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Principles of Management – Important questions and past year questions Unit 1: Important questions: 14 principles of management Principles of scientific management Functions of management Role of managers Managerial theory Examination questions: Nov/Dec 06 Management – science or art Discuss the step in method study (Or) 14 principles of management (Fayol) April/May 07 Fayols’ contribution (Or) Discuss various types of business organisation Nov/Dec 07 Various functions of management (Or) Scienti
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  Principles of Management – Important questions and past year questionsUnit 1:Important questions: 14 principles of managementPrinciples of scientific managementFunctions of managementRole of managersManagerial theory Examination questions: Nov/Dec 06Management – science or artDiscuss the step in method study(Or)14 principles of management (Fayol)April/May 07Fayols’ contribution(Or)Discuss various types of business organisationNov/Dec 07Various functions of management(Or)Scientific principles of management and alsomention the features of scientificmanagementApril/ May 08Sketch a line diagram to the types of businessorganisation on the basis of ownershipWhat do you understand by joint sectorcompanies? Mention the diagrams for theformation of joint sector companies and theiradvantages.Distinguish between private and publiclimited company(Or)Briefly explain the classical approach towardsmanagement and theory coined by itssignificant contributors. Unit 2:Important questions: Process of setting up objectivesMBOStrategic planning processPolicy formulation and types of policiesPlanning premises and its processes Examination questions: Nov/Dec 06What is planning? Explain the steps involvedin planning(Or)What are objectives? How will you set theobjectives for the manufacturingorganisation?May/June 07Planning is looking ahead and control islooking back. CommentMention the steps to be followed in theplanning process(Or)Briefly discuss the various tools used fordevelopment organisation strategyNov/Dec 07Steps in planning(Or)Discuss the forecasting techniques normallyadaptedApril/May 07Explain in detail about the various types of plansDiscuss the various steps involved in decisionmaking process(Or)How is management by objectivesunderstood? Discuss briefly the process of MBOAdvantage and disadvantage of MBO  Unit 3:Important questions: What is organisation and explaindepartmentationDistinguish line and staff authoritiesDecent realisation and delegationSource of recruitment and selection processDifferent types of performance appraisal Examination questions: N/D 06Explain the nature and purpose of organisation.Explain the qualitative forecasting(Or)Explain MBO with a focus of IT industryA/M 07Departmentation and its strategies.(Or)Steps in providing appropriate humanresourcesN/D 07Name the factors determining departmentand mention the basis of departmentationand give examples(Or)Explain various techniques in selectionprocessA/M 08Compare and contrast formal with informalorganisation structureDefine the term span of management. Whatdo you understand by flat and tallorganisation?Briefly discuss the various factors that willinfluence the span of management(Or)What is authority? Why does it exist in anorganisation?Explain with example various types of authority and adv and dis-adv of eachBriefly discuss about the sources of prospective human resources that areavailable outside the organisation. UNIT 4:Important questions: Behaviour modelMotivational modelLeadership theoryCommunication and its barriers Examination Questions: N/D 06Explain the democratic type of leadershipwith exampleDiscuss the factors of theory of motivation(Or)Explain how job enrichment helps to maintaincompetivenessExplain barrier in communicationM/J 07Various types of organisation communicationRole of electronic media in the effectivenessof communicationBarriers of effective communication(Or)Describe the relationship of hygiene factors,motivation factors and job enrichmentWhat is natural hierarchy of needs? Explainpeople’s needs.N/D 07Explain Maxwell’s theory of motivation.Compare with X – Y theory(Or)Discuss communication through electronicmedia for effective business.A/M 08  Is the process of motivating organisationalmembers important to managers?Substantiate your answer with the help of asuitable motivation theoryBriefly discuss about the various leadershiptype(Or)What is organisational communication? Howimportant is communication to mangers?List and describe micro and macro barriers of effective communicationDiscuss they types of formal organisation of communication and explain the generalpurpose of each type. Unit 5:Important questions: MNCJapanese and US managementControl and techniques of controlRole of IT managers. Examination Questions: N/D 06Requirements of effective controllingRole of IT in controlling(Or)What is productivity? Explains the methods of improving productivity in IT industryExplain the impact of liberalisation quotingexamples from software industryM/J 07Compare and contrast feedback and feedforward methods.Role of computer in handling information(Or)Compare Japan and US managementtechniquesBriefly discuss about various forms of international business with suitable exampleN/D 07What are the steps in controlling process andstate the essentials of e\effective controls(Or)What is budgetary control? Explain itssignificanceA/M 08:Explain the terms operational management aswell as major managerial activities involved inoperational managementWhat is controlling. List and discuss varioussteps involved in controlling process(Or)What is MNC? List and explain the differentattitudes of international managers.Japan Management techniques.
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