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The world we are destined to live in is shaped by human migration. Economically more developed areas attract people to migrate in order to earn a better living.
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  Top Language Jobs Europe's No. 1 specialist language recruitment job portal.  1   The world we are destined to live in is shaped by human migration.Economically more developed areas attract people to migrate in order to earn abetter living. In today's environment people do so when there is lack of employment opportunities in their native area. Globalization has increasedinteraction among cultures and nations. This globalization has increasedinteraction and caused intensive migration and relocation.In the last two years, the unemployed managers' percentage has jumped to thehighest figure. It is quite obvious that once you are disappointed after trying allpossible alternatives to get a job in your locality, you will be willing to dowhatever it takes to get a good one anywhere in the world. In my opinionpeople are now calculating that it is better to relocate themselves rather thanbeing jobless, as it may prove more costly.In addition to very positive signs showed by the labor market, there are stillmillions of jobless people living in different countries and searching for the jobanywhere round the globe. Even before the time of recession, it was prettydifficult to find a job and to make both ends meet. Moreover, in the recenteconomic conditions, most of the unemployed people are left with no otheroption but to relocate and move out for the sake of seeking a good job.  Top Language Jobs Europe's No. 1 specialist language recruitment job portal.  2 It has been reported that out of the workers laid off during the year 2011, 20%find a good and relevant job up to year 2012 mainly by relocating themselves.Moreover, 32% employers are ready to pay their employees for relocation if theydo so for shifting in some other branch of the same company. REASONS FOR RELOCATIONAn opportunity to start with In the start of your new career, you just need a job to begin with in order togroom your personality and to get some experience. Additionally, if you get agood and impressive job in the beginning you would never like to loose it.Therefore, in order to take a good start you will not like to leave the very firstopportunity knocking at your door. And if that opportunity needs you torelocate almost 90% of the people will agree to go if this is their first job ever. Chasing the job intensive areas For some of the specified and specialized type of careers, jobs are confined tosome specific areas only. Consequently, people need to relocate themselves toget a good and attractive job in such a specialized industry. In such cases,people are left with no other option instead of migrating to the place whereexactly the jobs are. Agriculture, Forestry, Finance and insurance industries aresome example of such specialized sectors. While there are certain areas, whichdo not require you to relocate as their jobs are available worldwide likeInformation Technology field. Changing priorities In order to advance in your career and to remain more competitive, peopleprefer to migrate or relocate. While in some cases people after exhausting thelimited available job options in their own area, decide to go elsewhere in orderto get a better one.  Top Language Jobs Europe's No. 1 specialist language recruitment job portal.  3 Offered an increase pay In case company asks you to go somewhere else you will see what incentivesare offered by the organization. If there is a remarkable increase in yourcompensation package and other perquisites as well, you will definitely beadopting the change. Additionally, if your employer assists you in the cost of relocation and in selling your house etc. opting relocation offer will be veryuseful for you. STATISTICS OF PEOPLE RELOCATING FOR WORK  In the first half of 2011, 9.4% of the unemployed people round the globe movedout of the town to find jobs, which is greater than the last year figure that was7.6%. Moreover, the percentage of 2010 was a little greater than that of 2009,which were 7.5% migrants who relocated themselves for the sake of work. Somestatistics, of the people relocating for work, of last few years are plotted andare showing the following pattern. 0246810121416182007 2008 2009 2010 2011Relocation%    Top Language Jobs Europe's No. 1 specialist language recruitment job portal.  4 To relocate yourself or your whole family for the purpose of finding a better jobis the most difficult decision one will ever have to make. Additionally, betterstandard of living and lower cost of living are also some key factors causingrelocation.Up till November 2011 the statistics of people relocating for the sake of findingwork showed an irregular trend. It cannot be explained exactly in increasing ordecreasing pattern. However it is quite obvious from the historical data thatmost of the migrating people are moving towards United Kingdom consideringUK the widest and linguistically the most assorted place. In Europe, statisticsshowed a 46.7% increase in number of people relocating and migrating towardsChina for finding jobs and to earn their living. But UK is still getting the highestnumber of foreign country nationals coming there with an expectation to get agood job relatively easily PLACES WHERE MOST OF THE PEOPLE GO FOR RELOCATION  The most famous and favorite destinations where the people would probablywant to relocate are USA, UK and Spain. But this is just a general view as thepreferences of the people may change depending upon their present location aswell. As China is preferred by most of the Asians and United Kingdom is thepopular destination for the people of EMEA (Erasmus Mundus Europe Asia)region. Following is the Pie chart representation of the percentage of people
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