter the product also from direct sunlight. The materials have high stability to sunlight but direct rays may overheat it and speed up insulator ageing. To avoid overheating, do not place objects on the filter. This product should not be placed where it can fall into the water. o not install it in an area where flooding can occur or where water can accumulate. It should be placed at least 1 m/3.2 feet from the edge of the garden pond, in a dry and protected place, with sufficient ventilation around it. e sure that there is enough room around it for maintenance operations. 8. IMOTNT The maximum operating pressure is 0.04 Mpa (0.4 ar or 5.8 I). o not connect power filter to the water mains. 9. o not attempt to open the lid clamp (O) and lift the lid when the pump and the filter are in operation. The lid clamp latch features a safety metal insert to prevent accidental opening. 10. IMOTNT lectrical connection must be in accordance with data on the rating label. o not connect power to filter unless filter is fully and correctly assembled. Never use the product without water. The filter must always be fully filled with water when operating. 11. If an extension cord is necessary, ensure connection is watertight and dust proof. cord with proper rating must be used. cord rated for less amperes or watts than the appliance rating may overheat. are should be taken to arrange the cord so that it will not be tripped over or pulled. The connection should be carried out by a qualified electrical installer. 12. NING upply through a esidual urrent evice ( or Ground ault urrent Interrupter) with rated residual current not exceeding 30 m. The socket outlet to connect the cord should be protected by a weather-proof enclosure and located minimum 2 m from garden pond. NING o not bury cord. Locate cord to minimize damage from lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and other equipment. ermanent installations to the main power supply (hard wiring), must comply with local authority regulations, which may stipulate the use of plastic or metal conduit to protect the cable. IL INTTION O N N ONL. NING isk of electric shock This appliance uses a 3-core cable and must be earthed. It is supplied with a grounding-type attachment plug. To reduce the risk of electric shock be certain that it is connected only to a properly grounded, grounding-type receptacle. IL INTTION O.. IMOTNT This product is supplied without plug and is designed to be permanently wired to the mains supply; the connection must be made in a dry, weatherproof enclosure through the use of a double pole switched spur which complies to 3676 fitted with a 3 amp fuse. The installation must conform to the regulations of the Local lectricity uthority which could include the use of plastic or metal conduit to protect the cable. 30m esidual urrent evice () must be fitted to the mains supply. IMOTNT The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: ON- L-NTL GN/LLO-TH The rown lead should be connected to the plug terminal, which may be marked with an 'L' or coloured brown or red. The lue lead should be connected to the Neutral terminal, which may be marked with an 'N' or coloured blue or black. The Green/ellow lead should be connected to the arth terminal which may be marked with an '' or coloured green or yellow. The cord should be protected from abrasion, cuts or any other damage. The socket must be positioned in a dry and protected place. 13. TH INTTION ontents efore you begin, please check that the following items are included in the box: 1 ressure-lo ilter 1 - Lamp, not installed 3 oam ilters ( 2500), 4 oam ilters ( 5000 & 8000, 5 oam ilters ( 12000) iological Media (except ressure-lo 2500 ) 1 Lid sealing O-ring (), supplied in a separate poly bag 3 lick-fit couplings (H) for 3/4, 1, and 1-1/4 (19, 25, & 32 mm) diameter hosing 1 lick-fit sealing cap (I) Instruction manual afety lock (Z) Intended use The ressure-lo filter is a sealed pressure filter with an integrated - sterilizer designed to provide mechanical and biological filtration in outdoor fresh water ornamental ponds with a temperature from +4 to 35 (+39.2 to 95 ), with or without fish. The purpose of mechanical filtration is to trap and accumulate debris and waste material coming from the pond. The purpose of biological filtration is to convert toxic by-products of fish metabolism and other organic waste into much less harmful substances. The purpose of - filtration is to inhibit single-celled algae growth. How ressure-lo ilters work ressure-lo ilters are designed to provide three important water filtration operations that are essential for keeping pond water clear and healthy: mechanical T 2 3 and biological filtration, and sterilization. The filters are designed to work in tandem with a solids handling pump. or best results, use a Laguna Max-lo circulating pump. ith the filter connected to the outlet of a pump, water enters the unit through water inlet (). It is then forced to pass through the mechanical filtration stage, consisting of foam filters that intercept and trap dirt and debris. Next, water reaches the biological filtration* chamber where it comes into contact with beneficial bacteria. inally, dirt-free water passes along the - lamp unit (), where it is exposed to ultraviolet rays that inhibit algae growth. ater then returns to the pond through outlet (). *ressure-lo 2500 does not feature the biological filtration chamber. ackwash-leaning ystem uring operation, coarse debris is captured at the surface of the foam filters. s a result, sooner or later depending on pond conditions, the external surface of the foam filters will clog and hinder proper filtration, because of reduced water flow. The limited water flow through the foam filters reduces the effectiveness of both the biological and - filtration. This condition can easily be detected thanks to the cleaning indicator (). ressure-lo filters feature a unique ackwash-leaning ystem that completely cleans the entire surface of the mechanical foam filters. The complete cleaning operation can easily and comfortably be done in a few minutes with no need to open the unit. leaning will ensure that the filter will perform at optimal levels for many days. Though the ackwash-leaning ystem prolongs the time between maintenance sessions, thorough