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Pioneer review $ 1 00 Includes Tax A Publication of Ravellette Publications, Inc., Philip, South Dakota 57567. The Official Newspaper of Haakon County, South Dakota. Copyright 1981. Number 32 Volume 106 March 29, 2012 by Nancy Haigh The Haakon County Commission met in an emergency special ses- sion Thursday, March 22, regard- ing the vacant sheriff position. Following the nearly two hour session the board approved to hire an individual, with his name re- leased upon acceptance
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  P ioneer  r  eview  $ 1 00 Includes Ta A Publication of Ravellette Publications, Inc., Philip, South Daota 57567. The Official Newspaper of Haaon Count, South Daota. Copriht 1981. Number 32Volume 106March 29, 2012 by Nancy Haigh The Haakon County Commissionmet in an emergency special ses-sion Thursday, March 22, regard-ing the vacant sheriff position.Following the nearly two hoursession the board approved to hirean individual, with his name re-leased upon acceptance.Fred Koester, Murdo, acceptedthe position by Friday morning andplans to begin his duties sometimeduring the last week of March orfirst week of April. Koester fillssheriff position by Del Bartels  Philip High School senior AllisonStahl spent two weeks in Pierreworking as a legislative page dur-ing a portion of the 2012 SouthDakota legislative session.Starting with her group’s orien-tation February 20, which hap-pened to be President’s Day, sheaided the Senate through March 2.“I went back on veto day (March 9) just to help them out,” said Stahl.Stahl, the daughter of RyanStahl and Kim Petersen, was spon-sored by District 21 Senator JimBradford, Pine Ridge. “SenatorBradford came to Philip and signedmy application for me. I thenmailed it off and waited to see if Igot accepted or not,” said Stahl,who received her acceptance De-cember 7. For two weeks, Stahlwould miss school and her ex-tracurricular interests of studentcouncil and theater.“She had written me about herapplication and I was wholeheart-edly impressed,” said Bradford.“It was an experience to get toknow people and more of the polit-ical/government system,” saidStahl. “We were running con-stantly, always doing something,but everyone, no matter in howmuch of a hurry, was always kind.”The nine senate pages and 16house pages arrived for duty eachday at 7:30 a.m., Pierre time. Onthe Senate side, Stahl first checkedher shift assignments on what shewas to do that morning; which var-ied from manning the phones,working in committee meetings,working in and then deliveringfrom the legislative post office, toduties as needed. Afternoons werespent working in the Senate ses-sions.“Some senators used laptops,some didn’t and we had to get theirbill binders,” said Stahl. Thosebinders were “paper copies of stuff,” which were prepped aftereach session for the next day’s busi-ness.“Every day she was checking mywork needs. She did a magnificent job with my bill binder, and I havethree committees,” said Bradford.“She was excellent at the job, pro-fessional, always with a smile.”Stahl liked her legislative spon-sor, Bradford, “He was hilarious.Every single day he made all of uspages laugh. I learned a lot just sit-ting in committee, just listening tohim.” Stahl said that she enjoyedher time as a page because she wasconstantly busy. She said that shehad lots of fun and that everyonewas kind. “It’s nice learning somuch,” said Stahl.When she applied for the posi-tion, she had hoped to gain practi-cal experience, to be behind thescenes for once, and to meet newpeople. “The pages always dideverything in groups. It was a fam-ily. It was awesome. I think I criedall the way home that last Friday.I was already missing it by thetime I got out of Pierre,” said Stahl.One particularly funny time forStahl was being a page “cheer-leader” during the annual legisla-tive basketball game that is asenators versus representativesfundraiser for the Kids Voting pro-gram. “It was a very disfunctionalbasketball game; rules and refs,but pretty much whatever goes,”said Stahl.Though pages are usually highschool seniors, there are excep-tions. Stahl said that one junior ap-plied and was accepted for thisyear because his grandfather wasgoing to retire as a legislator at theend of this year. After she graduates from highschool, Stahl plans to join theUnited States Navy, with the in-tentions of training to be pilot,preferably a fighter pilot, or study-ing to be in the Judge AdvocateGeneral’s Corps as a militarylawyer.