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  Question Bank – BPSM – MBA Sem III 1.A small scale industrialist recently attended a seminar on strategic management. She is quiet enthusiastic but does not understand exactly how to use the SWOT analysis for her company. Act as a consultant and advise her to use the SWOT analysis. note! select small scale organi ation of your choice# $.%ow does business policy and strategic management ma&e study and practice of management more effective' (.)efine the following terms and discuss the role they play in strategic management. *ive relevant examples in +ndian context. a# ,ision b# -ission c# Obectives d# *oals/.0xplain the process of Strategic management. .What is 0nvironment threat and opportunity profile' What is its role in strategic analysis' 0xplain with relevant examples. 2.)iscuss 3orter4s five forces model. 5.)efine strategy and strategic management. Trace the historical evolution of strategic management and discuss the &ey characteristics of strategic management. 6.0xplain with examples the following three terms!a# 7orporate level strategy b# 8usiness level strategy c# 9unctional level strategy:.+n light of -int berg4s  34s discuss what is strategic management and features of a strategy.1;.What do you mean by 30ST<0 analysis' What is the motive of companies while doing 30ST<0' *ive appropriate examples wherever required. 11.What do you mean by <ife 7ycle Analysis' What are the strategic options for firms operating in various stages of <ife 7ycle' )iscuss with suitable +ndian examples. 1  1$.What are the various types of mergers= acquisitions' What are the issues involved in implementation of a merger or acquisition strategy' 7ite +ndian examples wherever relevant. 1(.Analy e the external environment for any two of the following! ã 8harti Airtel ã 8aa Auto ã %)97 8an&  1/. >Social responsibilities of a business have an important role to play in strategy formulation and strategic choice?. )o you agree' @ame five potentially valuable indicators of firm4s social responsibility and describe as to how company4s performance in each should be measured. )oes this concept play a role in strategy formulation' 1.Write short notes on ã 8alanced Scorecard ã ,alue 7hain ã *0 : cell matrix ã -cBinsey4s 5 S framewor&  ã Organi ational capability analysis12.)iscuss the strategies of <ow cost and )ifferentiation with special reference to Aviation industry passenger airlines# and White goods industry T,C refrigerator etc#. 15.What are the types of diversification' What are the ris&s and benefits in diversification'16.What do you mean by 7ollaborative Strategies' What are the benefits and drawbac&s for the same' 2  1:.%ow has advent of ecommerce internet and telecom# impacted business models' %ow do the &ey aspects of ecommerce business model influence the strategy formulation and implementation' %ow has it affected functioning of the traditional business model' Write with special reference to the following industries#i.Travel and tourismii.8oo& publishersiii.-atrimonial$;.What &ey concerns must functional strategies address in the functional areas of -ar&eting 9inance 3roduction= OperationsC %D and Technology'$1.)istinguish between the following pairs of grand strategies! ã %ori ontal and ,ertical integration ã 7onglomerate and concentric diversification ã 3roduct development and innovation$$.)iscuss the process of +mplementation of strategy. What could be the reasons for failure of implementation of strategy' 3
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