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  Thailand 2018 March 7  th -9 th , 2018 Preserving Culture: Who are you in Society?  Overview Thailand is considered as the country that possess multiple world records;the largest gold Buddha, the largest restaurant, and the tallest hotel. But theincredible things that Thailand marks is how it is popular with thousand elephantsor how some of foreign name it as ‘land of smile’. It has something to do with cultureand society. Consisting of Chinese culture, Indian culture, and culture from othercountry in ASEAN, overwhelming a Buddhist country, offering hospitality fromthe society with their smile, are number of things that invites us to be curiousabout Thailand.On Scholarion Thailand, we invite the scholars to reveals their idea concerningon cultural issue. Since Modern civilization now-days massively develop incontrolling all of the aspect of life, in other way the culture that express human’sway of life need to be preserve to make the society balance. Who are we in societyregarding to preserving the culture? And what can we do for balancing moderncivilization and culture? Write and describe your ideas, including your ownobservations and experiences for being awarded as scholar.  VisionMission Presenting global awareness, open mind, and inspiring youthto gain more knowledge and encourage their friends to be theagent of positive change for a brighter future.ã Actively contribute in developing the global awareness of youth through an educative and exciting program.ã Introducing another country abroad to open mind and broaden horizons.ã Facilitates a program that inspire youth to be the agent of  positive change for a brighter future.  Benefit Culture Undertaking Although Thai culture is mostly influenced by Buddhism principle, Hinduism also takesits part in building Thai culture composition. It is clearly see on the art, literature, andcustom and value, and this is what Scholars will explore more. The scholars will begiven a chance to feel the ambience of this multi-culture country. Apprehended Thai Society Seems to be homogeneous, Thailand literally represents various group. Scholar willget involved in ‘Thai melting pot’ by taking a look and interacting with Thai society itself.Visiting Thai common place will lead the scholar for witnessing Thai society Educational Exploration Scholars will experience the educative learning by visiting a prestigious universityto feel environment and the student life. and learning the people and cultureof the country. TIME, DATE AND PLACE The Scholarion program will be held on   March 7 th -9 th , 2018 in Thailand Benefits
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