“That is so cool, her having thosegoals. It was great to think that Imight had impressed her in anyway. She was an outstanding page,one of my best. I can’t say enoughgood about her,” said Bradford. Stahl works in Pierre as legislative page  Political expe-rience ... Shownwith Senator JimBradford is Alli-son Stahl. A Philipsenior, she workedin Pierre as a leg-islative page.Bradford, PineRidge, is the sena-tor representingDistrict 21, whichincludes Philip.He is also theDemocratic Whip. Courtesy photo by Del Bartels An Applied Suicide InterventionSkills Training (ASIST) workshopwas held in the Philip AmbulanceService building, Saturday andSunday, March 24-25.The clinic was sponsored byPierre’s St. Mary’s Foundationthrough a state grant funded byfederal monies. The class was 16hours of study over a two-day pe-riod. The 15 attendees ranged fromambulance personnel, law enforce-ment, business people and stay athome mothers.The three instructors were JulieMoore, Murdo, with the St. Mary’sFoundation, Lori Mantis, with theSioux Falls Help Line Center, andTodd Palmer, a high school healthinstructor in Pierre. Moore saidthey came to Philip with a desire toget the information out about sui-cide, the most preventable cause of death in America. The best preven-tion, she said, is, “I think we needto really stop and listen to whatpeople are trying to tell us. Every-one is at risk.”Mantis said that suicide is thesecond highest cause of death forpeople 34 years old and younger inSouth Dakota. Overall, suicide isthe ninth largest factor for deathsof all ages in South Dakota. In2010, 139 people died in SouthDakota by way of suicide.Don Weller, director of the Philip Ambulance Service, said, “It was avery good session. Everybody wasvery happy with what they tookaway from it. The group felt theywould be better able to handle thiskind of situation in the future thanthey could before.”Participants included MartyHansen, Don Weller, Kit Graham,David Butler, Debbie Hanrahan,Carla Smith, Donna Smith, GayleRush, Hannah Griffin, RaeAnn Suicide prevention ASIST training held in Philip  Divided classes ... The participants of the recent suicide prevention trainingin Philip were separated into two smaller groups. Instructors Julie Moore andLori Mantis headed the group shown, while Todd Palmer headed a second groupin a different room. The two-day training was Saturday and Sunday, March 24-25, in the Philip Ambulance Service building.  Photo by Del Bartels by Del Bartels “Hi. I’m Lou Ann Reckling andI’m nervous,” joked Reckling as shebegan her short speech at the AARP/Retired Teachers Associa-tion meeting, Monday, March 26.Reckling and Mike Vetter werethe guest speakers, both runningfor the office of mayor for the city of Philip. Reckling stated that shethought the city has been doing agreat job so far. She had previouslyrun for a council seat, losing byonly seven votes.Reckling believes that therecould be a lot of job opportunities inthe area. The town has a lot of goodin it for the young adults to moveback to. Understanding that thecost would be there, she would liketo see the public swimming poolmade into an indoor pool.She elaborated on another sug-gestion. “I would like to see a reccenter started. You have to get theright people to run it and start it,”said Reckling. She said that it wastried before, but kids from othertowns came and wrecked it. Shetold of some kids in this commu-nity, out of a bunch of great kids,who play pool where she works.They show respect and follow theground rules in order to be allowedto play. “I would like to give it an-other try,” said Reckling.Vetter began his presentation bysaying that he has been on the citycouncil since 2008. “We have a lotof ongoing problems in the infra-structure, challenging because of the funding,” said Vetter aboutstreet projects and the future fill-ing of the rubble site. “Decliningpopulation is one of the biggestproblems for any small town.” Hereiterated that farms are gettingbigger, thus fewer family farms,thus less small business in thecommunity, thus fewer people.“The biggest thing is to keep the jobs we have currently,” said Vet-ter.Both candidates agreed that they  AARP hosts Reckling and Vetter, candidates for mayor   Mayoral candidates ... Mike Vetterand Lou AnnReckling spokeat the latestmeeting of thePhilipAARP/RTA.The electionwill be Tues-day, April 10.  