94186414 Diagnose Cure and Empower Yourself by Currents of Breath- authored by Acharya Shriram Sharma

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The science of Swara - is a deep science of breathing, and is based on the scientific impact of the bioelectrical signals and geo-magnetic forces of the earth upon our body. Swar -Vigyaan or the Science of Swara is an integral part of Vedic Science. The book tells us 'How to Breathe' ! It illustrates simple breathing exercises that we can do daily that can help us diagnose and control ailments and disorders such as digestive disorders, Insomnia, strengthen our eyesight, enhance our metabolic rates, enhance general immunity to disease etc. The simple practices and applications of swara-yoga are derived from the rare knowledge of how the cosmic magnetic forces ( positions of the planets) interact with our biological clocks as well as certain metabolic and physiological functions of our mind and body . This tripartite interaction impacts and influences our breathing patterns thereby affecting our physical and mental health.
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   Author: Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya  Diagnose, Cure and Empower Yourself byCurrents of Breath  First Edition: 2005ISBN:Price: Rs. English Translation by Dr. Rajani Joshi Publishers Shri Wedmata Gayatri Trust,Shantikunj, Hardiwar - 249 411,UA, India.Ph. 91-(0)1334-260602 / 261955 www.awgp.org Printers:  wara Yoga refers to anindependent and complete in  S itself branch of yoga. It deals with the physiological, psychologicaland spiritual aspects of the rhythmic notes of breathing and the associatedflow of bioelectrical currents and  pr³ña  (vital spiritual energy). The preeminent science (  swara-vijó³na ) of thispowerful yoga was derived by the Vedic Sages, whose enlightened acumen hada reach into the deepest depths of perceivable and sublime components of Nature and the diverse forms of lifemanifested in it. The Deep Science of Swara Yoga - Introduction Chapter  1 05 Diagnose, Cure & Empower Yourself by Currents of Breath  Because of the ease of practising it and the enormousbenefits it provided, it used to be an integral part of thedaily exercises of people in the ancient Indian society. Itspopular applications included — measuring the healthy state of the mind-body system from within and regulatingthe latter up to normal healthy levels, and guidingappropriate timings for initiation of important tasks toensure auspicious effects and success. Because of its use inforecasting,  swara-vijó³na is also a part of Vedic Astrology.However, likewise the other pearls of the invaluabletreasures of the Vedic knowledge and Rishi-Culture, thisgreat science also got lost in the vicissitudinous tides of time. In the latter Ages, the great sages and saints of theRishi tradition, who had the knowledge of this ancient science, could not reach the masses. 'The figures amongthe ciphers' in the ignorant masses who had partially orhazy knowledge gathered from their ancestors, exploitedits predictive value for their vested interest and deformedthis great faculty as they did with Astrology.Today, people either confuse '  swara yoga ' as some branch of music (because the Sanskrit and Hindi word '  swara ' means amusical note) or, those who know some yogic exercises andhave heard little bit about it, misinterpret it as some kindof   pr³ñ³y³ma . As this also has a predictive component similar to Astrology, it is often discarded as superstition orfake practice of exploiting the innocents in the name of foretelling or calculating an auspicious timing ( muhurt  ), etc.This book would eliminate such confusions and06 The Deep Science of Swara Yoga - Introduction
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