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Common reporting verbs for academic writing It is important you understand and know how to use the verb correctly before placing it in a sentence, and that you use past or present tense as appropriate. weaker position addition advice agreement admits, concedes neutral position adds advises accepts, acknowledges, agrees, concurs, confirms, recognises stronger position applauds, congratulates, extols, praises, supports alerts, argues, boasts, contends, convinces, emphasises, exhorts, forbids,
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  2 Learning Guide © 2009 The University of Adelaide Common reporting verbs for academic writing It is important you understand and know how to use the verb correctly before placing it in asentence, and that you use past or present tense as appropriate.   weaker position   neutral position   stronger position   addition adds   advice advises   agreement admits, concedesaccepts, acknowledges, agrees,concurs, confirms, recognisesapplauds, congratulates, extols,praises, supports   argument   and   persuasionapologisesassures, encourages, interprets, justifies, reasonsalerts, argues, boasts, contends,convinces, emphasises, exhorts,forbids, insists, proves,promises, persuades, threatens,warns   believingguesses, hopes,imaginesbelieves, claims, declares,expresses, feels, holds, knows,maintains, professes, subscribesto, thinksasserts, guarantees, insists,upholds   conclusionconcludes, discovers, finds,infers, realises   disagreement   and   questioningdoubts, questionschallenges, debates, disagrees,questions, requests, wondersaccuses, attacks, complains,contradicts, criticises, denies,discards, disclaims, discounts,dismisses, disputes, disregards,negates, objects to, opposes,refutes, rejects   discussion comments discusses, explores reasons   emphasisaccentuates, emphasises,highlights, stresses,underscores, warns   evaluation   and   examinationanalyses, appraises, assesses,compares considers, contrasts,critiques, evaluates, examines,investigates, understandsblames, complains, ignores,scrutinises, warns   explanation articulates, clarifies, explains   presentation confusescomments, defines, describes,estimates, forgets, identifies,illustrates, implies, informs,instructs, lists, mentions, notes,observes, outlines, points out,presents, remarks, reminds,reports, restates, reveals, shows,states, studies, tells, usesannounces, promises   suggestionalleges, intimates,speculatesadvises, advocates,hypothesises, posits, postulates,proposes, suggests, theorisesasserts, recommends, urges  Learning Guide © 2010 The University of Adelaide 3   Verbs followed by a prepositionVerbs followed by a noun or – ing formVerbs followed by ‘that’     accuses x of ywarns x of y   defines x as y   apologises for xblames x for ycriticises x for y   alerts x to ycompares x to yobjects to xsubscribes to xchallenges x to do yexhorts x to do yforbids x to do ywarns x to do y   confuses x with ycontrasts x with ydisagrees with xconcurs with x   analyses, applauds, appraises, assesses, attacks, considers, contradicts, critiques,debates, describes, discards, disclaims, discounts, discusses, dismisses, disregards,evaluates, examines, explores, expresses, extols, forbids, highlights, identifies,ignores, illustrates, investigates, justifies, lists, opposes, outlines, praises, presents,questions, refutes, rejects, restates, scrutinises, studies, supports, underscores, uses,validates, verifiesaccepts, acknowledges, adds, admits, advises, advocates, agrees, alerts, alleges,announces, argues, articulates, asserts, assures, believes, boasts, claims, clarifies,comments, complains, concedes, concludes, confirms, feels, finds, forgets,guarantees, guesses, hopes, hypothesises, imagines, implies, indicates, infersinforms, insists, justifies, knows, maintains, notes, observes, persuades, points out,posits, postulates, promises, proposes, proves, questions, realises, reasons, reasons,recognises, recommends, remarks, reminds, reports, reveals, shows, speculates,states, stresses, suggests, suspects, tells, theorises, thinks, understands,urges, warns
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