Philip High School Prom ... Saturday,March 24, theannual prom washeld at the FineArts Building.First for this“Neon Night”there was theGrand Marchwhere the youngladies and gen-tlemen showedoff their elegantattire. Voted inas the prom’sking and queenwere Jade Konstand Josie Gup-till, shown left.The prom cou-ples dined, thendanced untilmidnight. Therest of the nightwas spent in ac-tivities hosted bythe parents of the seniors, firstat the bowlingalley, then at theGem Theaterand finally withbreakfast at thesenior citizencenter.  Photo by DebSmith  Prom ... All attending their high school prom during the same year were fourJohnsons, two brothers from one family and two sisters from a non-related fam-ily. Shown from left: Wyatt, Misty, Sam and Avery.  Photo by D. Bartels A public informational meeting,sponsored by the United Church inPhilip, was held Monday, March26, at the Bad River Senior Citi-zen’s Center. The four speakersdiscussed the importance of livingwills, power of attorney, and longterm care eligibility and paymentsources. Questions were fieldedfrom the audience throughout thesession.Gay Tollefson, attorney, stated,“I have been asked to discuss theimportance of drawing up powersof attorney and living wills ....There are two types of power of at-torney. One is a business power of attorney, which allows another toact on behalf of the person givingthe power. They may write checksand access all of the business ac-counts of the person granting thepower of attorney.Tollefson continued, “Then thereis the medical power of attorney.We suggest strongly that peoplecombine the medical power of at-torney with a living will. The livingwill basically tells what the personwants done in a medical situationin which they are unable to advisethe doctor of their wishes. Whenyou add the medical power of attor-ney, then you are giving that per-son the power to not only see thatthe living will is enforced, but to Living wills, power of attorney and long term care discussed at seminar   Hard deci- sions ... Livingwills, power of attorney, longterm care andpayment sourceswere topics bythese four speak-ers at a publicinformationalmeeting. Fromleft: KathyChesney, MarcyRamsey, KristaO’Dea and GayTollefson. will not limit themselves by statingwhat they will not do while in of-fice. Reckling said, “Until you getin there, you won’t know.” Vettersaid, “I won’t say I won’t do any-thing, because you don’t knowwhat might happen.”In other business of the AARP/RTA meeting, the organiza-tion donated $100 to the PhilipChamber of Commerce. The driversafety course held March 15 wentwell. Spring work at the OldSchoolhouse Park is scheduled forMay 12. The next plaque to be in-stalled at the Lasting Legacy is get-ting close to being filled, with a fewmore local names still beingsought.The food pantry is in need of spe-cific items of pancake mix, Ham-burger Helper, crackers andcanned tomatoes. Currently thereare 12 Philip school children infirst through sixth grade who arebenefiting from the weekend back-pack food program. There are 10 inWall. At approximately $5.50 perchild per week, the program is es-timated to be around $6,000 peryear. The 12 backpack children inPhilip compares to around 700 inRapid City and 1,700 in SiouxFalls.The next meeting for the Philip AARP/RTA will be Monday, April30 at 6:00 p.m. in the Bad RiverSenior Citizen’s Center. An invita-tion is going out to the new HaakonCounty sheriff to be the guestspeaker.make some medical decisions.”Pastor Kathy Chesney, emer-gency medical technician –para-medic, stated “End of life and endof life care is not a topic we are ex-cited to talk about with loved ones,yet it is vitally important. SouthDakota does not mandate one styleof “Do Not Resuscitate” orders. A DNR order tells all medical person-nel, ambulance and hospital, theindividual’s wishes about whatthey want done or not done as theydie. South Dakota Codified Law 34-12F allows for a system called“Comfort One” to be used as a rec-ognized DNR directive.”Chesney continued, “ComfortOne is a clear outline of what med-ical personnel will and will not do. An example of what will be done isfor a person is to provide oxygen,but medical personnel will not dochest compressions. A person canpurchase a bracelet or necklace,much like medic alert jewelry, thatsays Comfort One. This serves tolet ambulance crews and hospitalsknow the person has a DNR. A per-son can get the paperwork fromtheir doctor’s office. It must besigned by a physician, PA or