cleaning of the unit is necessary periodically. ee leaning and Maintenance of the ressure-lo ilter for more details. leaning indicator This unit features a cleaning indicator (), which lets you know when the filter needs backwashing or cleaning. The red indicator height is approximately proportional to the filter clogging level. hen the red indicator is low, the filter is clean. hen the red indicator is at the top of its stroke, the filter needs cleaning. The cleaning indicator may be affected by many variables, such as waterfall height and pump performance. Its operating characteristics have been calibrated according to specific application conditions indicated in the chart below (electing the right ressure-lo and Max-lo pump for your ond). ifferent application conditions may lead to different results. electing the right ressure-lo and Max-lo pump for your pond sing the following table, select the correct Laguna Max-lo pump/ressure-lo filter combination according to your pond size and conditions. ue to the high number of variables, the following recommendations are offered as general guidance only High load of Liter fish in shade gal Low load of fish Liter under direct sunlight gal Low load of fish Liter in shade gal High load of fish Liter under direct sunlight gal ecommended M2200 M3500 M6000 M7500 Laguna Max-lo pump* (M3500) ecommended M600 Laguna Max-lo 120 (M900) pump* M900 M1500 M2000 ecommended total hose Meters length** eet Minimum hose dia. to Inches 1 1/4 1 1/4 1 1/4 1 1/4 achieve above performances Millimeters ecommended max. waterfall height to entimeters achieve above performances Inches Maintenance of filter will be more frequent during the hot summer months * If the application includes a higher waterfall than the maximum indicated, choose a bigger pump. ** Total length outlet + inlet. or reference only. The final flow rate depends on many factors, such as the length and the diameter of the hose, hosing kinks or bends, and the height of the waterfalls. Low load of fish = Goldfish only, less than 5 cm/1.9 inches per 100 litres/26.. gal. High load of fish = oi or Goldfish, more than 5 cm/1.9 inches per 100 litres/26.. gal. Installation Location of the filter hoose a suitable location for your ressure-lo filter, keeping in mind the following recommendations: lace the ressure-lo ilter on a firm and level base, where it is safe from flooding and has enough ventilation. rotect the appliance from direct sunlight. lace either above ground or buried with the lid clamp (O) at least 5 cm/2 inches above ground level. To avoid overheating, do not cover the filter. lace the filter at least 1 meter/3.2 feet from the pond edge and make sure it cannot fall into the water in any way. Make sure you have full access to the lid of the unit for maintenance. o not operate the filter with a water pressure greater than 0,4 bar or 5.8 I of pressure. Never connect the filter to public water works. Orient the filter so that the water inlet (), water outlet () and drain outlet (T) point in the desired directions to avoid sharp bends in the hosing Hose connections ressure-lo filter requires the connection of 3 hoses (not included): one for the inlet of the unit (from the pond pump), one for the outlet which takes filtered water to the pond, and one for discharging dirty water from the filter to a location outside the pond during maintenance. hen selecting and installing the hoses for your application, maximize potential flow by choosing the largest diameter and shortest hosing possible and avoiding kinks and sharp bends. ressure-lo ilters are equipped with 3 universal click-fit couplings (H), which will make connecting and disconnecting the hosing fast and easy. onnect flexible hoses to click-fit couplings and secure them with an adequate hose clamp (not included). IMOTNT niversal click-fit couplings (H) allow the connection of different diameter flexible hosing, but it is important to cut off the unused smaller diameter hose-tails to avoid flow restrictions. hen flexible hoses are securely connected to click-fit couplings, you can disconnect hosing from the unit simply by pushing the click-fit coupling button and pulling. To connect click-fit couplings to the unit, insert them onto the male connectors located on the lid of the unit and ensure that the coupling button comes up fully. ater Inlet (): the ater Inlet is where pond water enters the ressure-lo filter. imply connect the outlet of a Laguna Max-lo solids handling pump to the ressure- lo inlet () using Laguna non-kink hosing. The pump circulates dirty water from the pond to the ressure-lo filter. ater Outlet (): the ater Outlet returns filtered water to the pond when the filter is operating in filtering mode. Hosing attached to the water outlet () can be placed directly in the pond or used to create a watercourse or waterfall. This outlet is activated when the Mode elector witch () is pointing at the water outlet () (iltering Mode). The end of the outlet hosing should be placed as far away from the pump inlet as possible to maximize water circulation in the pond. rain Outlet (T): the rain Outlet is where dirty water exits the filter when using the ackwash-leaning ystem. onnect a hose to the rain Outlet to allow dirty water to drain out of the filter and into a sewage system or garden. This outlet is activated when the Mode elector witch () is pointing at the rain Outlet (T) (rain Mode). IMOTNT uring normal iltering Mode operation, close the rain Outlet (T) using the lick-fit ealing ap (I). TI: dirty pond water is nutrient-rich and chlorine-free and is particularly good for watering the garden. iltering mode rain mode ilter tart-up, Operation and ackwash-leaning IMOTNT! efore the first and every start-up verify the following: efore the first start-up, it is necessary to install the lid O-ring (), which is supplied in a separate poly bag. This O-ring must be correctly inserted in its seat at the top of the filter canister (ig 1). efore the first start-up, it is necessary to install the - Lamp and perform the ilter et Test. efer to the section hanging the - Lamp and leaning the Quartz leeve for detailed instructions. The iological Media must be placed in the ilter ig. 1 ase as indicated in the pic
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