Declare Index in Pega

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Declare Index in Pega
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  10/29/2017 How to configure declare index in Pega 1/46 How to congure Declare index in Pega –step by step tutorial Posted on June 16, 2017 by Premkumar G Introduction In this post, we will learn how to configure declare index in Pega. Its highly recommend to visit my previous post on declare index rule what-is-declare-index-in-pega /Here let us see the tutorial how to implement the declare Index in Pega. Pega Knowledge Sharing A DROP FROM OCEAN   HomeAboutContactPrivacy Policy  10/29/2017 How to configure declare index in Pega 2/46 What are the pre-requisites to configure declare index in Pega? Imagine the below scenario, address details are captured in a page property ‘Address’we need the expose Street, City & state in separate table for reporting purpose.  10/29/2017 How to configure declare index in Pega 3/46  You can see the property structure below  1. Create new properties ( 7 properties) Single value properties – Customer name, Phone number and Age created in work classPage property – Address created in work class  10/29/2017 How to configure declare index in Pega 4/46 Street, City & State created in Address page definition ‘MyKnowPega-Data-Address’.Here we added the properties under Address page property.
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