CNPand the person. The person andphysician each keep a copy. A thirdcopy is sent to the Office of Emer-gency Medical Services in Pierreand they notify the local ambu-lance service. Ambulance crewsand hospitals must do all efforts toresuscitate a person if there is nota directive in hand or they cannotunderstand what the directivestates. Family members can over-rule any DNR, so it is very impor-tant that your family knows yourwishes.”Krista O’Dea, registered nurseand Social Services Director,Snyder, Esther Oldenberg, Lee Vaughn, Kassie Kukal, ErnieBearheels and Joy Schmidt.The Philip attendees plan tomeet in the next week or so to dis-cuss where they will go from here.Some possiblilities would be to visitwith school classes and communityorganizations about suicide aware-ness and prevention.According to their literature, the ASIST workshop is for caregiversto feel more comfortable, confidentand competent in helping to pre-vent the immediate risk of suicide.Over one million caregivers haveparticipated in this practical, inter-active and practice-oriented work-shop. The sessions in Philipinvolved small group discussions,videos and individual practicing of what was demonstrated. Thoughthe sessions are challenging, theattendees practiced in a controlledclassroom setting. One factor of theclass included first aid in suicidesituations. The full two-day ASISTworkshop should be re-taken everyfive years, and it is recommendedthat a half-day ASIST training re-fresher be taken within three yearsof the srcinal ASIST workshop.stated, “Tonight I will be present-ing and defining the difference be-tween acute hospital stay, skilledhospital stay and basic swing bedor nursing home stay. There will bediscussion on the cost of long termcare as well as the three maintypes of pay sources for long termcare. People typically have longterm care insurance, Title 19 orprivate pay. Most importantly Iwant people to understand thatMedicare does not pay for any typeof long term care, this is a commonmisunderstanding of a Medicarebenefit.O’Dea continued, “When peopleenter into the basic swing bed ornursing home, they often havequestions about payment. I assistpatients with the task of complet-ing assistance applications andworking with the state of South (continued on page 2)  P ionee  r  eview  Philip, SD U.S.P.S. 433-780 Subscription Rates : For Haakon,Jackson, and Jones counties, Creighton,Wall, Quinn, Marcus, Howes, Plainview, andHayes addresses: $36.00 per year (+ Tax);Elsewhere: $42.00 per year. South Dakota residents are required to pay sales tax. Periodicals postage paid at Philip, SD.Postmaster, send change of address noticeto: Pioneer Review, PO Box 788, Philip, SD57567; or FAX to: 605/859-2410. E-mail address: website: in 1906. The Pioneer Review, the official newspaper of Haakon County, the towns of Philip and Mid-land, and Haakon School District 27-1 ispublished weekly by Ravellette Publications,Inc. Pioneer Review  office is located at221 E. Oak Street in Philip, South Dakota.Phone: (605) 859-2516;FAX: (605) 859-2410;e-mail: Copyrighted 1981: RavellettePublications, Inc. All rights reserved.Nothing may be reprinted, photocopied, or inany way reproduced from this publication, inwhole or in part, without the writtenconsent of the publisher. DEADLINES: Display & Classified Advertising: Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m.Legals: Fridays at 5:00 p.m. Publisher: Don Ravellette Gen. Mgr. of Operations/Ad Design: Kelly Penticoff  Editor/News Reporter: Del Bartels Reporter/Ad Design: Nancy Haigh Ad Sales: Beau Ravellette E-MAIL ADDRESSES:ADS: ads@pioneer-review.comNEWS: newsdes@pioneer-review.comSUBSCRIPTIONS: Ravellette Publications is happy to receive letters concerning comments on any newsstory or personal feeling on any subject. We do reserve the right to edit any offensive ma-terial and also to edit to fill the allotted space. We also reserve the right to reject any or allletters.Our deadline for insertion in the Thursday issue is the preceding Monday at 5:00 p.m.Letters intended for more than one Ravellette Publications newspaper should be mailedor hand delivered to each individual newspaper office. All letters must bear the srcinalsignature, address and telephone number of the author. POLITICAL LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: No political letters are to run the two weeksprior to an election.The “Letters” column is intended to offer readers the opportunity to express