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  January 20, 1976 ã'M 231976 Editorial Office HORIZONS Box 177 Kempton, In 46049 GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF JESUS! In action taken on Tuesday, January 13, themissionaries of Spanish American Evangelism of ElPaso, Texas, voted to invite Mr. and Mrs. Barton Morse to become a part of their work. He will be working as the printer for the Mission, The family will be moving from Canadian,Texas, where they have served First Christian Church as their minister. Barton andKathy have two children, a son--Lynn--16 and a daughter--Catharina--14. Before coming to Canadian they servedthe Church of Christ in Arapahoe, Nebraska. While attending Ozark BibleCollege Barton and Kathy made a decision to go to themission field. He brings to El Paso a variety ofexperience which includes three yearsteaching in thepublic schools on the Jr. Highand Sr. High level, a year and a half teaching on thecollege level, three years work in the printing department of Revival Fires, work with the cons truction and operationof KOBC at Ozark, plus a variety of activities in other areas of mass communications. He also / brings to the mission more than a dozen years of preaching ã experience. They arepresently making efforts to raise S§X)JD.„ month living support. Moving day for the family was expected to be in thefirst week of February. At this time they can be reached by sending leliters to Box 3766, ElPaso, Texas79923. Offer ings for their support may be sent to the First Christian Church Box 446, Canadian, Texas 79014 orto Spanish American Evangelism, Box 3766, El Paso, Texas79923, labled Morse Mission Account. (Please use what you can ofthe above information. Enclosed you will find a picture and a copy ofthe endorsement from the Elders ofthe church here.Please give my regards to Russell and BeverlyAtkinson. Thank you for your help. In His service. Barton E. Morse  -7 «yjf, PERSONAL FILE Date '5' '976 NameinfullBarton Elmo Morsft Completeaddressonfield Box 3766 (presentlyrenting at 10739 Pescador) El Paso. Texas 79923 (79935) Complete forwarding address (No forwarding agent) Nameand address of Livinglink church or churches: Rtrflftt. Street. City - v.cmp Sfflfr'.ity ZoneState. Names and addresses of other sponsoring or endorsing churches: First Christian Church .qtrAP>t ^th and PurcelU Box ^46 Street, PifyCanadian v.nnt^ TX 7901^ r!ity Zone_^State. Please send alongwith this form copies ofrecommendations from churches whichwillencourage otherchurchesto supportyour missionary work. There are churches which willnot allow a visitingmissionaryto speak unless a church recommendation can be shown. Since it is impos sible for any one person to know all Christians in theworld, this recommendation bya respon sible New Testament church is a vital help inpersuading others of yourworthiness and thevalueof yourmission.Mission Services stands readyto helpyou inform HORIZONS readers about your church recommendations. Since the church is sending you to the mission field (Acts13:1-3) andwillhelpprovidethe necessary needs on thefield, naturallythechurch should share the credit inyour missionaryministry. One of theways that the church can do this is to sharetheir conviction regarding your missionaryministry with others. Certainly, their wordswillhelp convince othersregarding theworthiness of your work. Please help MISSION SERVICES to spread your news through HORIZONS, Packets andSlide library bysending your church recom mendations as soon as possible.Thanks. Sendwhat you havenow, and the others later. Recommendationsby Christian Leaders:(Listnames and addresseshere and enclose a copyof each letter, thanks.) NAMF, WflTTiA Rfrpftt Street, Zone_^ State__. <^^*y Zone_^ State.  Name and address ofhometown tiftwgpgpnr Lindsborg News-Record Lindsborg» Kansas Nameand address of other papers which mi^t carry stories of your work: Sallna Journal .._ Street. City. SaHna Zone. , State. Kansas Street, City^ Zone, State. Place of btrth Wichita Kansas Date_£allJi£l DayofhirfTi16 MnTifhAUQUStVAar 1936 Where hapHaAH? Park Plaza rhristian Church Pity Joplin State *±llssmLl On an extra page pleasedescribe any detailsregarding conversion which youmight care to mention. MARITAL STATUS: MarnVH Single, Divorced. Widowed, Dateof TYiayWago June20. 19S8 Where married?Hill Citv Christian Churrh Hill City* Kansas Who solemnizedyourwedding?Joe Brumbaugh List children byfull name giving place, day,month,and year of birth: (If yourchildren have been adopted, please indicate.) Name Lynn EugeneMorse Place of their birthlindsborg^ Kansas Catharina Darlene Morse Washington^ Missouriday,month, and year iO May 1??? 16 September 1961
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