their opin-ions. It is not meant to replace advertising as a means of reaching people.This publication’s goal is to protect the first amendment guarantee of free speech. Your comments are welcomed and encouraged. The Pioneer Review ã P.O. Box 788 ã Philip, SD 57567-0788(605) 859-2516 ã FAX: (605) 859-2410 Ravellette Publications, Inc. Letters Policy  Opinion & Community  March 29, 2012 ã The Pioneer Review ã Page 2 SouthDakotaNewspaperAssociation lives of others. This doesn’t comenaturally, but with a little effortyou can learn how.Start by observing others closely,waiting to catch them doing some-thing, or being someone-you cansincerely admire. Then, be willingto ‘expose’ your observations to thatperson. The best way to give a com-pliment is to be sure you alwaysback it up with evidence.Here’s an example: “You are sogreat with kids!” Now most peoplewould stop there, but you need togive some evidence. “They are sowell behaved whenever you are incharge. I think it’s because they cantell how much you care about them-and I loved the game you taughtthem to help them wait patiently inline. You are so creative and fun. Nowonder kids love you.”You’ll be amazed at the resultswhen you make giving complimentsa part of your daily life. So goahead. Make someone’s day!Oh, and by the way, the best wayto receive a compliment is to simplysay, “Thank you.”  Make Someone’s Day!  When someone compliments me,it can make my day! I bet it’s thatway for you, too.Think back to a time when some-one gave you a genuine compliment.Can you feel those warm fuzzies?But wait. Maybe you can’t remem-ber the last time you actually re-ceived a compliment. I’ve foundthere are people all around us whoseem to have forgotten how to givecompliments. Then again, maybethey never knew how in the firstplace. Sad, isn’t it?Knowing how good a complimentmakes me feel, makes me eager todo the same for others. It’s my goalto give a compliment to every per-son I meet, and in fact, I work veryhard at this. I’m not telling you thisto brag on myself, and I don’t wantyou to think I’m some brown-noserwho uses compliments to manipu-late people into doing whatever Iwant. No way! That is not what giv-ing a compliment is about.Compliments must be given sin-cerely, in a spirit of thoughtfulnessand caring, from a true desire tomake a positive difference in the Bob Prentice speaks to thousands of people in highly motivationalseminars each year. Call Bob for more details at 605-450-1955 andbe sure to check out Bob’s website at: markets––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––  Winter Wheat, 12 Pro.........................................................$6.48Winter Wheat, Any Pro.......................................................$5.68Spring Wheat, 14 Pro.........................................................$7.52Corn..................................................................................$5.53Milo....................................................................................$5.38 weather forecast–––––––––––––––––––––––  Thursda: Partly cloudy. High of 66F. Winds from the NE at 5to 10 mph. Thursda Niht: Clear. Low of 39F. Winds from theNNE at 5 to 10 mph shifting to the SE after midnight. Frida: Clear in the morning, then partly cloudy. High of 72F.Winds from the SW at 10 to 25 mph shifting to the NW in the af-ternoon. Breezy. Frida Niht: Clear in the evening, then partlycloudy. Low of 46F. Winds from the North at 5 to 15 mph shiftingto the South after midnight. Saturda: Partly cloudy in the morning, then overcast. High of 82F. Winds from the SW at 15 to 20 mph. Breezy. Saturda Niht: Partly cloudy. Low of 45F. Winds from the South at 15 to 20 mph.Breezy. Sunda: Partly cloudy. High of 84F. Winds from the West at 25to 35 mph. Windy. Sunda Niht: Partly cloudy. Low of 32F.Winds from the NW at 30 to 40 mph. Windy. Monda: Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain. High of 57F.Winds from the NW at 35 to 40 mph. Chance of rain 50%. Log on to  for all of the latest weather updates for your area. LADIES’ PRAYER BREAKFAST … will be Monday, April2, 7:00 a.m. at the Senechal Apts. lobby. All ladies welcome! PHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION … is taking nominations forthe Philip High School Hall of fame until July 1. To nominatea graduate from PHS, please contact either Kathy Arthur at859-2244 or Lisa Schofield at 859-2679 for a nomination form. FREE BASIC COMPUTER CLASSES … will be offered atthe Haakon County Public Library on Mondays and Wednes-days beginning April 2. Call the library at 859-2442 for moreinformation. DEEP CREEK FIRE DEPARTMENT … annual meetingwill be held Thursday, March 29, at 7:30 p.m. at the LeeBriggs home.  AARP TAX-AIDE … Free tax preparation for all ages. BadRiver Senior Citizen’s Center in Philip, Tuesdays from 9 noon. Call Bob McDaniel, 859-2227, for appointment. Walk-ins welcome. To have your NON-PROFIT meeting listed here, pleasesubmit them by calling: 859-2516, or e-mailing to:ads@pioneer-review. com. We will run your event no-tice the twoissuespriortoyoureventat no charge.   Built-in craziness ... by Del Bartels   Ask anyone, I am probably one of the most infamous people aroundwhen it comes to loving April Fool’s pranks. My associates have putme through the gamut of simply being put up with, to having my lifethreatened. My first defense is that everyone should have clean, safefun. My second defense is that pranks are built into our everyday lives,so much so that most people don’t recognize the craziness.We live in a society where furniture stores sell plastic fruit for homedecor. People actually make or buy clothes for pets. Our governmentprints on our IRS tax forms the question if we want to donate to polit-ical campaigns. On the short list of people who cannot be called for juryduty are ... lawyers. We stare at the television anyway, and pay for 147channels of nothing worth watching. It shouldn’t be hard to realize whyyou cannot make a return phone call to telemarketers. Our society hasinvented the weather rock, turd bird, slime, pet rock, infomercial andprofessional wrestling.We don’t learn. Old, undeveloped film used to sit in our refrigeratordoors, while now we have camera cards with over 500 photos stored onthem. You can’t get a government job unless you take a drug test, yetyou can get unemployment benefits without doing so. Everyone strivesto save electricity to save money and the environment, then the com-pany raises its rates to make its own costs. How do you really provethe refrigerator light goes out when you close the door? We have TVremote controls, wireless phones, cell phones and even vehicles thatbeep so we can find them. Our military invented glow-in-the-dark tentstakes, which are supposed to be pounded into the ground far enoughso the enemy can’t see the glow. The penalty for repeat offenders of il-legally entering the country is ... deportation. The famous televisiondog named “Lassie” was male. Have you seen advertisements in mag-azines for Internet classes to help you learn to be literate?April Fool’s Day is great. People should justifiably fear you on thatday. Yet, craziness is year-round and in everything. You might as well join in. Shout that we should get rid of duplication and redundancy,and see if anybody catches on. Ask the clerk at a 24/7 convenience storewhy there in a lock on the front door. Buy exactly one gallon of gasolineand ask for your 1/10 cent change. Use a black marker to put more setsof “holes” in a friend’s bowling ball. Put a “pull” sign on a often-used“push” door. Tie catnip to your friend’s windshield wiper. Hide an oldsmoke detector with a dying battery in your friend’s house and see howmany days it takes before he finally finds that mysterious beeping. Putall the cans in your friends pantry up-side-down.If you constantly pull off practical jokes, and do them right and dothem often, then April Fool’s Day can be a day of rest for you. Everyonewill be expecting you to really hit your high mark then. Yet their un-realized fear and trepidation will be your best prank of all.Dear Editor,I see continued reporting of the1944 B-29 crash in last week's Pio-neer Review. Rose's cousin, Gay-lord Paulson who resides in Fargo,N.D., contacted Mike Wade on Feb-ruary 25 writing an email describ-ing his recollections of the bombercrash. As he mentioned, he andRose were among the students in anearby rural school. Rose prettymuch concurs with his recollec-tions. However she says the sher-iff's name was John O'Reillyinstead of Bill Riley. I asked for hispermission and he gave it to me tosubmit that letter to be publishedin the Pioneer Review. In his replyto me he corrected the distance theschool house was from the crashsite as being about one and three-quarter miles instead of the onemile distance he reported to Mr.Wade. Mr. Wade sent him a replywhich included much of the infor-mation already reported. Below isGaylord's letter.Sincerely,Loren KielMr. Wade:I recently read in the Pioneer Re-view (Philip S.D. newspaper) Thatyou are gathering information re-garding the September 28, 1944,crash of B-29 in Haakon CountyS.D. I will be happy to answer anyquestions that I can recall if youwould like me to do so. However, Iwill give you a few facts that maybe of interest at this point. Theyare as follows:1. I grew up approximately twomiles from the crash site and stillown land across the road from thecrash site.2. On September 28, 1944, I wasa seven-year-old attending NorthSchoening School (a one roomschool approximately one mile westof the crash site). The school houseis no longer in existence but it wasthen located on the east side of thenorth-south road (across the roadfrom the Oscar Kronen farm, whichalso no longer exists). Our teacherwas Mrs. Teresa Carley –wife of Merrill Carley, they are now de-ceased but lived on a nearby ranchat the time of the crash. Other stu-dents at the school that day, in ad-dition to myself included, GordonPaulson (brother now living inRapid City), Rose Pates Kiel(cousin who now lives approxi-mately 15 miles from the crashsite), Tom Baye (neighbor boy butnow deceased). There may havebeen one or two more students inschool that day but I do not thinkso; Gordon or Rose may recall.3. The first thing that we heardwas a tremendous roar. Mrs Carleywas a no-nonsense teacher, but inspite of that all of us immediatelyran out of the schoolhouse to seewhat was going on. What we sawwas the plane going down, end overend with the sound varying witheach revolution. The plane disap-peared behind the small hill east of the school and then we heard atremendous explosion followed by ahuge black cloud of smoke risingover the hill.4. We immediately got into Mrs.Carley's car and she drove towardsthe crash site. When we got to thetop of the hill (approximately one-quarter mile east of school) we sawthe burning plane (approximatelyone-half to three-quarter miles tothe east on the south side of theeast-west road). Contrary to whatthe article in the Pioneer Reviewstated, the tail section of the planewas completely severed from theremainder of the plane. Wewatched the tail section slowly re-volve as it fell to the ground. Thetail section landed approximately aquarter mile north of where thefront part crashed and burned. Thetail section did not burn.5. Mrs. Carley then drove to-wards the tail section. Just beforewe got there, John Reedy andHarry Hart (now deceased neigh-bors who had been working nearby)had arrived and were hurriedly re-moving a body from the tail section,which they placed in the back of their truck. I believe they wantedto remove the body as quickly aspossible because they were con-cerned that the tail section wouldcatch on fire. It did not. I am notcertain, but I believe there wasonly one body in the tail section.6. We saw two parachutists comedown, but we didn’t see them afterthey landed. They came down somedistance from the crash site, I be-lieve. One of them had to have beenBill Clary.7. Soon other neighbors arrivedat the scene, and the the sheriff (Ithink his name was Bill Riley, butnot sure) and military people (Ithink they were from Ellsworth)arrived later in the day.When you complete your review,I would be interested in seeing thesame. I am a bit of a 'history buff.’Good luck on your project.Gaylord (Guy) Paulson Letter to the Editor  Dakota to complete the documenta-tion for payment. I also work withfamilies to initiate the insuranceprocess as well as completing andproviding the appropriate nursingand medical documentation.”Marcy Ramsey, a registerednurse and Home Health Director,said that Philip and South Dakotahave long term care that costs a lotless than in many other states, es-pecially for such good care in nurs-ing homes. Though the Philip areadoes not have a hospice program, itdoes do hospice care. Ramsey saidthat hospice is when a patient givesup any ongoing care or treatmentfor that specific disease, such aschemotherapy for cancer.Ramsey said that she and theother speakers would like similarsessions as this one to be presentedon a quarterly basis. They are seek-ing suggestions for future topics.One possibility would be dietaryneeds as a person grows from ababy through old age. (Continued from front page) Living will/care seminar  Philip FFA earns awards at Sturgis contest  Livestock judging ... The team placed second overallin the FFA contest in Sturgis Wednesday, March 21. Back row from left are Sam Haigh, third place individual, SethHaigh and Reed Johnson. Front row are Casey Reder andMegan Williams.  Photos by Nancy Haigh  Ag mechanics ... The team placed second overall. Fromleft are Kyle Schulz, third place individual, Jace Schofield,fourth place individual, Thomas Doolittle and AllenPiroutek.  Photo by Nancy Haigh  Range identification ... The team placed third overall.Back row from left are Sam Haigh, ninth place individual,Seth Haigh, fourth place individual, and Reed Johnson.Front row are Brock Hanson and Bailey Anders, eighthplace individual.  Photo by Nancy Haigh  Horse judging ... The team placed third overall. Fromleft are Dusti Berry, Austin O’Dea, Justina Cvach andHanna Hostutler. Not pictured is Wyatt Schaack.  Natural resources ... The team placed first overall.Back row from left are Ben Stangle, Avery Johnson, fourthplace individual, Wyatt Johnson, sixth place individual, andBrody Jones. Front row are Jade Berry, fifth place individ-ual, and Nick Hamill, first place individual.  Agronomy/cr ops ... The teamplaced secondoverall. From leftare Colter King,fifth place indi-vidual, Ryan VanTassel, fourthplace individual,Tanner Radway,seventh place in-dividual andGavin Snook.  Photo by Nancy Haigh  Ag business ... The team placed second overall. Fromleft are Bailey Radway, seventh place individual, ColterCvach, third place individual, and Madison Hand, eighthplace individual. Not pictured is Carl Poss, fifth place indi-vidual.  Photo by Nancy Haigh  Floriculture ... The team placed second overall. Back row from left are Ashton Reedy, fifth overall, Katie Hostut-ler and Katie Haigh. Front row are Shelby Schofield, sixthplace individual and Peyton DeJong, first place individual.  !  %! %  !%&&%!$$$#* ,A4925@>?=0?@=90/1=:8,90C.07709?=:;,9/$0>?!,9,20809?&.:@?&.3::7;=0>09?0/-D$7,9?&.409.0C?09>4:9>?,11,? &(I8-=488492B4?34/0,>:990B>.:7@89?:;4.>,9/491:=8,?4:9?:20?:@??:;=:/@.0=>:492:@?:1>?,?0?:,90A09?7460?34>307;>:909:?:97D,;;=0.4,?0?300C.07709?B:=62:492:949&:@?3,6:?,-@?=0>;0.??300C;0=?4>0:1:@=9:=?30=990423-:=>,? &('30?B:,=?4.70>-07:B,=0?:;4.>?3,?3,A0-009,//=0>>0/-D&&(C?09>4:9>?,11-@?B0=0.:A0=0/49,74??70/4110=09?B,D,??30=0.09?&.:@?&.3::7!,9D1@?@=0.:7@89>B477,7>:10,?@=0491:=8,?4:91=:8?34>>.3::70A0941 /:9I?24A0?30 &(>?,11.=0/4? !!'%!#%+##!&%$ ,A0=,9E09 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                                                                                                                                !& #! &$#!& #!#%#$!&! ### !! #!!     .%$.) )-%*'!())%-%*'()& $& $%')'*)*'##'%-%*'# -(%* +)'(+$(%*$)$)#),  &)# )' +( !&$ %$,!&#(%##$ *)%#$%### >4?&;=492D0?'3:>0:1@>B3:7:A0?:2,=/09@??0=?34>;3=,>08,9D?480>0,.3B49?0=@.647D1:=@>2,=/09492B4?3:@>0$7,9?>307;>?:600;@>>,90B309B49?0=B49/>,=03:B7492,9/?30>9:B4>;470/3423:9:@=1,A:=4?02,=/09>;:?>A09?30,9.409?2D;?4,9>;7,9?0/?304=.30=4>30/1,A:=4?0>49@=9>,9/?=:@23>?3:@>,9/>:1D0,=>,2:*4?3?30/4>.:A0=D:1?30 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&@1-75-:1-.E-71>?-A8528;C1> A>-@5:%;88$1-/418-@5:   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  Come help us celebrate with Elfriedaon March 31, 2012, from 2 to 4 the Bad River Senior Citizen’s CenterDowntown Philip Please, no gis Chuck & RuthAnnCarstensen will becelebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversaryon Sunday, April 1st 1:45 p.m. at theRedeemer LutheranChurch in Philip.Come help us celebrate!   Calvin Douglas Son of Shana (Knutson) & Doug Hennies Sioux Falls, SDBorn: January 12, 2012 ã 7 lbs. ã 20” long Big Sisters: Lucy & Ruby  Maternal Grandparents: Rod & LeeAnn Knutson, Philip, SD Paternal Grandparents: Don & Jean Hennies, Sioux Falls, SD Great-Grandmothers: Helen Sorensen & Esther Knutson, Philip, SD March 30-31-April-1-2: The Vow  (PG-13)Fri: 8:00 p.m. Sat: 8:00 p.m.Sun: 1:30 p.m.Mon: 7:00 p.m.  ($   April 6-7-8-9:Dr. Seuss, The Lorax (PG)April 13-14-15-16:Act of Valor (R)April 20-21-22-23:The Hunger Games (PG-13)   %% )#$ !% &!$! ##!% ! #!#$!$ '$$!!!% $!%#! '' $%% !&#$!  #%!#% #%!&#   !#$!(%##%$$!     ?4@;:&/4A8F-:0'E81>&C52@->1<81-?10@;-::;A:/1@415>A</;95:3C1005:3;:A:1?4@;:5?@410-A34@1>;2'>;E-:05:-&/4A8F&41C5883>-0A-@15:!-E2>;9@41(:5B1>?5@E;2&;A@4-7;@-C5@4-.-/418;>;2&/51:/113>115:1:@-8E351:1'E81>5?@41?;:;2->>E&C52@-:0E::1-:01::5?85-?;:15?-3>-0A-@1;2&;A@41-?@'1/4:5/-8:?@5@A@1C5@4-:&13>115:>-<45/;99A:5/-@5;:?-:05?/A>>1:@8E19<8;E10-@*-88>A3  
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